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Who cares if the Picture Post has artwork from less experienced artists ? The whole point is for people on Gaia to meet other artists and post their artwork. It takes time for an artist to improve on their work.

I've seen too many elitist artists who have no idea how to provide constructive criticism. A lot of them tend to pile on the negative points, but don't give any helpful advice. What's worse is that the same elitist makes mistakes that they tend to point out in other's work.
Skye River

I can see it coming now, 100+ replies where people argue back and forth about whether critique has to have positives, chef and soup metaphors, etc. I am cringing.

Can we agree off the bat that bad critique is bad because it doesn't speak about the work itself in any meaningful sense and that critiquing is not an exact science, where there is an 100% positive way of reaching as many people as possible?

That "nicer" critique does not necessarily mean insincere and "harsher" critique does not mean abusive? That just like people learn in different ways, they also critique in different ways, and the onus is on the artist to take what is valuable and disregard the rest, regardless of tone?

That there is seriously no one who is going to argue either for hugboxing and bullshitting amatuer artists OR for calling said artist a f** and flaming them?

There are abusive dickheads that insult and belittle the artists. They aren't going to be posting here (or reading this) because they are either trolls, or lack basic self awareness.

There are overly light and soft babying douchebags that do not say anything critical and gently stroke artist egos, who think you are a champ for even drawing. They aren't going to be posting here (or reading this) because they are either really immature or really inexperienced.

The s**t storm will be between people who functionally agree and only differ on "tone". And it will suck.
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Skye River
What's worse is that the same elitist makes mistakes that they tend to point out in other's work.

Why can't an artist make a mistake that they point out in someone else's work? It's actually a whole lot easier to point out a mistake if you frequently make it yourself because you're aware of the issue.
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I would love to know who is elite. :O
Use to get my jollies out of posting a critique, then getting into long, tormented arguments with those that bitched at me.

Now, it is a dull, gangly bony heap of 'style' and 'wanton anger' that fails to amuse me because I've moved on to more stimulating endeavors.

i.e. drawing ponies and hearts and rainbows while I play video games that require much more eye-hand coordination and brain power than I will ever possess.
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To be honest, I've been active in the PP since it became a forum, and it's not different now then what it used to be, other than me not posting as often and the regs slowly being replaced by new regs, as in any forum.

There have always been bad crits, drama and white knights. It probably always will be.

What one tend to do though is look back at something and see it only through rose-tinted eyes. One tends to forget the shitty bits and remember the good bits.

The PP hasn't changed, hell there used to be more s**t than now. More drama and special snowflake cases and whitknighting.

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