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About the world This story takes place in a made-up fantasy world on a single continent made up of three main regions. The largest country is known as Kabora and is ruled by a king and his council of advisors. For the last century or so, Kabora has been expanding it's borders through war and conquest. The people of Kabora are very diverse. Magic is revered in Kabora and those who are born with the ability to use it are called mages. Mages vary in their abilities, but they all draw on the magical energy from the world itself in order to use their powers. Ancient stories talk of dark magic and curses, but since they were outlawed and have not been practiced for centuries, no one really knows anything about that anymore. There are still places (and even people) in Kabora who are 'cursed,' but it's rare, and probably less than half of the things people claim to be cursed actually are.

The region to the southwest of Kabora was formerly a country known as (name pending). It's inhabitants abhorred magic, but they were a peaceful people and valued art and music and farming. Most of them were easily identifiable for their pale skin, light-colored hair, and silver or grey eyes. Kabora recently took over the region and killed most of it's inhabitants. Those who survived now live in various refugee camps throughout Kabora.

To the southeast lies a small country called Deveaural. Deveaural is much more scientifically and technologically advanced than Kabora, as the people who live there are moving away from a reliance on magic in favor of science and technology instead. Magic and mages are rare oddities in Deveaural. Deveaural maintains a careful, peaceful relationship with Kabora, not wanting to be conquered and taken over as so many other countries have before. Deveaural has more of a fantasy-steampunk type feel to it, especially in the capital city on the coast (where Jameson lives and where Kaisa is originally from). There are airships in the sky, lots of clockwork machinery, and the people dress in a way that would seem a little unusual in the more 'medieval' type setting of Kabora.


Name: Desmyn
Age: A few centuries. I haven't quite decided. But he's immortal and stuck at age 18
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, medium-length and kind of shaggy.
Skin: fair
Height: 6' 0"
Body type: Some muscle, not a ton.
Markings/scars: He has his name tattooed in plain letters across the top of his left forearm.
Clothing: Desmyn's wrists are shackled, and the chain between them is probably about 4 feet long. So it doesn't allow him to stretch out his arms completely, and would hang a little below his knees if his arms were just relaxed at his sides. He's gotten pretty good at using the chain as a weapon. He can't remove these at all. They're part of a curse and he's stuck with them. Desmyn wears plain, casual clothes, which vary in style depending on where he's at, climate, etc. He does a lot of wandering around so his clothes change a lot, but he generally won't wear anything too fancy. Whatever he's wearing, he should be able to put it on over the chains, since he is completely unable to remove them. This means that the sides of his shirts will probably be slit up the seams and then have some kind of lacing so they can be tied back together, or the top part of his shirts from wrist to shoulder. Just keep that in mind, whatever clothes you put on him. Would he be able to put it on and take it off without it getting tangled up in his shackles? Convenience is key, so if he's in a warmer climate, he might not even bother with a shirt
Personality/Background: Several centuries ago, Desmyn was cursed with immortality by a very powerful necromancer (if anyone wants more info on why this happened, let me know). The shackles around his wrist are a physical manifestation of that curse, and as such, they can't be removed at all unless the curse is broken. Desmyn can still 'die,' but not in the same sense that other people do. He never ages, but his body is still susceptible to illness and injury. If/when he does die, his soul is eventually forced to return to his body (this process can take hours or days, it just depends), but all memories of his former life are erased. He returns to life without knowing who he is or why he's wearing these chains. All he has is his name, which was tattooed across his arm at the suggestion of a friend a few lifetimes ago. This is the situation we find him in when the story starts, trying to figure out who he is and how to remove the chains.
Desmyn is a little cocky and can be very sarcastic. He's got kind of a laid-back, devil-may-care attitude. He's doesn't warm up to people very easily and is prone to provoking arguments and getting into fights. He can be very reckless, especially after he finds out that he's immortal. This comes off as bravery to some people, but Desmyn really isn't brave or heroic. He's stubborn and strong-willed when he wants something and will fight for his goals at all costs. The few people he does befriend and get close to, he cares about deeply and would do anything for, though he won't admit it easily.

Relationships to other characters:
Kaisa: She annoys him at first with her optimism and talkativeness. But he realizes that she could help him, so he reluctantly agrees to travel with her. In time, he comes to value her as a friend.
Lucian: Lucian and Desmyn never really get along. At first, it's because Lucian is so protective of Kaisa and doesn't trust Desmyn at all. Plus, they both just have very similar devil's advocate type personality so they're always starting arguments with each other. After a while, they do actually start to like each other and rely on each other as friends/companions etc, but they still constantly argue and call each other names just out of habit.
Byron: Byron is an old friend of Desmyn's and has seen him through two deaths. In that time, Byron has grown from a very young child to a man in his thirties. While Desmyn doesn't recognize Byron at first when they meet on the road, he quickly reforms a very solid, loyal friendship with him.
Sydelle: Desmyn isn't sure how to feel about Sydelle. In his previous life, they had a relationship, but Desmyn doesn't remember any of that, and he isn't sure if he still has feelings for her. She's a stranger to him, and he feels a little awkward around her. After he learns that he's immortal and cursed and considerably older than her, he feels even more awkward about the whole thing. At first he tries to avoid talking to her, but it's impossible for him not to get caught up in her problems and want to help her. He does become attracted to her and cares deeply about her eventually, but I haven't really decided where I want their relationship to go by the end of the story, so use your imagination and depict it however you want.
Jameson: Desmyn's first impression of Jameson is that he is completely crazy and weird, and that coming to him for help may have been a waste of time. But Kaisa insists that he can help, and at that point he trusts her judgment enough to try. Jameson is the only one who has been able to provide him with any sort of answer or explanation for his chains, though, so he does change his mind about the wizard and decides that he's probably not as crazy as he seems.
Silas: Desmyn has no recollection of his history with Silas. When he does figure it out, he feels kind of remorseful about it but isn't sure how he would ever fix things.
Valkyrus: Desmyn doesn't realize just how dangerous and powerful Valkyrus is, or what his intentions are. He thinks Silas is the real threat.


References: Sydelle
Name: Sydelle
Age: 19
Eyes: golden-yellow
Hair: Medium-brown, hangs to the middle of her back, shorter layers in front. Has two red streaks and one blue on the right side. The red streaks represent her status as a warrior among her people. The blue streak represents that she is the daughter of the tribal leader.
Skin: tan
Height: 5' 6"
Body type: Lithe, graceful--almost catlike.
Markings/scars: Just the hair dye. Please don't forget it.
Clothing: Light, comfortable clothes that would be appropriate for a warm, desert climate. The cape thing she's wearing over her shoulder in the reference image would be wrapped around her face in a dust storm. Warm, muted colors, usually. She likes red--it is a symbol of strength among her people and the color of warriors. She always carries a spear, possibly a couple of knives and a small satchel.
Personality/Background: Sydelle belongs to an old, matriarchal society of tribal desert-dwellers. She is the daughter of her tribe's leader and a skilled warrior. At the age of 16, each member of the tribe is sent out on a journey and required to bring back something of value to the tribe before they are allowed to take their rightful place as a member of the tribe. Those who return empty-handed are scorned and shamed. The value of the contribution often determines the role or importance of the person within the tribe. Also, those who have affluent parents are expected to contribute more. Sydelle, being the daughter of the tribal leader, was expected to make a very great and important contribution to her tribe, and to eventually take her mother's place at the head of her people. She set out at 16 and eventually met Desmyn. With his help she brought back news of an impending attack on her people. The news effectively saved her entire tribe (they would have been obliterated if they had been taken unawares) but they still suffered very heavy losses. The tribal council decided that Sydelle's contribution was a good one, and offered her a very prestigious role in the tribe for someone so young, but then they started talking about making peace with their attackers and surrendering. Sydelle urged them to reconsider, claiming that the Kaborans (their attackers) had conquered many other peoples before them and completely destroyed them and their cultures just to take over their land. She doesn't want the same thing to happen to her people. The tribal council (including Sydelle's own mother) believes that if they and the other tribes surrender peacefully, the Kaborans will allow them to live and keep their lands and culture, as long as they submit to the king. They know they can't stand up to the Kaborans in battle, and believe it is better to save as many as they can instead of throwing lives away needlessly in battle. Furious, Sydelle leaves her tribe, vowing to find some way to defeat the Kaborans so that her people will stand a chance and won't be forced to submit and be wiped out. This is her main priority for the remainder of the story.
Sydelle is a very strong young woman, with a strong personality. She's extremely determined and driven. She's also a very skilled fighter, having been trained with a variety of weapons from a very young age. A lot was expected of her as a child, so she's always pushed herself harder than most and doesn't take failure very well. Deep down, she's a lot more vulnerable than she lets on. Everyone sees her as being so strong all the time, and since she never asks for help, keeping everything inside can be really hard on her at times. Sometimes all of that frustration just comes out of her in a huge explosion of anger. She doesn't confide in people easily and keeps her thoughts and ideas mostly to herself. It takes her a long time to form a bond with the rest of the group because she feels like she's completely different than them and has completely different goals and motives.

Relationships to other characters:
Kaisa: Sydelle dislikes her at first and is even jealous of her. She wrongly assumes that Desmyn and Kaisa like each other as more than just friends, and it annoys her that Desmyn seems so close to Kaisa and pretty much just ignores Sydelle. Once she realizes that Kaisa is just a harmless, naive kid, she backs off and even feels a little bad about being so hostile towards her at first, so she tries to make up for it by befriending her. She teaches her how to defend herself and even confides in her a little bit.
Lucian: Sees him as a very shrewn, clever being. Knows that he knows a lot more about her than he says, and appreciates that he isn't going around blabbering about everything. She respects him, and sometimes goes to him for advice (which is rarely helpful, since Lucian likes riddles better than straight answers)
Byron: He makes a good traveling companion and a good friend. Sydelle knows that he really has no self-serving reasons to be helping her, so she appreciates him for that.
Desmyn: Sydelle and Desmyn liked each other when they were together before, but neither of them ever got up the guts to say anything about that. Sydelle regrets this, and when she finds Desmyn again, she expects everything to go back to the way it was before. But Desmyn doesn't recognize her at all, which is devastating to Sydelle. She knows it's impossible for him to remember, but a small part of her hope that he will, so she sometimes says and does things to try and remind him of what they had before. He doesn't get it. He's just really quiet and awkward around her and avoids her most of the time, which annoys her at first, but then she realizes that she needs to give him some space and let him figure things out on his own.
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References: Concept art
Name: Kaisa Eves
Age: 16
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: fair
Height: 5' 4"
Body type: A little underfed, thin
Markings/scars: A mark in the shape of a flame on her right shoulder. It gives off a faint orange glow when she uses magic (nothing that would be seen through her clothes, most likely)
Clothing: Kaisa always wears a thick, over-sized airship captain's coat. It's dark blue, and it was obviously made for someone much bigger than her. It's a little dirty and worn. Please feel free to experiment with it. It should be practical and comfortable, but the more elaborate and intriguing you can make it, the better. Also, this is a man's coat, so please don't make it all girly and frilly or anything. Underneath that, she usually wears simple tunics and pants in plain colors. And black boots that have clearly seen a lot of long miles.
Personality: A couple of years before the story starts, Kaisa formed a bond with a spirit mage named Lucian. Being new and inexperienced with magic, she one day caused a major accident in her town that led to the death of her older brother. If you want to know more about this whole incident and the concept of spirit mages in general, I highly suggest you read this short story I wrote about Kaisa's background. Unable to face what she had done, she left home and never looked back, vowing never to use magic again. The whole thing was extremely hard on her at first, but she's had some time to heal. For the most part, Kaisa is a very happy-go-lucky, free-spirited girl always on the lookout for the next adventure. When she sees Desmyn, she is immediately intrigued and wants to help him. Taking him to see the Wizard Jameson will mean going back to her hometown for the first time since the accident, but she figures it's high time she does that anyways. She's very talkative and loves to hear all about other people and places. She guards her secrets closely, however, and even though she talks a lot, no one really knows anything about her or her past or why someone so young is wandering all around Kabora on her own. She has the ability to use magic, but doesn't until later on in the story when she's kind of forced into it. She likes magic, but her own magical abilities scare her. She's very non-confrontational and will always back down or run from a fight if she can. If there are ever any arguments amongst the group, Kaisa is always the one who tries to step in and make things right. She is young and can be a little naive at times, but Lucian always steers her in the right direction.

Relationships to other characters:
Lucian: Lucian and Kaisa are Bound, meaning that they share each other's life energy and magical abilities. Because of this, Kaisa is expected to have a much shorter lifespan than normal people. Kaisa trusts Lucian and confides in him about everything. He is the only constant friend she has had since leaving home. His snarky attitude and sarcasm bother her a little at times, but she generally appreciates his sense of humor and wariness. She knows he's kept her from getting into trouble more than a few times. He often acts as a voice of reason towards her. He won't always say exactly what it is that he thinks she should do, but he does try to drop subtle hints, which Kaisa picks up on and uses to try and make the right decision.
Desmyn: She is intrigued by him and wants to help him. Is completely clueless to the fact that she annoys him at first and thinks that he just has a general bad attitude and needs some cheering up.
Byron: A big talking golden dragon who used to be a man is exactly the kind of oddity that gets Kaisa's adventurist spirit all excited. She looks up to him, almost like an uncle or older brother. He reminds her of her own brother sometimes, with his sense of humor and all his stories.
Sydelle: At first, Kaisa thinks Sydelle is kind of grouchy and mean. She isn't sure why. A few gentle suggestions from Lucian though and she pieces it together. She immediately tries to smooth things over and the two girls eventually become friends.
Jameson: Jameson is an old friend of Kaisa's family. She recognizes that he's a bit eccentric, but she knows he's also the best mage in Kabora and Deveural. He's one of the reasons she became so fascinated with magic in the first place.


Name: Lucian
Age: Late 20's when he died, pretty much ageless now
Form: Being a spirit mage, Lucian is dead. He was forced to put his soul into another form. He chose fire. He can change his shape and size at will, but generally looks like a ball of flame with a vague outline of a face and remains about the size of a softball. He generally floats just above and behind Kaisa's shoulder. He has two black spots in his 'face' that look like eyes, and jagged, flickering mouth that is almost always twisted up in a wicked-looking grin.
Personality: Lucian was once a fairly powerful and reputable mage. He dealt mostly with fire-type magic, so fire was a natural form choice for him when he died. Lucian has a very sarcastic, cynical attitude most of the time. He finds amusement in things that happen at other's expense, but he also knows how to laugh at himself. He's very shrewd and calculating, and frequently notices things that others don't. He's clever with his words and will often try to talk his way out of things or wrangle information out of people through conversation. He enjoys playing devil's advocate sometimes and causing a little trouble here and there, but he also knows when to cut the crap and help out.

