These are the bijuus who Akatsuki captured.

Shukaku (1 tail):Captured
Nibi (2 tails):Captured
Sanbi (3 tails):Captured
Yonbi (4 tails):Not captured
Gobi (5 tails):Captured
Rokubi (6 tails):Captured
Shichibi (7 tails):Captured
Ichibi (8 heads):Not captured
Kyuubi (9 tails):Not captured


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Birthday: 10/15


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In my memory

A little about me . . .

First Manga Appearance: Ch. 247
First Anime Appearance Shippuuden: Ep. 2
Hidden Village: Sand
Ring: Tama (Sphere)
Finger Position: Left Thumb
Current Status: Deceased (R.I.P.)
Birthday: November 8
Age: 35
Height: 164.1 cm (5'4")
Weight: 47.3 kg (104 lbs.)
Known Justu: Brainwashing Investigation Technique, Human Puppets, Iron Sand, Iron Sand Drizzle, Iron Sand Gathering, Iron Sand World Order, Puppet Technique, Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets, Thousand Hands Manipulation Military Art
Known Puppets: Hiruko, Sandaime Kazekage, Karasu, Kuroari, Sanshouo (last three made by Sasori, but used by Kankurou)

Info: Sasori (meaning scorpion) traveled with Deidara from Hidden Rock. He was a legendary puppet master from Hidden Sand who left his village approximately 20 years before the start of the series. Sasori converted portions of his body into puppet parts, retaining a flesh and blood portion of his original self in a chest container. He used the "hitokugutsu"(lliterally meaning "human puppet") method to turn people into puppets while still alive, allowing him to use their jutsu even after their "death." He fell in battle to Chiyo and Sakura, hesitating to not avoid the lethal strike of his parents who had been made into puppets.

-0-The End-0-
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