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Chibi (b/w or minimal shading) 0.36363636363636 36.4% [ 20 ]
Regular bust (sketchy coloured) 0.50909090909091 50.9% [ 28 ]
Regular waist-fullbody (b/w) 0.12727272727273 12.7% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 55 ]
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Omg I'm a huge fan of your art heart

Reference: either [x] [x] Erande, or [x] Anya?
Eye/hair colours: Erande has dusty brownish hair and gold eyes, anya dark blue hair and yellow eyes :3
Details: If Erande, then happy/bubbly works heart For Anya, something serious or displeased :3

Aghh she is so cute and fun to draw
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I tried for one of the groups and it said I didn't have permission LOL.
Maybe because I'm not a member - idk. ;u;

Whoops...well, you can still submit to the favorites thing in the next tab over (instead of gallery). But it's fine, I handled it. 3nodding

Ohhh for some reason those two things registered as the same to me rofl . Thanks so much ^_^~
Reference: here!
Eye/hair colours: orangey-blonde hair, red eyes.
Details: she should be angry or mad. cx

I know I posted here once before but I didn't know when.
and I really wanted to change my asking post, so. D:
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omg I love it. ; u; <3
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Omg I didn't expect to be picked, thank you ;A; Looks absolutely stunning, I never have enough of your chibis ;u;
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Hnn.. Such beautiful artworks! *drools*

Reference: [Avie Ref.] - [1] - [2]
Eye/hair colours: Grey eyes & Red hair
Details: Shy, Serious, Lonely
[Her choker ref. <-- Choker isn't loose, it wraps perfectly around her neck.] - [Her Bracelets ref] [Horn Ref.]
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Reference: [Yara Nessia Birvaul "Rania"]
Eye/hair colours: Eyes- Periwinkle Hair- Light Ash Blonde {Hair Color Example}
Details: Race: Elf
Age: 24
Height: 5’4
Personality: Yara is more than happy to assist a slave in need of help to escape but detests those who like to remain chained. She is also very distrustful and cold towards mages. Yara is laid-back and more open to people.
Likes: Watching the Stars, Elven Trinkets, Cookies
Dislikes: Slavery, Spiders
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*O* ehmagerd your art is amazing cat_surprised
My avi maybe? emotion_kirakira
The eyes are blue and the hair is black

is jealous of art
Ohmygosh those are fabulous! Will you do mine? heart
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You're putting so much excellent pieces out so fast. eek Most artists don't do that even if they're getting virtual compensation.
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Reference: X o
Eye/hair colours: cyan blue, and her hair is dark blue
Details: Clumsy, happy, silly
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Dangerous Dabbler

Maybe one of my girls would interest you?

Reference: link link link
Eye/hair colours: teal-blue eyes; medium brown hair
Details: Abigail is sarcastic, snobbish and spoiled; twenty-six years old; mischievous; loves fancy clothing.

Reference: link link
Eye/hair colours: black hair; emerald green eyes
Details: Emma is quiet, shy, and mousy; twenty-five years old; responsible and down-to-earth
OWO me maybe?
Just my current avvie, with or without tattoos. :>

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