Relationships to other characters:
Kaisa: Kaisa is Lucian's life source, and as such, he is very protective of her. As time has passed, though, he has come to enjoy her company and value her as a friend instead of just relying on her and their Bond. He wants to see her succeed and make the right choices, but doesn't believe in telling people what to do, so he tries to steer her in the right direction with subtle suggestions rather than outright directing her and bossing her around. This is her life, after all, even if she is sharing it with him. He does feel a little bit remorseful about the whole Bond thing at times. He kind of manipulated his way into that--Kaisa was an easy target, very naive. It didn't end well for her and Lucian feels like he's partly to blame for that, so he tries not to pressure her into using her magic too much unless it becomes absolutely necessary.
Desmyn: Lucian dislikes him immediately, and it takes a long time before he changes that oppinion. They are constantly arguing. Lucian is cautious where Desmyn is reckless, which annoys Lucian to no end, but other than that they are very much alike. Sometimes they argue just for the sake of arguing. Eventually they do develop a sort of mutual respect and companionship (though neither of them will admit it) but the bickering and bantering between them never really goes away.
Byron: Is wary of him at first but appreciates his kindness and patience with Kaisa.
Sydelle: Sees that she's struggling, admires her strength and courage, but thinks she could really use some help and just needs to open up to people a little more.
Jameson: Has always heard interesting things about the prodigy mage of Deveural, but is skeptical about Jameson. Even more so once he meets him and sees just how scattered and odd Jameson is. Quickly learns, however, that there is a good reason for Jameson's status as one of the greatest mages of all time and comes to respect his knowledge and abilities.
Silas: Doesn't think too much of him. Recognizes that Valkyrus is the real threat.
Valkyrus: Knows his history and guesses that the reason he is so keen on finding Desmyn is NOT to help Silas exact revenge. There's something bigger going on here, something Valkyrus must want from Desmyn.
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Name: Byron
Age: mid-thirties
Dragon form: This is the form he is in when we meet him in the story, and he remains in this form for most of the book. I would really prefer to see him drawn in his dragon form for now, though you can certainly draw his human form if you want to. He is twice the size of a big draft horse and can carry 3 people on his back comfortably (4 if need be). He is wingless and cannot fly (which he thinks was a horribly cruel joke by the mage who turned him into a dragon). He can breathe fire, however. His body is covered in yellowish-gold scales. They glow faintly because of the magic attached to his form, but you would probably only notice it when it was dark. His eyes are gold as well, and he has a kindly face for a dragon. I will try to doodle up a reference ASAP.
Eyes: brown
Hair: sandy blondish brown, hangs to his shoulders but is usually held back in a ponytail. Has a neatly trimmed beard and mustache
Skin: fair
Height: 5' 11"
Body type: Stout, broad-shouldered. In fairly good shape, even though he hasn't been a soldier for a few years.
Markings/scars: Nothing significant
Clothing: Plain tunics and breeches mostly, maybe a vest over the top, and sturdy boots. He carries an old sword buckled around his waist. As the story progresses, he may pick up the odd bit of armor here and there, so feel free to draw him wearing a bunch of mismatched pieces if you want.
Personality: Byron is a self-proclaimed thief--really a bit a of a kleptomaniac. That kind of behavior is exactly what got him turned into a dragon in the first place. He burglarized the wrong mage's house one night and was caught. The mage turned him into a dragon as punishment. Try sneaking around and stealing things when you're huge and gold and clumsy. It isn't a curse, so the spell will wear off in time, but being a dragon has it's perks, and after the initial shock wore off, Byron doesn't mind too much. He was a soldier before, so he has some skill with a sword. He has a lot of really odd, random skills, actually--he learns new things quickly most of the time. He can play a variety of instruments and has a really nice deep singing voice. He likes people in general and kind of just goes with the flow of things. Nothing seems to bother him much.

Relationships to other characters:
Kaisa: Tries to look after her and teach her some of his various skills (playing the lute, reading, etc) He almost thinks of her as a goddaughter or a niece, someone he feels very attached to and wants to protect.
Lucian: Enjoys his sarcasm and cynicism. Just finds him overall very amusing and mostly harmless.
Desmyn: His best friend. Desmyn saved Byron's life when Byron was a small child and pretty much helped raise him. Byron looks up to him and respects him greatly.
Sydelle: It took him a little while to get used to her strong personality and no-nonsense attitude, but he admires that about her now and wants to help her figure things out for her tribe, just because she's a friend and that's what friends do for each other. Plus, he was there when the Kaboran army wiped out most of her tribe the first time (he deserted the army after that), so he knows what kind of devastation they're facing and doesn't want to just stand by and watch that happen.
Silas: Understands his need for vengeance on some level. Byron also lost his family as a kid, so he knows what that's like. Also thinks he's taking things way too far and just needs to back off a little. It's pointless to try and kill Desmyn anyways--he'll just come back to life.


Name: The Great and Honorable Wizard Jameson (prefers just Jameson, is often referred to as The Wizard Jameson)
Age: mid-20's
Eyes: brown
Hair: black, hangs to his shoulders, kind of unkempt. Sometimes worn loose but can also be tied back in a ponytail.
Skin: fair
Height: 6' 1"
Body type: Looks pretty good but he's really not getting any physical activity and isn't in great shape.
Clothing: Jameson is very much a celebrity of his town and country. Wears fairly elegant, steampunk type clothes and robes. Use your imagination--lots of artistic freedom here. He's very well respected among the people of Deveaural, and is often gifted some of the finer things of life. The nobles who fund his research strongly encourage him to dress 'in a manner befitting his status,' so whenever he's out in public, he tries to dress nicely. Not that he doesn't enjoy it, but sometimes he'd prefer to just step out in some old, comfy, worn out clothes and not worry about everyone else looking at him.
Personality/Background: Even at an early age, it was clear that Jameson was destined for greatness. He showed very strong magical abilities early on and was soon being proclaimed a prodigy of magic. His gift came with a price, however. Jameson's body rejects magical energy if absorbed and used in high quantities. He is essentially allergic to using magic. Simple spells don't usually cause him so much trouble. More complex spells cause him to exhibit symptoms such as runny nose, breaking out in hives, watery eyes, itchy throat, fever, throwing up, bleeding from the nose, etc. The very most complex spells he has ever performed have left him completely wiped out and unconscious for days, and he is sure that if he even attempted anything more demanding, it could kill him. Because of these limitations, he is unable to reach his full potential as a mage, which is extremely frustrating to him. He is working with several Deveaural scientists to try and figure out what his illness is and how to cure it. As a mage, he is very unique in the fact that he is so scientifically-minded and believes that science and magic can and should work together. He's extremely smart and spends hours and hours a day reading up on all kinds of topics. He's particularly fond of history, specifically as it relates to magic, and is perhaps the only person left alive who knows anything about curses and other long-lost secrets of magic. He's a little eccentric and has some weird habits and mannerisms. He doesn't really like to socialize with people or go outside much, so he's taken to locking himself in his tower since he became a local celebrity. His tower is a disaster, super cluttered and jumbled with a variety of random things. If it was up to him, he'd stay in there forever and just do his research. But in order to do that research, he needs some funding, so he does have to make appearances every now and again at parties, or curing someone's life-threatening illness every now and then. He's not entirely insensitive to the needs of others, but he is pretty self-centered and doesn't like to be bothered by other people's issues.

