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wonderful random things from mah friends!

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iHunt Report | 02/03/2011 2:56 pm
It's been a while!

-"Evil Cow Tipper"
jisooya Report | 02/01/2011 6:38 pm
oh aha yeah.
jisooya Report | 02/01/2011 6:22 pm
i fergot what we were talking about lol
jisooya Report | 01/21/2011 3:23 pm
haha yeah it happens o - o..
but math is requried for me though. o w e..
jisooya Report | 01/20/2011 7:36 pm
o - o.
I'm in AP Bio & Algebra 2. asdflkajdsflk.
Freshman year of highschool is pretty fun though.
so it has its perks.
You horseback ride..?
jisooya Report | 01/20/2011 7:24 pm
haha i know right..?
I hardly get on either.
school and stuff like that ; n ;
how've you been..?v
jisooya Report | 01/15/2011 7:49 pm
luffable_cass has been banned xD
It's mee cass though o - o
raka-devi Report | 11/18/2010 6:46 pm
no way! you're on the same time i am! :O
Samurai4christ Report | 06/03/2010 4:02 pm
i hate them too.... confused i got the worst sunburn ever on my back the other day... it so sucked... i couldnt get a good nights sleep for like 3 days...
so, how is band without the seniors??
Samurai4christ Report | 06/03/2010 3:50 pm
it is ^^
sweetness! >.< i LOVE it... i got so burned the other day though.... so, when you go, dont forget to put sunscrean on. especially your back... omg it hurts like HECK when you get burned on your back....


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Hello. You can call me Zava. (and,yes. i DID join in early '04 but somehow my account was banned and I never ever got it back. -__-)I am several years young and I love basically anything that doesn't involve spiders, cockroaches, or creepy old houses. I actually hate spiders with a burning passion. can't stand them. OH, i like bright colors if that matters at all... uhh... what else am i supposed to write on here? neutral
Oh, and I play French Horn, Mellophone, Piano, and Guitar. I love my music biggrin
:} ] Mustache smiley!!!! biggrin

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My treasured doners :3
-Ronfae (Bape cow)
-Please Hold Hotline (Go Phones)

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TWINKIES!!!! biggrin DD
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You can't see it very well, but Papa saw is blue. i'm not THAT good of an editor. ((:
User Image
me and a bunch of crazies Mask hunting in otami.
User Image
Papa saw farming in Bassken razz
User Image
okay, so I got dazed in Old Aqueduct, then awakened... VUALA! I was on top of the Null crystals! (how did I do that? actually...I have no idea. ) (:
User Image
Some girl I met in towns and it was like... amazing! biggrin D
User Image
So I was in Gold Beach... and I see this cluster of blue dots! And so I teleported (I love that thing!) and this is what happened.
User Image
Me and regular friends in gold beach...again
User Image
So I see ANOTHER cluster of blue today, and it's weird.... we are almost all wearing red and dark halos!! so, of course, I couldn't resist taking a picture. (:
User Image
cirrrcle!!! biggrin D
User Image
Since when has this been possible? omggggg
amazing. o3o
User Image
Yeah. I just stumbled across these i mean TOTALLY RANDOM people....<<......>>.......and they just happened to have my scarf on! (i can never spell it right)
User Image
You can hardly see my coco, and my kiki looks like he has only one eye!
User Image
ahhh, good times

When I joined Gaia:
-The URL was go-gaia, not gaiaonline, and had different servers. (Ian, Sasha, Rufus, etc.)
-It had a Personals area, where you'd search the ads and PM people who posted.
-Rock Puppy was the Mascot on the front page.
-The Salon didn't exist.
-Skin Tyte didn't exist.
-Barton Jeweler's didn't exist.
-The Cash Shop didn't exist.
-Gaia Cash didn't exist.
-The Ol' Fishin' Hole didn't exist.
-The Flowershoppe didn't exist.
-There were no games.
-There were no Evolving Items.
-There were no Sponsors.
-The only event's were Gaia's Anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Gaia's Anniversary lasted only a day, the other three lasted 3 days. MAX.
-Event's were usually "store-only", and didn't involve a storyline. (I.E. Trick-or-Treating, Caroling)
-Easter event was on the forums, and eggs popped up randomly on thread pages.
-The Casino didn't exist.
-Fishing didn't exist.
-Towns didn't exist.
-The Marketplace didn't exist.
-Meredith (the bank lady) actually had a full-sized NPC gif.
-The stores were actual stores, and not the compressed images you see now. It had shelves and the items sat on them.
-Store updates were few and far between, and there would be a few outfits in different colors.
-You had to click on NPC's to get them to talk. There was no button to talk to them.
-Rare events, weren't so rare.
-The Rare's were Pink Links(1k gold), Enchanted Trunks(uncommons), and Pink Giftboxes(rares).
-Gaia Cars didn't exist.
-Gaia Housing didn't exist.
-The entire town of Aekea didn't exist.
-The entire town of Durem didn't exist.
-The map didn't have half of the areas it has now.
-You had to navigate the map to get to the shops.
-Purple was an option for avatar's eye color.
-To change your avatar's hair at ALL you had to delete the whole character.
-When you joined, all you got was a set of Peasant clothes and about 400 gold.
-There weren't shop items that only cost 2 gold.
-Monthly Collectibles were called Donation Items and only had two items inside, which didn't have multiple ways of being equipped.
-Sealeds usually only cost about 4k and were opened any day from the middle to the end of the month at any time of the day.
-The first Multi-Pose items were the Monkey and Bear Pajama's.
-The first Hand-held items were the Staff of Angelsand the Demonic Pitchfork.
-The first item to have multiple "generations" was the G Pin.
-The first non-equipable item was the 1st Gaia Anniversary Memorial Photo of Gambino and son Gino.
-There was a "Winner's Circle" on the frontpage of Gaia for creative avatars.
-There was no site tour.
-There was no Daily Chance.
-The layout was completely different.
-Gaia was an Anime & Roleplaying Community.
-There was a Link Database, that sometimes contained links to pages that were over PG-13.
-OMGs were 165k.
-Two Words: Sushi Database. (Sashimi too. xD; And Taco, and Truffle. And let's not forget BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!)
-When one server was down, you'd replace the www with another server's name until you could find one that worked.
-Great Gaia Legend: V0 = always hungry. Frequently ate the sushi database
l0cke = clumsy. Frequently tripped over the wires to said database.
Lanzer = "ohay guise. looks like the server's down. wanna play pingpong?"
ling = "ohay. We should probably fix that..."
Lanzer, L0cke, V0 = "lulzno. pingpong first. They can wait."
-LANZER owned and ran Gaia with his crew.
-Mod's names came in different colors, like Purple as well as Green.
-There were no Brown names on the site.
-There was no Friend's List Option.
- Avatars showed all the poses for collectibles
-Gaia kept to most of it's promises.

~List copied from KuraiTsuki, recompiled by myself and Katsu Shunu. If you have a fact to add, PM yamiOmega . Do not copy without YamiOmega's or Kurai's permission. :3
Mist Kirby

I'm a bit out of season....but i don't care!!!

She is too.

She's amazing.

And I suppose they are too.... ((: