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"I don't think you have time for games." Grinned Roze, pointing to the man who'd just asked her to dance. She figured she'd watch everyone go whilst no one asked her, but she was fine with that by now. People watching was amusing.
A young man, completely dressed in white, with fair skin and long flowing, white hair, silently enters the 3rd room. His deep, blue eyes study the women assembled in the room. Smiling faintly, Xelallian extends a hand to Princess KiKi. "Do you wish to dance?" he asks in a soft voice.

She blushed slightly. "I would love to." She smiled and took his hand and stood up. "Room one or two?" She asked kindly.
A bemused smile plays around Xelallian's face as he gently took her hand. "I guess Room 1 would be the best choice until we are comfortable enough for Room 2," he said as he slowly lead her down to the first room down the hall.
-walks into the room which seems have the most exciting atmosphere- Erm Hello?

whoo starting to get tiered here anyone else want to go? sweatdrop
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*walks into room 3 and sits down* I hope some guys join soon..... *sigh*
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i ish bored...
-Walks over to a dark corner in the room and sits against the cold wall-
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~~~Ack! I'm done with the lists!!! This is gonna get crazy!!! >.<~~~

"Good luck girls!" She said before they left the room. She followed him to room 1, where the song currently being played was Africa by Toto.

((Yeah, I luv 80's music. Sue me. >_< wink )
Walks into the room. "Uh Hi? I would dance with a boy who does not dress weirdly. I am not that easy to persuade." ninja
With a smirk on his face, he replied, "I'd love to have the money, but I won't sue." Though he was not that great of a fan of the 80's music, he began to dance along, beckoning Kiki to join along.
((Pssst....these are my thoughts...they aren't said....>.< "..." is what is being said xd ))

She joined him. This was one of her mom's favorite songs. "My name's Kiki by the way. What's yours?"
"My name's Xelallian, Xela for short." he replied, trying to talk above the loud music. "Anyway," he inquired, "What kind of other music do you like?"

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