Relationships to other characters:
Kaisa: Before Kaisa was born, her parents fostered Jameson for a while when his own family was going through some issues. Kaisa's father dislikes magic, but he still treated Jameson like he was his own son and taught him a lot of things. Jameson kept in contact with the family afterwards, so he knows Kaisa and thinks of her almost like a stepsister or something. He was extremely worried about her when he found out she had formed a Bond with a spirit mage and disappeared after Nate died, so when she shows up on his doorstep with all her companions, alive and well, he is relieved to see her and extremely curious about what she's been up to.
Lucian: Dislikes him immediately. Knows how important magic was to Kaisa but believes that Lucian took advantage of her. When Lucian points out that Jameson could easily find himself in the same predicament, Jameson softens up a little bit, but still mistrusts Lucian and thinks he is altogether too clever for his own good.
Desmyn: Is very intrigued by his circumstances, but sees him more as a lab rat than a human being. Since curses were outlawed centuries ago, all that was known about them has been lost, and to see someone who is the product of a curse--a very powerful curse at that--Jameson is awed and excited and a bit horrified all at the same time. He really wants to help him, but mostly just for his own gain, because he'll be able to get something out of it in return.
Silas: Silas and Valkyrus end up capturing Jameson shortly after Desmyn's group leaves him. Jameson doesn't like Silas and is terrified of him at first, but soon realizes that Valkyrus is the one with the real power and twisted ideas. After that he tries to appeal to Silas' better nature in the hopes that Silas might one day come to trust him just for one instant, allowing him to escape. Silas is way too smart for that, though, but you can't knock a guy for trying.
Valkyrus: At first, Jameson doesn't think much of Valkyrus--he's just another spirit mage. A powerful one, no doubt, judging by his form, but if hes so powerful, Jameson assumes he must have chosen someone even more powerful and dangerous to Bind with. Once he realizes who Valkyrus is (he's already familiar with his history as the king's advisor) he realizes that Valkyrus is the real threat here, and that Silas is just a pawn. He isn't sure exactly what Valkyrus wants, but he knows it can't be good.
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Name: Silas Rhyder
Age: 25
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Very light blond, hangs to his shoulders
Skin: pale
Height: 6' 0"
Body type: Thin, scrawny, probably doesn't get as much nutrition as he needs
Markings/scars: None
Clothing: Silas' clothes are usually secondhand, nothing fancy. Kind of ragged and travel-worn, plain colors, nothing bright or flashy.
Personality: Silas belongs to an ancient race of people who once inhabited the lands south of Kabora. They were a peaceful people, mostly farmers and artisans. So when the Kaboran king came to take over their lands, Silas' people were easily defeated and all but wiped out. It was a slaughter. Even though many threw down their weapons and surrendered, they were still killed. Silas was 12 when the army came to his village. His parents hid him and his 2-year old sister, Alora, behind some boards in the wall, but he could still see everything, and he watched as a soldier in chains came in and killed his mom and dad. Thirteen years later, he still remembers that soldier's face. When Silas and Alora emerged from their hiding place, they saw everything they knew laid to waste all around them. Like the rest of the few who did managed to survive, they were rounded up and shipped off to various refugee camps around Kabora. The refugee camps are dirty, awful places. Disease runs rampant and there is barely enough food to go around. Everything is so strictly regulated that it's more like a prison than a camp.
Because of his past, Silas is not a very happy guy. He walks around with a scowl on his face and a chip on his shoulder like the whole world is against him and out to get him. He trusts no one--particularly not Kaborans. He's a very hateful, vengeful man. Perhaps the one and only piece of happiness in his life is his younger sister, Alora. He loves her dearly and would do anything for her. Unfortunately, she is slowly dying of some illness she picked up in the refugee camp. Silas formed a Bond with a spirit mage, Valkyrus, even though magic was abhorred by his people, because he believed magic could help save his sister's life. Valkyrus has convinced him, however, that the only way to save Alora is to kill Desmyn and take his 'powers' (since Desmyn never ages, he must have some kind of power that makes him immune to aging, disease, etc). Silas already wants to kill Desmyn anyways to get revenge for his parents' deaths. If he can save Alora in the process, so much the better. He has no idea just how manipulative Valkyrus is....

Relationships to other characters:
Valkyrus: Sees him as a partner and a savior. Without Valkyrus, he would have no chance of saving Alora. He's willing to do pretty much whatever Valkyrus asks without question. Has no idea that Valkyrus has his own motives
Desmyn: Hates him. Remembers him as the soldier who killed his parents and wants nothing more than to kill Desmyn. When he finally catches up to him and demands a confession, and Desmyn doesn't give it (having no recollection of what he did in his former life), Silas is furious and hates him even more.
Jameson: Sees him as a weak, cowardly man of little use. He certainly doesn't live up to his reputation.


Name: Valkyrus Rhione
Age: He was in his late 50's when he was killed
Appearance: Valkyrus takes the form of a white, furry dragon. Probably something like this but without legs, more furry, longer face. His eyes are blue, he's about the size of a cat, and he kind of slinks/floats around in the air. If you've ever seen Inu Yasha, Valkyrus kind of reminds me of Kikyo's little spirit collector dragon things. Any kind of living form is extremely difficult for a spirit mage, so the fact that Valkyrus can take this form speaks volumes about his power and abilities.
Personality: Valkyrus was once a very powerful mage. He was an advisor to the Kaboran king, but he decided that wasn't enough and staged a coup to take over the throne. It failed, and Valkyrus was executed as a result. A poor move on the king's part, really, since a dead mage can be even more dangerous than a living one. Especially in Valkyrus' case. He wandered around a little while until he found the perfect candidate to Bond with--a desperate, vulnerable young man named Silas. All it took was a few simple words and promises, and Valkyrus had the perfect obedient servant. His real target, however, is Desmyn. If he can Bond to someone who is immortal, there will be no stopping him. Doing so would require severing his current Bond with Silas, which would kill Silas, but who really cares about what happens to some some poor dirty refugee?
Valkyrus is very manipulative and clever. He knows how to use people and cares little about what happens to them as a result, as long as he gets what he wants in the end. He's selfish and greedy and operates entirely outside of any laws or moral code of conduct. He's vindictive and can be cruel, often finding amusement in the pain or hardships of others.

Relationships to other characters:
Lucian: Knows of him, saw him as a mage with a lot of potential. Shame that he had to die so soon--he could have become great, perhaps even useful. Valkyrus finds it ridiculously amusing that a mage as powerful as Lucian bonded with a naive little girl who won't even use magic anymore.
Jameson: A truly great and powerful mage. Valkyrus senses that Jameson is even more powerful than he ever was, but it's doubtful that anyone will ever see that power since Jameson is so limited by his condition.
Silas: A tool--nothing more. Valkyrus thinks Silas is kind of an idiot, but a useful idiot. It amuses him that Silas is so hung up on his sister getting well. Valkyrus could have helped him cure her right away, but it's much more useful to have her remain sick so that Valkyrus has something to manipulate Silas with.
Desmyn: Is intrigued by him and sees him as potentially the most valuable, important man on the entire continent. He's eager to share Desmyn's curse and is confident that he can easily manipulate him into doing exactly what he wants.
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If you create an entry based on anything from the following list, please make a note of it when you submit the entry so it doesn't get overlooked. There are a lot of songs and scenes and stories to keep track of and sometimes I am a little scatterbrained, so PLEASE tell me so I don't forget to award your points.

Character Playlists
The following songs are ones that I believe fit a certain character or story. Please use them as an inspiration for your art, particularly for entries in the "Character Songs" category.

"I Remember Everything" by Five Finger Death Punch If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets?/Cause I remember everything. For Kaisa, about regrets and painful memories and letting family down. This song really ties in to the short story I wrote about her and her brother Nate. (linked in Kaisa and Lucian's character bios)

"Distance" by Christina Perri Please don't stand so close to me/I'm having trouble breathing.../...And I will make sure to keep my distance/Say, "I love you," when you're not listening For Sydelle, about her unrequited feelings for Desmyn and not wanting to let herself get too close.

Suggested Scenes
The following scenes are ones that I would love to see depicted in art. Any scene you draw from this list will automatically be eligible for the "Best Scene" prize.

