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Birthday: 01/09


hi smile

I'm socially awkward and can't spell.
I love music n ********.
If u want my Ig or discord just Pm me
I like pasta
My old user was yumyum dabs who knows why but I'm prolly gonna change my name again soon.
I used to hang out on Gaia a few years ago but if u remember me pm me and jog my memory. but Idk what to say here now.



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Soulless dark queen Report | 05/02/2023 7:34 pm
Soulless dark queen
hi daughter, i miss you
tigrisae Report | 01/22/2023 5:22 pm
hey was wondering where youve been, hope youre doing ok
Soulless dark queen Report | 08/09/2022 9:47 pm
Soulless dark queen
hi daughter
Soulless dark queen Report | 08/09/2022 9:46 pm
Soulless dark queen
Nox Insomnia Report | 08/04/2022 11:18 pm
Nox Insomnia
Your profile background is amazing, i just saw it today irl rofl you got good taste!
tigrisae Report | 01/09/2022 5:42 pm
we dont really talk a lot but happy birthday! hoping you have an awesome day
Soulless dark queen Report | 11/30/2021 8:26 pm
Soulless dark queen
hi daughter
jyoshiu Report | 11/16/2021 3:11 am
weeelllll Report | 03/26/2021 8:40 pm
that 99c backround though heart
buttermebunss Report | 03/07/2021 3:20 am
whee whee whee

I see u :)

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