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Look, if you are going to send me "FRIEND REQUESTS" then mean it, not just do it for a stupid and meaningless achievement.


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Momma Fishe Report | 01/23/2021 12:03 pm
Momma Fishe
Thanks!! heart
Momma Fishe Report | 01/13/2021 4:00 pm
Momma Fishe
Thanks!! She’s absolutely perfect heart
xlunabearx Report | 08/29/2020 10:35 pm
Happy Late Birthday !
Momma Fishe Report | 02/28/2020 8:55 pm
Momma Fishe
Understandable xd
Momma Fishe Report | 02/16/2020 5:35 pm
Momma Fishe
Thirsty. huh? wink
Momma Fishe Report | 05/30/2019 4:25 am
Momma Fishe
Yeah there's been new changes that have kept people away like that new feature where it not costs 10b every name change instead of 100k like it used to be.

The new sales are out of hand, they don't care. The donator option to get that colored name is a scam for more money and it sadly worked.
tiny letters Report | 11/02/2018 9:37 pm
tiny letters
Hey, I was wondering if you could sell me your Mwee's you have listed for 800p each.

I'm probably the only person who buys them, but I usually only buy them when they are 1-400p.
I just bought out all the others that were 800p or less.

Here is proof that it's actually something I "kind of" know about (I have like 80).
Mwee and MC Envelope Collection
Devil King Sparda Report | 09/19/2018 2:38 pm
Devil King Sparda
Devil King Sparda Report | 09/06/2018 10:54 am
Devil King Sparda
Lol I bet xd
Devil King Sparda Report | 09/06/2018 10:50 am
Devil King Sparda
Ya, I even notice your avi kinda is matching my theme, is there a reason wink



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