Desmyn and Byron (as a human) sparring
A younger Kaisa watching shooting stars with her brother Nate
Any scene from the short story Cursed Wishes about Kaisa's past
Sydelle practicing with her spear
Byron singing to the group, possibly around a campfire at night
Silas interacting with his little sister, possibly with Valkyrus looking on
Silas and his little sister as children, hiding somewhere while war rages outside, or emerging from their hiding place to find their whole village destroyed.
Sydelle stealing glances at Desmyn, or vice versa, each one just kind of pretending to ignore the other
Desmyn and Lucian arguing, and Kaisa either trying to stop them, or just looking on with this sort of resigned look on her face like she's given up even trying to stop their bickering.
Jameson in his very cluttered tower at a table or something, reading books and scrolls by candlelight, or falling asleep with a book still open in front of him or something.
Silas, Jameson, and Valkyrus traveling together. Jameson would be tied up somehow, with Silas walking in front of him holding the rope that binds his wrists or something, and Valkyrus bringing up the rear and keeping a very close eye on Jameson
Any of the magically gifted characters performing some kind of really awesome magic spellwork. Use your imagination with the special effects and so on.
Kaisa dreaming/daydreaming about flying on an airship with Nate
Desmyn waking up after 'dying' and looking really confused about his chains, where he is, the tattoo on his arm, etc.
The group traveling along the road together, Sydelle and/or Kaisa riding on Byron's back
Byron attempting to steal something (either as a dragon or a human)
Jameson examining Desmyn as if he was a specimen or something, all up in his face and completely ignorant to personal boundaries. Desmyn looking rather perturbed by this.
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About the World (I am still trying to figure out a lot of this stuff, so forgive me if it sounds a little scattered or if it changes throughout the contest. I won't dock you points or anything if you have trouble capturing the 'setting' in your art, or if parts of it don't match whatever this ends up saying in the end.) This is eventually going to be a webcomic that takes place in a fictional world where magic is fairly commonplace. The ability to use magic is almost always found in females (witches), though there are a few rare males who can use it as well (wizards or warlocks). There are also werewolves in the world, but people generally hate and fear them and don't understand them. There used to be a lot of werewolves--so many that they outnumbered normal humans and witches. There wasn't enough game to sustain the werewolves and some of them eventually began killing and eating people, or even each other. Humans, with the help of witches and warlocks, began erecting huge walls around their cities and villages to keep the wolves out, and anyone born a werewolf or even so much as suspected to be one was banished. Eventually, the wolf population balanced itself out as werewolves began to die in huge numbers due to starvation, werewolf-hunters, and territorial fighting among packs. The walls still stand tall around cities when the story begins, though many of the smaller villages have been abandoned as people migrated to the huge super-cities of North and East (stupid names--will be changed when I come up with real names). The banished werewolves live in the wasteland that lies between North and East, often in territorial packs, roaming from one place to another in search of game. A lot of the fear and hatred towards wolves has remained from that dark time, though most of them are not the horrible man-eating beasts that legend would have people believe.

In the present when the story begins, several years of long, harsh winters have led to a bit of a food crisis among the werewolves in the wasteland. Even more disturbing, werewolves have been vanishing in huge numbers--entire packs simply disappearing overnight. No one really knows why, or what's going on, but it scares them all. One man recognized the problems early on, a strong pack leader who has risen up among the werewolf population to try and unite all the packs. He has called a council of sorts in the mountains of the north, and a lot of packs have been travelling there to meet with him and see if he's really all he claims to be and if they can all work out a solution to some of the problems they've been facing. Meanwhile, in the city of North, a young girl named Sophie has been bitten by a rogue werewolf that killed all of her family except for a devoted older sister...


References: Reference sheet by angry zephyr Pinterest board for Shadowborn stuff
Name: Sophie Sanders
Age: 13
Eyes: green
Hair: light brown
Skin: fair
Height: 5'
Body type: slim
Wolf Form: brown wolf with a lighter brown underside and paws, green eyes, should have slightly out-of-proportion adolescent form. Body language should be timid and submissive, reflective of her personality.
Markings/Scars: Ugly scar on her left shoulder/neck area where she was originally bitten by the werewolf
Clothing: The clothing in the reference sheet is ok, but feel free to play around with it a little while still maintaining the general idea that this is a teenage girl who dresses pretty casually and doesn't want to make a huge impression on people. Play with colors and stuff too, if you want.
Personality: Sophie is very shy and quiet, doesn't like to attract attention. Her body language is reflective of that. She almost cowers, or tries to hide inside herself or something, just to avoid being seen or talked to. She has a hard time even just looking people in the eye when she talks to them, and will often mutter or stumble over her words when she talks a little bit. She is very observant and notices and hears things others don't. She's a masterful eavesdropper. She's smart--probably a lot smarter than people realize--and can be resourceful when she needs to be. She has almost no self-confidence at all and almost always relies on her sister Lila to get her through life. She's a bit of a coward. She wishes she was braver, but she isn't, and she's ashamed of that, but doesn't know how to step outside her comfort zone. She is very caring and sympathetic of others, even if she doesn't always show it, and has a generally optimistic view of the world. As the comic goes on and Sophie finds herself in increasingly troublesome situations, her optimism fades a little and she is forced to find her inner strength and courage in order to save the people she cares about.

Relationships to other characters
Lila: Her older sister and protector. Sophie loves Lila dearly and would do just about anything for her...as long as it wasn't too scary. She looks up to her a lot, almost placing her on a pedestal of sorts. She's completely willing to overlook and excuse anything Lila does wrong and loves her sister's confidence and snappy attitude. She knows that she needs to listen to Lila's advice and come out of her shell a little more, but can't bring herself to actually do it.
Flynt: At first, she's scared of him. She never completely gets over that fear, but comes to see him as a savior and protector and trusts him. Knows that he has the pack's best interests at heart and cares about each member of his pack like a shepherd cares about his sheep. Has seen other much harsher alphas and recognizes that Flynt is probably one of the better ones she could have ended up with.
Dahlia: Fears her, respects her, and is totally intimidated by her. Doesn't warm up to her quite as much as she does Flynt, but trusts her almost as much.
Jonas: Is scared of him too, at first. But he grows on her with his jokes and his sarcasm, and he's nice to Lila even when she's a complete jerk to him, so she likes him. Kind of sees him as a silly goofball brother, but also knows that there's more to him than that. The tension between him and Flynt makes her extremely uncomfortable, and she knows that the crap is going to hit the fan long before it happens.
Rufus: Is wary of him. Thinks it's really weird that he never takes his human form, but likes to snuggle up in his fur on cold nights. At first, she has a hard time seeing him as more than a big fluffy dog, but that changes as she comes to realize what it means to be a werewolf.
Zero: Zero doesn't just scare Sophie, he gives her the creeps. He's always lurking at the back of the pack, watching and waiting. He seems more like a vulture to her than a wolf, waiting for something bad to happen so he can swoop in and pick up the scraps. She doesn't trust him at all.


References: Reference sheet by Othello Phion Pinterest board for Shadowborn stuff
Name: Delilah Sanders (prefers to be called Lila)
Age: 18
Eyes: Silvery-white
Hair: White, cut short, kind of choppy
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'5"
Body type: slender, but curvy
Wolf Form: White wolf with silver eyes and black nose. Often carries her tail curled up over her back (kind of like a Husky or Alaskan Malamute does). Body language should be very confident
Markings/Scars: None
Clothing: Knee-high boots always. Everything else you can play around with. Corsets are particularly good for her. She likes to make an impression, and the way she dresses is a big part of that. She can dress very provocatively at times, even if she isn't showing a lot of skin. Feel free to add some jewelery if you want. She almost always wears the wolf-skin hat, and if she isn't wearing it, it should be close by in her satchel or something. She always carries a knife in her human form.
Personality: Lila is not a 'natural' werewolf--meaning that she wasn't born a werewolf or bitten and turned into one. After their parents died and Sophie was bitten and turned into a wolf, Lila knew that she couldn't just send her sister out into the wilderness alone to fend for herself. The only solution she saw was to become a werewolf herself so that she could help Sophie, so she completed an ancient ritual involving witch's blood and putting on the skin of a werewolf on the night of a full moon. Those who complete this ritual in order to become werewolves are known as 'silvers' for the coloring they take on once the ritual is complete, notably their silver eyes, hair, and white wolf form. A silver wolf's transformation is directly linked to the wolf skin they used in the ritual, so they must always be wearing some part of that skin in order to transform. Lila made a hat from her wolf skin and has to wear it when she takes her wolf form. Silvers are often somewhat rejected and shunned in the werewolf community. Many packs will not accept them. A lot of werewolves have issues coming to terms with and accepting the monsters they have become, so the idea that someone would choose to become a werewolf has kind of a bitter taste to them.
Lila is very outgoing and outspoken. She always says exactly what is on her mind and likes to be the center of attention. She's very confident and always struts around with her head held high. She is attractive and uses that to her advantage whenever she can. "If you got it, flaunt it," is kind of her attitude about her appearance. She's a shameless flirt and has been known to lead men on if it will get her something she wants. And even though she might like to someday have a real romantic relationship with someone special, she's too busy taking care of Sophie to bother much with guys right now. She isn't a great fighter and not one to provoke anything beyond a verbal argument, but she does carry a weapon and isn't afraid to use it to defend herself of Sophie. She has kind of a sarcastic sense of humor and can be a little mean sometimes with her jabbing remarks to other people. She doesn't really care who she offends with her words or actions and just does whatever she thinks is best for herself and her sister.

