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Ah~ Welcome to my profile!

I imagine that if you found me, it means you are a fan of Tsubasa Chronicles~
Or just a fan of me.. *giggle*

My name is Fye D. Flourite~
Some people say it as "Fai", which I dont mind at all~ Whatever makes everyone happy!

Well, I'm not going to spoil too much of the story right now, given that some of you may not have read or watched the show yet, but I warn you now, there will be SOME spoilers~ So if you dont want them, dont read!

Well, lets just say I travel with the group in the story because I wish to travel..it's the simplest way to put it~ I want to escape my world, simple!

My Hobby~? Hmmm, I cant think of any~ Other then picking on poor Kuro-puu~

People refer to me as flighty, witty, silly, hyper...ohhh so many titles~ Whether they're true or not, while I guess that's up to the viewer, which happens to be you~

Yes I know my figure is rather girly, I'm thin! But I am infact a male. My figure just helps me to be nimble I guess, I really rather not fight actually, I prefer to avoid causing any violence, thus~ I run and play tricks! I only fight if it is really neccessary~

I suppose saying right now that I am also a Vampire now, is a spoiler... cross that out if you dont want to read it! Kuro-puu is my blood donator so he's my main course~ Oh that sounds so barbaric!

I may add more here later when I feel like it, I suppose.

Oh~ go ahead and add me though


Behind the cosplay:

I'll be 21 soon.

My hobbies are Drawing, and Cosplaying.

My appearence? That is none of your business.

Trolling will not affect me, scams will not trick me, stalking me will simply be ignored.

Copying my avi's? Really..Its just a gaia cosplay, who cares.

My personality? I'm blunt. VERY blunt. If I feel that you hurt me? I will let you know, the truth hurts.

I am loyal to my friends, however, if I feel they hurt me in some way, I will let them know again, in a blunt way.

I can be nice, friendly, loveable, but what I cant be is a liar. If you hurt me or my friends, you will know right away.

I am also taken, I'd prefer you didnt try to "win my heart", as my heart is already won over and taken.