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Chibi (b/w or minimal shading) 0.36363636363636 36.4% [ 20 ]
Regular bust (sketchy coloured) 0.50909090909091 50.9% [ 28 ]
Regular waist-fullbody (b/w) 0.12727272727273 12.7% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 55 ]
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Take your time if you choose me.~
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Akia Walker
Your art is so pretty. O:

Reference: [oc] [colored ref] [colored ref] [wardrobe] [newest ref]
Eye/hair colours: sky blue eyes, straight waist lenght black hair.
Details: there are a few in the first ref. c:

She's such a cool character! And your art is so beautiful! I wish I could do that with watercolours. ^^

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omg I love it. ; u; <3

you're welcome <33

Omg I didn't expect to be picked, thank you ;A; Looks absolutely stunning, I never have enough of your chibis ;u;

ff thank you and I'm glad you like it ;w;

You're putting so much excellent pieces out so fast. eek Most artists don't do that even if they're getting virtual compensation.

haha I work slow on certain things as well! most of the time I work slower if people are paying because I don't want to mess up :'D
sketches like these are fun and I can finish really quickly ^^
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so this is what you've been doing I see.. //stare
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Reference: x x
Eye/hair colours: eye: bright blue, hair: red
Details: usually cheerful * U*

thank you for considering ; v;

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Reference: Balls
Eye/hair colours: Silver
Details: In your face, psyche you out, on your throne.
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Such beautiful artworks!!!
Oh gosh..
djlfnkmd *AA*

Reference: this butt
Eye/hair colours: seafoam blue eyes & blue/striped black hair.
Details: optional; opinionated, naive, imperious, based on a fish, loves sharks. (〃△〃)
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Shy Kitten

Reference: one
two (just the guy)
Eye/hair colours: deep blue/ jet black
Details: cunning, sly, and pure evil
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bwahahaha? |D /shot

Reference: Shira [1] [2] [Info]
Eye/hair colours: eyes are green, hair is black :>
Details: optional; OH HI LORII. I'M LATE /shot


Reference: Valen [2] [Info/More Refs]
Eye/hair colours: Hair is black, eye's are orange
Details: He loves baking, laid-back, a bit selfish.
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Dangerous Dabbler

Aha! I knew your name looked familiar.
You drew my girl Chesa a while back. <3
*rolls in*

Reference: [ x ] [ x ]
Eye/hair colours: vibrant blue eyes/ brown-ish black hair
Details: Dainty and lady-like with a sunny personality (usually has a small smile on her face)

Maybe Regular bust (sketchy coloured) or Regular waist-fullbody (b/w)?

Thank you for considering! 4laugh


And include this choker please [ x ]
Sorry I just notice how bare her neck looks >.>

Chibi style would be cute 3nodding
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Rainbow Senshi

((*chews on this thread with love* ~ <3 ))
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Rainbow Senshi

((*tosses stuff in now too*))

Reference: A few in this journal
Eye/hair colours: Both are Confetti Cake (#f4d593) colored
Details: Feel free to doodle her in her school uniform, in her Puella Magi form (if that's not too complex), or in any sort of cute, "young lady-like" clothing 3nodding
Reference: my flareon<3 other ref
Eye/hair colours: light brown eyes, orangey red hair colour<3
Details: optional; she's really girly,optimistic,very polite,a bit pain in the head,bubbly and very down to earth

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