Relationships to other characters
Sophie: Lila is extremely dedicated to her little sister and very protective of her. She is kind of annoyed by Sophie's complete dependence on her at times, and it's a little overwhelming for her to suddenly be raising her little sister on her own. But she loves Sophie dearly and would do anything for her. Other people in her life will come and go, and a lot of them she won't be able to trust. But she will always have Sophie, no matter what, and that is comforting to her. She also appreciates the fact that Sophie doesn't judge her silver hair and eyes like other werewolves do.
Flynt: She is wary of him at first, but eventually comes to understand what a good leader he is and respects the risk he has taken in allowing a silver into his pack. Doesn't always agree with his decisions, but respects him enough not to challenge him too much.
Dahlia: Sees her as an equal and not as her superior. This often causes them to butt heads. Lila always ends up backing down, just because she doesn't want Sophie to see her get into a fight or anything, but she does take a little pleasure in anything that annoys Dahlia. Eventually, the two of them become almost friends when they are forced to rely on each other for survival, and when Dahlia loses her sanity in captivity, Lila does feel really bad for her and tries to help her however she can.
Jonas: She thinks he's kind of cute, in a sad, lost puppy kind of way. She enjoys his advances towards her at times, and at other times he just annoys the hell out of her. She's probably closer to him than anyone else in the pack besides Sophie and has a greater trust for him than she does most people, even if she is constantly making jokes at his expense and busting his chops a little bit.
Rufus: At first, she thinks it's a little weird that anyone would choose to spend almost their entire life in their wolf form, but then Jonas points out that it's a little weird that anyone would choose to become a werewolf in the first place, and Lila is much less judgmental of Rufus after that.
Zero: She doesn't think much of him and hardly even bothers to notice him most of the time. He seems very insignificant to her.
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References: Reference sheet coming soon Pinterest board for Shadowborn stuff
Name: Flynt
Age: 39
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: Black, maybe a few grey hairs around his temples and in his beard. Hair is a little longer than shoulder length, usually held back in a ponytail. His beard/mustache is thick but neatly trimmed
Skin: A little tan, very weathered and rough. Has some wrinkles around his eyes
Height: 6' 2"
Body type: Barrel-chested, broad shouldered--a big guy who looks like someone you probably don't want to mess with.
Wolf Form: Flynt takes the form of a huge, hulking black wolf with brown eyes. His right ear is torn and his tail is a little crooked from being broken. Body language should be very strong, dominant, and confident.
Markings/Scars: He's seen more than a few fights and probably has several scars. His right ear is torn, but he has no other facial scars. Other than that, use your imagination--I'm not too picky about them at this point.
Clothing: Flynt dresses in practical, worn clothing, usually in dull colors. He wears heavy boots and carries an ax.
Personality: Flynt was born a werewolf and sent into the wilderness as an infant. He was lucky enough that a wandering pack found him and decided to take him in, even though it meant one more mouth to feed in the harsh winter. He grew up and eventually set out on his own and started his own pack with Dahlia. Because of his past, he feels almost obligated to take in whatever stray, wandering wolves he finds. This has made him the undisputed leader of a rag-tag bunch of renegades that no one else will take, but he's proud of his pack and cares about each and every one of them despite their shortcomings. A lot of the other packs and their alphas make fun of Flynt and his pack, which hurts his pride a little bit. When he is given the chance to prove his worth and the value of his pack to everyone else, he jumps on the opportunity and takes on what many consider to be a suicide mission.
Flynt is very proud and has his own sort of code of honor that he tries to live by. He has a firm set of morals and always tries to do what he thinks is right, even if that isn't what's best for himself or the pack. He is very devoted and loyal to his pack. He isn't one to back down from a fight or a challenge. He's a tough guy and very smart when it comes to surviving in the wilderness.

Relationships to other characters
Lila: Is worried about the repercussions of allowing a silver to join the pack, but decides to take her and Sophie in anyways. Comes to realize that she could be a very valuable team member. Doesn't really like all of her joking and waltzing around like she's the most beautiful thing under the sun, but since it's mostly harmless, he lets it slide, hoping that she'll grow out of it eventually.
Sophie: Feels bad for her--she clearly doesn't have any of the courage or inner strength that make a well-adjusted werewolf. He knows she and Lila won't last long on their own, and even though he's skeptical about taking a silver into the pack, he can't just leave poor little Sophie out on her own, so he takes them both. He tries to provide her with a good example of strength, knowing all too well that the wilderness is no place for those who can't defend themselves, pack or no pack.
Dahlia: He loves her very much. They have been together for 20 years and have a very deep bond and understanding with each other. She is a strong woman, and Flynt loves her for that and knows there have been times where he wouldn't have made it without her help. He relies on her to tell him when he's making the right decisions as well as the wrong ones, and respects whatever she has to say, even if it's hard for him to hear. They're not really one of those cute and affectionate couples except for rare moments when they're alone together, but you can definitely sense the bond between them.
Jonas: He's a great hunter and a valuable asset. A bit of a goofball, and he challenges Flynt's authority more than he should, but Flynt needs another strong male around (if only for appearances) so he tolerates him. As the story progresses, they butt heads more and more, and this eventually leads to a physical confrontation between them that ends with Rufus' death.
Rufus: Also sees him as a valuable member of the team. Much more mellow than his brother, which Flynt is grateful for. Doesn't really understand why Rufus never wants to be in his human form, but having a wolf around all the time definitely has it's uses, so he doesn't complain and even encourages it at times.
Zero: Doesn't really trust him entirely and is suspicious of all his slinking off in the middle of the night, but can't bear to run him off. Zero is the oldest member of Flynt and Dahlia's pack, so Flynt does feel a very strong sense of loyalty to him just for that, even if he is mostly useless.


References: Reference sheet coming soon Pinterest board for Shadowborn stuff
Name: Dahlia
Age: 37
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, braided like this and usually held back in a ponytail with a wide wrap around her head to hold loose ends out of her face.
Skin: Dark--the equivalent of someone of African descent in our world.
Height: 5' 8"
Body type: There's not much body fat on her at all--she's all muscle. Imagine the body of an Olympic runner. That's how Dahlia is built.
Wolf Form: In her wolf form, Dahlia is black with slightly lighter fur around her muzzle and yellow eyes. Her fur is particularly long around her neck, chest, and tail. She has more of a 'sleek' look to her than the other werewolves do.
Markings/Scars: None
Clothing: Dahlia dresses in plain, practical clothes. Heavy boots, thick pants, a simple shirt or tunic paired with a vest. Sometimes she wears a big coat, kind of like a trenchcoat. Earthy colors and somber tones are most appropriate for her. Her clothes should look 'tough' so to speak. She carries a crossbow and a few knives.
Personality: Dahlia is mostly quiet and keeps to herself, preferring to let her partner Flynt run the pack. But no one disputes her authority and she's not afraid to step in if she's needed to resolve a dispute or put someone in their place. She can be a little aggressive at times. She's a tough girl and thinks that everyone else needs to suck it up and be tough too, so she isn't usually very sympathetic to the needs and problems of others. When she was young, she spent most of her years as a lone wolf, scavenging for whatever food she could find and getting into a few scraps with other packs until one finally took her in. She met Flynt a short time later and the two of them set out on their own and started their own pack together. She was pregnant a few times but has only managed to carry a child to term once, and it was stillborn. The pain of those losses she has suffered as a mother hurt her still, more than she lets on. Even Flynt doesn't fully understand how difficult it has been for her, emotionally. A lot of her anger and aggression comes from that. She can definitely hold her own in a fight and knows how to survive in the wild. She's a free spirit, made for the harsh wilderness of the north, so when she is captured and sold into slavery she doesn't handle it well at all and goes a little insane.

