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Birthday: 12/09/1993


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Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Religion: Christianity
Current Status: Wandering the Human World, running from demons.
Strength: Weak (Has barely any powers)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135 lbs
Shipping Status: Multi-ship

--An angel with a rare condition, Rayfelle has the same color wings as his hair. Given a very small job in the ranks of Heaven, Rayfelle was given the oppertunity to roam the human world of his own free will under the supervision of the higher angels. In the story thus far; he has no memory of his life prior to being sent to Earth, meaning he has to live among the humans to grasp his angelic self once again. Without a home, the only clues to his past is a silver locket with his name and age inside, and a small rabbit doll named 'Elenor'. Though he does have the ability to show his wings, they aren't seen by normal humans unless he dubs them worthy.

--Physically male, he's often mistaken for a female due to his feminine figure and long hair. He's rather short and is always wearing feminine clothing such as oversized sweaters in pastel colors, bows in his hair, any type of cute shoes and jewlery. He sees nothing wrong with it as he likes appearing gentle to he masses. He carries a stuffed rabbit wherever he goes in a bag he was given to keep it clean.
--Rayfelle prides himself in clenliness and is often seen cleaning his wings when not in human form. While many angels have large wings ten times their size, this poor angel is considered the runt of the litter due to his wings being rather small (only about the size of costume wings). He can hover and glide, but he cannot fly with them.
--With sky blue eyes and cream colored hair with white tips, Rayfelle has found it easier to have his hair pinned back in a ponytail 90% of the time. Other times, it's placed in a messy bun behind his head or in a side ponytail over the shoulder. When it's wrapped up, it's usually when he's trying to clean his wings.

--A very gentle spirit, Rayfelle is skittish and is wary of strangers. Though he's always finding it a pleasure to meet new people, he does have a bit of a defiant side. When faced against demons, he tends to get aggressive as if to show them that he can be a threat. If given te chance, he will run.
--Rayfelle is usually quiet and very polite; always asking permission for one thing or another. He dislikes making people unhappy and is usually trying his best to keep a smile on their face, even at the price of his own happiness and health.


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