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are we getting a gold shop update tomorrow question
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im not a mango

So now the only way to get a 4 or 5 star is to buy Iona's? Or is there a chance of these cards in gold packs as well?

It seems pretty ridiculous to pay 3000 essence each for common or uncommon cards.

What is "a pretty good chance"? How many gold packs must you buy to insure you get a rare card?

Hmm, something must have gone wrong. I tried to answer about the tea. I put milk in my black tea and enjoy Earl Grey or Typhoo the best.

I'm not the one that asked about the tea. sweatdrop

I think the site is doing the weird misquote thingy right now eek

Oh, what? Thats like an actual problem?
I noticed that happens to me if I start scrolling down a page before it is finished loading.
I didn't realize it was more than just me. :U

I asked on the first page.
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ummmm....zOMG gnome boss normal mode isnt working...
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Darc Nightgale
More male items please?
heart heart

Yes yes yes.
I agree with this.

I agree as well. User Image


I love jackets.
Where you can put your hands in your pocket, shirts that kinda shows a bit of your chest hair or chest.
The lady's like that.

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Unfortunately video offers are rather limited due to the amount of offers available each day. I could only suggest logging in a different time of the day and see if the situation changes. Availability is all up to how quickly our ad provider is able to find sponsors, and we could only wait and hope for more to be available on a daily basis. Some ads are only available on some areas too so that could be another problem. Unfortunately I can't tell or control that part of the offers. All I could say is try different times and best of luck for finding video offers.

la gamine
Hello, first time posting in ATA but it was suggested in the Q&A forum so here it goes; bear with me.

Anyway, here's my story: right after Christmas I noticed that when I click on the Gaia Cash tree and then select "Watch Videos" that all of the sites that offers GC like Socialvibe (I believe that's the name of one of them) would disappear much like it does when it doesn't have any videos available. I thought that this was perhaps because of the new year and that eventually they'd have more videos available. It's been almost a month and still just about every site except for two (Volume11 & TokenAds) disappear and don't let me complete offers. Aside from that though, when it comes to completing offers via the two sites that remain, they do not grant me the GC they claim I have earned.

As suggested by one user I contacted the site that provided the offers but all they wanted to know was if I wanted to use their services to advertise my own (non-existent) site. Nonetheless I filled out a message for them explaining my situation but have not heard back from there nor have they granted me any of the GC that they had said I had earned.

Another thing I find bothersome is that Gaia offers support for traditional offers like surveys but not for videos which are the only offers I complete on a day to day basis. Please fix this if you can and if you're not able to please take this up with someone who can. I'm afraid that no one is aware of this problem despite there being multiple posts about it in the Q&A so I know that I am not the only one.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks much Lanzer!
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Darc Nightgale
Darc Nightgale
Had the day off from work.
Any chance of gettin' more facial hair? User Image


It would be nice to get some more.

Maggot has been asking since forever ago,if anyone got the word of wanting facial items across it wold be him. xd

They know we want facial hair but fail to produce such items,I guess we can see a new beard on a 1mill doll next year again. gonk

Not true, a bunch were made, it's actually a technical limitation currently keeping us from releasing them.
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Sen Natsu
im not a mango
im not a mango
Someone I met told me that they were able to buy back a banned account from gaia.
That seems really strange to me. Is that a real thing?

Well, not from us! Unless it was stolen (hacked) by a third-party who then illegally sold it on some weirdo fake account selling site, this did not happen. Not from us anyway - it sounds like it was a hacked account.

Okay, yeah. I didn't think Gaia would do something like that. He said he had to pay 180$ to get it back. I thought that maybe he was hacked and ended up paying the hacker? If that is the case that is the worst hacking I've ever heard of. >:l
I'm glad to hear Gaia doesn't allow to buy back banned accounts.
Thank you~
And, have a great day Sisky~ :3
that smacks of scam, all the way. Question everything 3nodding

I do for the most part. I'm a skeptic I guess~
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So are we going to get more anime based items in the Meka Neko shop?
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I haven't made items in awhile since I'm busy working on Towns 2 art n_n;
Do you anticipate being back on items when Towns 2 is up, or will you be on another project then? emotion_kirakira I am also jonesing for mori goodness.

I'll probably continue working on housing since it's a part of towns and some sprite stuff on the side.
Does that mean Housing updates? emotion_dowant Awesome.
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Why can't I gift or trade game items?
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I have a few more quetions

1.Can we get a Pets Rig with Dogs, Birds , and reptiles ?

2.. Can we get knock offs from Rune Factory
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Hello to all! ^^ I have a bit of a silly question and I'm pretty sure others have asked... (But I'm usually closing shifts on mondays at work and never catch lunch at this hour. >>; )

- Ok, So! Why is it that some items we have can only equip by them selves? You guys have this tendency to through odd ball items with a random color that doesn't really match with much.
Example: Militia Stars Army (the corset) and Compass of the Seidh (Hrotti Gloves). I think they mesh well with an outfit I had but I have to pick on or the other. gonk
Another is the skirt items with leg poses.
Example: Saint Ciel: Agape (Paladins Armor Skirt) with White Swan (Position One)

I get really frustrated when I get little inspirations but can't complete them because of these little limitations... crying
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Sleet Tempest Snape
Hey Admins!
I was just wondering if we'd have special items, maybe even in Global imports, for the Chinese New Year?

Narumi Misuhara: If you see this. Just wondering if you looked into the idea I posed in the last ask the admin. About two different avi looks, one just for games like Zomg and one for everything else.

Narumi Misuhara

Yeah, it's in my list of potential projects.
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Ear Grey all the way :3

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did

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Fire 0ak
Helloe Guys Hope you are all well! 3nodding My one question today, is there a list around that would tell me which Gaia Artist made any CI? I'd just like to know which artists made some of my favorite items. I do know of the various EI and REI Artist lists though. I would like to know about CIs Artists too though.

As far as I know, no. Some artist's list items they've made in their journal so you can look around.

Ok Thank you for letting me know. smile I'll continue looking around.

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