Relationships to other characters
Sophie: Doesn't really see the same sweet poor young girl everyone else does. Just sees Sophie as a weakling who needs to shape up or she'll never survive in the wild.
Lila: Lila's attitude annoys her, and she tries to shape her up a little bit but it never seems to work. Lila just doesn't care about anyone but herself an Sophie, and Dahlia knows that that kind of mentality isn't good for the pack. Still, she can't help admiring the girl's decision to become a werewolf to watch over her little sister, and the two of them eventually form a bond out of necessity and become almost-friends.
Flynt: Dahlia loves him more than she ever manages to express with words. She understands him and trusts him wholeheartedly--a rare thing for her. They have a really strong bond, almost like they are the same soul in two bodies. Flynt is everything to her.
Jonas: Doesn't really care for his goofing off, but has learned to tolerate it because he is useful, after all
Rufus: Likes him much better than his brother. He minds his own business and doesn't bother anyone. It doesn't bother her in the slightest that he chooses to remain a wolf all the time. Dahlia likes being a wolf more than being a human sometimes, too, so she can relate to him easily.
Zero: Dahlia pays him little attention. He's kind of just a third wheel
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References: Reference sheet coming soon Pinterest board for Shadowborn stuff
Name: Jonas
Age: 21
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Sandy blonde, a little shaggy, long enough to cover the top of his ears
Skin: Fair
Height: 6' 0"
Body type: Lanky, long limbs and kind of on the thin side.
Wolf Form: Kind of a light, sandy goldish color with lighter coloring underneath and on his lower legs and paws. Darker (more brown) hairs on his ears and tail. He has kind of a shaggy look to him.
Markings/Scars: None
Clothing: I really have no idea. Use your imagination. Nothing too flashy, and it should kind of fit the setting and be kind of medieval-looking, but beyond that anything you can come up with is good.
Personality: Jonas and his twin brother Rufus were born werewolves, though they didn't know it until they hit puberty and started exhibiting signs. Not wanting to disappoint their parents, they left home and headed out into the wilderness on a full moon, where they changed into wolves for the very first time. They never went back and have relied on each other ever since. Jonas has a very laid-back, fun-loving personality. He always has a mischievous grin on his face, like he's up to know good or knows some secret joke that no one else does. He generally likes other people, though you might not realize that at first because his way of making friends is usually to tease others or be sarcastic. He tends to be lazy when he can get away with it, but he's a great hunter and can contribute a lot to the pack when he puts his mind to it. He doesn't usually like to get involved in other people's conflicts and prefers to just stand back and see what happens, but if it's something he feels strongly about he will definitely make his opinion known. He's a shameless flirt and knows how to put the charm on to impress a girl. His closest friend is his twin brother, Rufus.

Relationships to other characters
Lila: Jonas is immediately attracted to her (not that that takes much more than just being female) and tries almost desperately to get her to give in to his charms and flirtations. When he finally realizes and accepts that she just isn't interested, they form a pretty strong friendship. Jonas knows that Lila trusts him and he is committed to always being there for her as a friend when she needs someone, but there is always a part of him that wishes they could be more than friends.
Sophie: She's a cute kid, reminds him a lot of himself and Rufus when they first began to exhibit signs of being werewolves--terrified, lonely, not sure where to turn. He tries to make her as comfortable in the pack as possible.
Dahlia: They don't always get along, and Dahlia nags him a lot about taking things more seriously and not being so lazy, but overall he likes her and thinks she's a decent pack leader. He's very sympathetic to the losses she has suffered trying to have a child, so he cuts her some slack when she's in one of her angrier moods.
Flynt: Jonas has always seen Flynt as a good, strong pack leader, but lately, they have been disagreeing more often and butting heads more. This continues throughout the story and eventually leads to a physical confrontation that ends in Rufus' death.
Rufus: Rufus is his twin and his best friend. They've been through a lot together and always have each others' backs.
Zero: Zero is often the butt of Jonas' jokes. He doesn't hate Zero or dislike him or anything. Zero is just an easy target, so Jonas picks on him a lot and doesn't really understand when he's crossing the line with his joking


References: Reference sheet coming soon Pinterest board for Shadowborn stuff
Name: Rufus
Age: 21
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Light brown
Skin: fair
Height: 6'0"
Body type: Long-limbed and broad shouldered. Not quite as scrawny-looking as Jonas
Wolf Form: Typical grey wolf coloring with white underside and darker guard hairs along back, shoulders, and tail. Amber-colored eyes
Markings/Scars: None
Clothing: Rufus is almost never in his human form so his clothes are really simple and lightweight, something he can carry around easily and throw on in seconds.
Personality: Rufus and his twin brother Jonas were born werewolves, though they didn't know it until they hit puberty and started exhibiting signs. Not wanting to disappoint their parents, they left home and headed out into the wilderness on a full moon, where they changed into wolves for the very first time. They never went back and have relied on each other ever since. Rufus has a much more serious and practical outlook on life than his brother, often acting as the voice of reason to Jonas' crazy ideas (not that Jonas always listens). He feels much more comfortable being a wolf than a human--something that is seen as being very unusual and kind of creepy among werewolves. He stays in his wolf form all the time, which has it's uses to the pack since he has sharper senses as a wolf and can smell out game (or trouble) before the others can. He's quiet and keeps to himself a lot, often wandering ahead of the pack alone to scout things out. He doesn't get involved in any of the issues between pack members, doesn't pick sides, doesn't judge. He is extremely loyal to his brother, Jonas.

Relationships to other characters
Sophie: He sees a lot of himself in her and understands her fears. Tries to help her when he can, if only by being a comforting presence and protector.
Lila: He likes her, appreciates that she's not just some floozy giving in to his brother's flirting. Admires her decision to become a werewolf and hopes that she will learn to accept and appreciate the werewolf part of herself as much as he does.
Flynt: Rufus feels like he owes Flynt a great deal for taking him and Jonas in when they were still pretty young and new to the whole werewolf thing. He respects him and trusts most of his decisions.
Jonas: Rufus will always have his brother's back, no matter what. Jonas is his best friend and the one person he can always trust and rely on.
Dahlia: He likes her, sees her as a good leader.
Zero: Sees him as a kindred spirit of sorts--a loner, kind of an outsider.
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References: Reference sheet coming soon Name: Chauncey Eugene Howe III. Now, he just goes by Zero
Age: 25
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Medium-brown. He tries to keep it neatly trimmed and combed
Skin: Pale, lots of freckles.
Height: 5' 10"
Body type: Small and thin
Wolf Form: Dark grey, brown eyes, really shaggy and scrawny looking--looks more wild and savage than the other wolves, not very healthy
Markings/Scars: None
Clothing: Zero's clothes used to be really fancy and nice--clothes befitting the son of a Lord. Now they are really tattered and worn, but you can still see the bright colors and decoration underneath the tears and grime. He really needs more practical attire, but his inner pride prevents him from throwing out the clothes he has. He also wears round-framed glasses that are cracked on the left side.
Personality: Before he became a werewolf, Zero was a very privileged member of society. He was the son of a wealthy lord in the Eastern city, and never had to work for anything. A hunting trip gone terribly wrong left him alone in the forest, bitten by a werewolf and cursed to become one himself. He tried to get back into the city, but when the guards saw what had happened to him, they ran him off and threatened to kill him if he ever came back. Zero wandered around alone in the wilderness for months after that. A few packs offered to take him in along the way, but he believed he was 'too good' to be running around with a bunch of ragged mutts, so he stayed alone, extremely bitter about his fate. Eventually, Flynt and Dahlia found him on the brink of starvation. They invited him to join them, but Zero refused, giving the same excuse as always: that he was the future Lord Chauncey Howe III, and much too important to be tagging along with a pair of renegades like them. Dahlia didn't like that much, and told him something along the lines of: "You idiot! You're not a Lord anymore! You're just a discarded dog like the rest of us. You're nothing, nobody, zero. Now get on your feet and come eat something before you die out here." He's been with them ever since, on the one hand grateful to them for saving his life, and on the other hand resentful and angry at them. He grew up hating werewolves, and a large part of him still does. He hates what he is and has never been able to accept it. He hates the other werewolves because they are all so well-adjusted and he is not. He spends most of his time bitterly wishing that this had never happened to him and longing to have his old life back. He stays at the very bottom of the pack hierarchy because of this, even though he is the one who has been there the longest. His hatred for werewolves and his longing for the past eventually lead to him betraying the pack.

