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Here, you find a hallway with three doors.

One door has loud up beat music where everyone's gettin it down.

The second door has music that's meant for more intimate dancing.

The third door is to a room where people are waiting for a dance partner.

Now, I do wish you have fun!

No Flaming
Have fun
Keep it PG-16
Keep swearing down
I may add more if it deems necessary

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Idiots of the thread:

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Girls Looking for a Dance Partner:

heart Lolita Roze
heart Miki_831
heart dramaticnightmare

Guys Looking for a Dance Partner:

heart Xelallian and PrincessKiki
Kiki waits in the room where guys and girls wait to meet someone to dance with and sighs. "I hate this part..."
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Divine Muse

"Tell me about it." Said Roze, comepletely bored.
no boys here...
She continues to wait, and lays down on her back on a couch, staring at the ceiling and humming.
"Yay! People to wait with!" She laughs. "Shall we play a game as we wait for guys?"
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Divine Muse

Wondering what it was with guys and their lack of showing up to dances, Roze leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She wondered why it was that every single room she'd found there was nothing to do in... It was starting to get on her nerves.
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Divine Muse

"Yay! People to wait with!" She laughs. "Shall we play a game as we wait for guys?"

"Sure, why not?"
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A young man, completely dressed in white, with fair skin and long flowing, white hair, silently enters the 3rd room. His deep, blue eyes study the women assembled in the room. Smiling faintly, Xelallian extends a hand to Princess KiKi. "Do you wish to dance?" he asks in a soft voice.
"What shall we play?" She sat up. "Oh, and you can put on whatever music you want to." She pointed to a jukebox. "There's a lot of different songs. No quarter necessary." She laughed.
it don't matter! continues to ddr!
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*Waits in the third room. Sits in a a cumfy chair. Slowly crosses her legs.* When will some guys join in?

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