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Greeting ladies and Gents. I am Kuza Fefnir, and for those who havent heard of me, well I could care less. If you are here it means you re interested in learning about me more or less about me, welp lets get started. Hmmm, I guess I should start with my past. A long time ago say 300 years, there was a terrible war between us of the Wolf, and those of the Humans. Much blood was shed this day with also the eradication of a ruthless yet peace loving tribe, which was my home at the time. Only me and my family was able to get away from it all. When we were hiding in this one place, my father, ran off into the crowd of Specialized units known as "SoulGain" who were pursuing us. Me, my mother and sister managed to escape, but as usual, the one who becomes the bait ends up dead. . . We managed to come across a village, it was small and was united with the humans. Noticing our struggle due to the war, they gave us shelter and food. I forgot to mention I was just a mere pup at the time, still wondering what the world had to offer, heh what a desire that turned out to be eh? Anywho, sooner or later after a few years those pesky SG's came and raided the village. It was bound to happen sooner or later so we were prepared for this. One by one as we tried to escape fell the villagers as they were trying to protect us, their sacrifices fell short when we were eventually surrounded. The main leader of the group, ill never forget his face and that demonic yet clad expression. A bloodluster he was, and for some reason he knew I would turn out just the same. Seeing this quality inside me he decided to give me a choice, which of course I wasn't too fond of, kill my mother and sister or be killed altogether. I refused the idea but my mother welcomed death, just so that I could have a second chance at it. As for my sister, well, she was still just a little newborn yet she was not with us, we hid her in the underground bunker where most women had hid knowing this day would come. The tyrant leader, whom I called Reaver due to the sword he had at the time, a blade that could pretty much shatter all others from a single swing. I took his blade in my hand and held it above my moms head, and then shortly after I went blank. When I awoke I was chained up in this dungeon like place, my memory was hazy and funny and I couldnt remember anything. I lifted my head up slowly and saw that man once more, Reaver. He placed his hand on my head and removed his helmet, and from what I saw, he was just like me in a sense. His eyes had what mine did, someone torn away from his family and forced to kill them off, why he did the same to me ill never know, but it made me who I am today. As time passed I was staying under his residence, and note mind you it was not living with the man who forced you to kill off your own mother but hey, comes with the territory. I studied the art of fighting from him while I was staying with him, I mean why not soak up the benefits right?

So now Im a full grown wolf still living under the care of my mentor Reaver. I was part of his elite guard assigned to technically carry out his will if need be. So I was part of that for a while before I got sick and tired of it and started to stage my escape. When I woke up that night, everyone was sleep tight so it made my escape that much easier. I kinda felt bad for leaving everyone, I had grown fond of their company and thought of them as you say friends. But as I thought I wasnt about to leave the nest so easily. Reaver was standing in my way as the exit was on the other side of him. He would allow me to leave if I did one final mission, a special request of sorts. . . I had to kill him. Just like a good soldier I carried out his wishes and did as I was told. I slayed him right then and there and felt relieved and happy as I could possibly be, but still a certain sadness loomed over me and I began to have tears flow down my face. I had thought of this man as a father of sorts, after all, he raised me to be what I am for the most part today. I was still a little kid at heart and I wanted to travel the lands and pursue what I wish.

On my travels I came across many places and met various people, but there was one that I met that changed my life entirely and handed me a burden which I would have to carry for the rest of my existence. Where I met her was in a village which seemed a lot like my own in a way, it just had that familiar feeling. People who were both like me and some who werent, its honestly something I cant explain with words so you would've have to have been there. The area was calm, peaceful, and welcoming. Like no one knew the meaning of pain or suffering, just joy and happiness. . . I didnt like it. I went inside of the main building to see who was the big cheese is of sorts. I walk in and notice there were thirteen seats of power not including the main head. Everyone looked at me and paused, until I spoke out like I usually do. I was apporached by the main person named Oracle. Apparently she knew I was comming and already planned for my being here. I explained to here the things ive seen, the experiences ive been through while on my travels and through my life in general. We seemed to have a lot in common some would say. She offered me to take up permanent residence and i respectfully declined and left the area after I had my fair stay. But not a moment as I was leaving the entire area was being attacked, apparently the SG's wanted to finish what they started with me all those years ago. Only this time I stood my ground and took up my blade in arms, the same blade Reaver used during his life. One by one they fell at my blade and eventually I killed them all. Most of them were from the group I was with when I was with Reaver, I hated myself for a short while due to me killing off more people whom ive come to grow attached to. Oracle saw this trait in me in a sense and made me a proposition, that I become the Wolfen Lord of their domain. Me not caring at the moment, which im sure she knew, I said yes. Normally I wouldnt have agreed to things like this but, I was caught off-guard. And from that day forward to present day I was known as Wolfen Lunar Lord Kuza Fefnir.

Although things turned out differently the way I expected them to in this life, I dont regret a single moment. Life is a wonderful thing to keep and no one should take it for granted. The river flows smooth and calm, never fighting its own direction, only keeping its current and moving on to something greater.


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