Relationships to other characters
Zero doesn't interact with the other werewolves much and has generally the same opinion of all of them: They're a bunch of stinking, stupid, commoners who he would never even have to associate with if he hadn't become a werewolf in the first place. He needs them, because he knows from experience that he can't survive alone, but he hates them all.


References: Reference sheet coming soon Portrait
Pinterest board for all things to help inspire you when drawing Zyphira. Lots of clothing ideas here too so check it out
Name: Her Divine Majesty Empress Zyphira Anne Vallera, also known as the Sapphire Witch
Age: 30, but looks young for her age--probably early 20's
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: light blonde, kind of a pale creamy color, very long. Usually she will have strands of blue woven into it. Feel free to experiment with all kinds of hairstyles. She can wear it just down, but also often wears it in really fancy, extravagant braids and up-dos and everything in between. Elaborate hair accessories are also great. Use your imagination. Nothing is off limits here.
Skin: Pale
Height: 5' 6", but can appear taller if wearing shoes with heels
Body type: Slender, smallish-chest
Markings/Scars: none
Clothing: Zyphira is an empress and should always dress in a manner befitting her rank in society. She wears the best of everything. Her clothes often have very intricate detail-work and patterns. She always wears blue, but that can be paired with other colors as well. She usually wears really rich, beautiful gowns and robes. Furs would also be appropriate in colder weather. If she is out riding or hawking or something she will dress in more practical attire, but it will still be made out of the best materials available.
Personality: Zyphira is a master of deception and playing her cards right. She knows people well, and she knows how to get what she wants out of them, even without using her magic. Her parents were killed by werewolves when Zyphira was only 14, so she became a ruler very early on and has learned how to play the game well. She's clever and has made huge improvements to her city and the lives of it's citizens in her 16 years as empress, so her people love her and fondly refer to their empress as the Sapphire Witch. She is only a moderately powerful witch, nothing extremely special or out of the ordinary. Most of her magic is visual and based on illusions rather than real physical impact. It often manifests itself as a blue, glowing color. In public, Zyphira always appears very cool and collected, with a smile on her face and a kind word for every adoring subject. She kisses babies, waves, gives coins to the poor, and does everything she can to earn the love and trust of her people. Playing the part of the gentle benevolent leader annoys her at times, but she also knows she has no real power if her people do not support her. She has a very strong hatred towards werewolves and has recently started a secret campaign to capture them and sell them into slavery to a country across the eastern sea. This has brought a ton of revenue into her city, and it's people prosper and have come to love her even more. When someone in her own city has a werewolf child, they willingly give it up to her because the people have been told that she is sending werewolves across the sea to a land where they are welcome--a sort of refuge and safe haven for them. Very few people know the truth about what she is doing.

Relationships to other characters
Zyphira doesn't actually interact with any of the characters listed here directly, though you are certainly welcome to portray her interacting with them. She hates werewolves in general and believes them to be inferior to normal humans. For this reason, she has no moral qualms about capturing scores of them and selling them into slavery. She sees their use as a source of profit, and her city has benefited greatly from the werewolf slave trade. Beyond that, werewolves are just a nuisance and a threat to the safety of humans that needs to be dealt with, and she would just as soon eradicate the lot of them completely. If you do decide to depict her interacting with any of the werewolf characters, please keep in mind her hatred of them.
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If you create an entry based on anything from the following list, please make a note of it when you submit the entry so it doesn't get overlooked. There are a lot of songs and scenes and stories to keep track of and sometimes I am a little scatterbrained, so PLEASE tell me so I don't forget to award your points.

Character Playlists
The following songs are ones that I believe fit a certain character or story. Please use them as an inspiration for your art, particularly for entries in the "Character Songs" category.

"Northern Lights" by 30 Seconds to Mars We swam among the northern lights/ And hid beyond the edge of night/ Waiting for the dawn to come/ To save us all, to save us all This is a good sort of theme song for the whole webcomic. It kind of represents the misguided ideas people have about werewolves as vicious monsters and how they've all been forced to run and hide.

"Brave" by Sara Bareilles Don’t run, stop holding your tongue/ Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live/ Maybe one of these days you can let the light in/ Show me how big your brave is Lila, to Sophie, encouraging her to step outside her comfort zone a little bit and find her courage and inner strength.

"See You Again" by Carrie Underwood Sometimes I feel my heart is breaking/But I stay strong and I hold on 'cause I know/I'll see you again/This is not where it ends For Sophie when she sets out on her own to go back home and try to bring back help for the other enslaved werewolves. This is the first time in her life that she's really had to do something on her own and be stronger and braver than she's ever been before, and the idea that she will see Lila and the rest of her pack again someday is the one thing that keeps her going.

"Snow (Hey Oh)" by Red Hot Chili Peppers When will I know/That I really can't go/To the well once more time to decide on/Well it's killing me/What do I really see/All I need to look inside. About being a werewolf and forced to leave society, trying to find your identity and learning to adapt and even thrive as a wolf. Could apply to pretty much any of the werewolves

"Take Me Away" by Fefe Dobson Take me far away from here/I will run with you/Don't be afraid/Navigate and I will steer This is a perfect song for describing Lila and her devotion to looking after Sophie. This wasn't the life she pictured for herself, and no one really understands why she chose it, but for her it was the only real choice. So many good ideas to draw from here, and the energy from the song is perfect for Lila's character too.

"P.O.W." by Bullet for my Valentine Wake my, wake myself from all this danger/Claw my, claw my way from six feet under/No, no more/Am I stuck here like a prisoner of war/I will breathe once more For Dahlia, who suffers mentally, emotionally, and psychologically from her time as a slave more than any of the other werewolves. About the nightmare of being a prisoner and being helpless

Suggested Scenes
The following scenes are ones that I would love to see depicted in art. Any scene you draw from this list will automatically be eligible for the "Best Scene" prize.

Any of the wolves, in human or wolf form, (or all of them) and the northern lights. I would LOVE to have a picture of them as wolves running as a pack, just small or even just silhouettes, with the northern lights being the main focus of the picture.
Zyphira hunting in the woods, possibly on horseback with her falcon flying beside her. I would love to see it snowing but it doesn't have to be. Just anything with her looking like a beautiful and deadly huntress would be awesome.
Flynt and Jonas arguing or physically fighting
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Ok, still putting together some last minute stuff and working on the Shadowborn characters, but this is open and ready to go!
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August/September Mini Contest
Theme: Light and Shadow
Project PEACE characters: Zira, Ryku, and Jared
Chained characters: Desmyn, Kaisa, and Silas
Shadowborn characters: Lila, Zyphira, and Flynt

Interpret the theme however you want, whether you decide to just use dramatic lights and shadows in your art, or use light and shadow to symbolize something about the character. Any entry that contains the theme or any of the characters listed above will qualify. Entries must be turned in by September 30th @11:59 PM MST in order to qualify. The winner will receive 2 monthly collectible letters, one for August and one for September
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Hello!! *waves*

I don't know how well I'll do, but I will do my best to do some art for you!~

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