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anyone for a dance?
"That's a good idea." She smiled, taking his hand. "Are you okay? And, don't apologize, I'm a clutz too." She laughed, not a mean 'ha ha you loser' laugh, but an understanding one.
As Xelallian lead Kiki to her table, he tried his best to cover up his mistake and, well, act "manly". "You see," he started, "I'm actually an excellent dancer. I've danced for 8 years and I've won uncountable medals from competitions." He continued his, 'I'm Perfect' speech as the pair sat themselves down at a table. "I don't know," he continued. "Maybe I was so entranced by your beauty," he said with a wink, "that I forgot where to step and ended up tripping myself up."
She bit her bottom lip, trying not to laugh. She closed her eyes and shook her head as a waiter brought them each a glass of water in a champaign glass. "Thank you." She smiled to the waiter.
Xelallian raised his glass, and stated, "To the 5th Annual Ball".
a young lady stepped into the ball room with her heels clicking on the fine marble floor "Hello"she said silently and calmly then she took a seat while fixing her burning red hair
She also raised her glass. "To a new friendship." She added with a smile.

~~~Welcome newcomers! Sorry there's...like...no one here though... sweatdrop ~~~
~~~~~~~It's okay ^_^~~~~~~~~~~~

She watched as everyone was having a good time..Her ceelphone wrang she picked it up "Hello this is shelby[/]" she said quietly and calmly "Im at the ball Jonathen you know that " then she hung up looking mad.."Some people these days dont let a girl have some fun " then hse continued fixing her hair
anyone for a dance?

glad too! 4laugh
Xelallian tapped their two glasses together, making a sharp, "Clink", noise. He drew his glass back and sipped the water. Then, he gently placed the glass down on the table with a sigh. "Today 'tis the last night of the ball," he commented. "Wish it could last longer."
She shifted her eyes to her watch.." great he is late" she said ten she got her cellphone and called her boyfriend.."Hey hun you're late for the ball" She answerd a little mad.."Hey wat is that noise in the back" she sais confused "Hye who is that with you!" then she hung up aftyer 2 minutes and started to tear..she got a napkin and wiped the tear off
"As do I." She smiled, but heard the girls conversation with her boyfriend. "Would you excuse me for a moment?" She asked him, wishing to try to cheer up the young woman.
as the young women wiped off another tear she saw the girl coming up to her she covers her face on the table
*walks in looks around and gose to sit in a chair in the corner of the room*what a waste of time i'm to ugly to be danced with!!!

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