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I made a ticket for trading pass disabled about 3 weeks ago
almost, involving a GC glitch and I didn't hear anything. One of the supports told
me [From a different ticket I sent before] that my account was under investigation
and they would remove what they need to from my account, but I'm getting anxious.
N - no pressure as long as you please at some point look into it when you can!
Heya, lanzer... What's up with your kittys ears???

Waffles is a Scottish Fold, a breed of cats that have folded ears!
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I have a few more quetions

1.Can we get a Pets Rig with Dogs, Birds , and reptiles ?

2.. Can we get knock offs from Rune Factory

I don't know! I can pass along your suggestions to the art team though biggrin
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what happend with the text alerts?
alsodo you think you would be able to bring more game inspired items?
Oh and will there be more updates for the Gaia app that will allow us to do more things?
When is the Pokemon Forum going to get stickies?
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I wish I had the day off. T^T

So jealous.
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I don't have anything to say because curiosity killed the cat. Anywho, hope all is well and the afternoon days are being super awesome. Not to hot or cold and enjoying my day off. heart
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Darth Acheron
Will the gold shops get an update ahead of Towns 2 being completed. The Factori has Halloween items as its newest items..

I can't be super specific about the percentages. All I can say is that the new gold pack makes it slightly easier (in terms of amount of time) for everyone to earn a rare than the previous system (and yes I include the 25K Ionas in the previous system).

XD I know you cant be specific which is why I try to word my questions without asking specific to stats.

Like essence for essence, I assume packs are still roughly inline odds wise.

Aka gold is roughly 3 times better than silver, and previous Ionas is ~1.66666 times better than current gold in a purely essence for essence sense.

I look forward to the description you will be giving on packs which pan mentions in the update thread.Will you be doing that today in the heralds thread. Or was that more reffering to here?

It certainly sounds like people want to learn more. I'll update my thread on packs in the HoC forum in a bit with more details.
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Sen Natsu
Alice is Madness
Had a pretty great day,anyway any chance that Gaia will have a place where users can uploaded videos again?
...again? I don't think there ever was. Try youtube.
Actually there was it was called GaiaVJ but they took it down and replaced it with The Anime Player.
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i have a "trade" link in on shops forum, up on the right o.O

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did


* `•.¸¸.•´´•:*´¨`*:•.••.¸¸. ´´¯`

Yeah but I mean in a more easily accessible area, like under one of the tabs.
I shouldn't have to go to a bunch of different pages to get to the trades.

They USED to have the trades in one of the drop down menus, but they got rid of it a while ago.
I'm wondering why, and if it's coming back.

Being an artist that deals with many trades often, it's just an area I'd like to see improved upon :3
Contest and Guild
Contest and Guild

You use chrome prehaps?
firefox and chrome both have spell check i think opera may but i am not sure on that i take it your using IE.

Nope using chrome...hense the previous comment sweatdrop
Check there add on market place look for a tool see if you can find one to help you.

Why do I need it...I was awnsering someone elses question, and asking if sisky saw similar things to me, because she uses the same system sweatdrop
sorry i misread that then.
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ok so I have many questions you could pick one or many so I go.

1.) will there ever be an FPS (first person shoot) on gaia.

2.) has anyone thought about making it possible to combine rings in zomg to make new rings that you only get a 5050 chance of making that takes the best out of those two rings and adds them to one, or just makes a new type of buff or attack on its own.

3.) how anyone ever thought about making the cloths we by from the shop to the special and rare items an armor base to are Avi's when we play zomg?

4.) Side scrolling fighter game that would be awesome something like marvel vs capcom2
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I have a few more quetions

1.Can we get a Pets Rig with Dogs, Birds , and reptiles ?

2.. Can we get knock offs from Rune Factory

I don't know! I can pass along your suggestions to the art team though biggrin

thanks sisky
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♡ ❤ ♡

I noticed Narumi's(I probably got the name wrong, sorry ><; ) journal that tracked updates hasn't been updated lately. How are the alchemy updates? lol My bad, I hadn't checked in the last week gonk

Will there ever be a junk related item you can make out of driftwood at the Ole Fishing Hole?

Adding to this: I'm working on raising gold for a backwings formula, but they sell for way WAY too much. It seems that the formula grants, from what I've seen other users say, are unbalanced. Will this be adjusted? Also, will there ever be another way to get the backwings Formulas? I know they were once in bidblast, and I'd love to be able to get a formula that's not on the MP. The fact that it costs a high amount of gold to even complete the formula quest, dishing out an extra 50mil-120mil+ on top of that just to get the formula is ridiculous

♡ ❤ ♡

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