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Twin Buns Report | 05/03/2020 7:52 pm
Twin Buns
It's on my watch list so I'll definitely get around to it eventually. sweatdrop Have you seen the Love Stage English dubbed?
Agreed! I'm really into the more shoujo style BL animes and I wish there were more like it instead of manly man type of BL.
No, I wish. I'm too broke for that. emo
Twin Buns Report | 05/02/2020 10:50 am
Twin Buns
I heard of No. 6 but I never seen it before. I LOVEEE Love Stage! biggrin It's one of my favorite BL anime. 3nodding
I seen a couple of live action BL movies based off of manga but I never seen BL drama before.
Haha, no worries about it. XD It's also fun talking to a fellow fujoshi. whee
Twin Buns Report | 04/30/2020 8:39 pm
Twin Buns
Hello! I've been wanting to get into Webtoons but I haven't read anything from there yet. sweatdrop
I'm more into BL anime and manga. ^^;
Guardian_Fairy_Navi Report | 11/13/2018 3:20 am
heart Aww thank you! Yours is adorable too. I love the sleepy kitty.
Kidakahkash Report | 07/10/2018 7:20 pm
xD I'm doing okay, I'm glad I've finally been able to come back on lol. I missed you and everyone here.
Kidakahkash Report | 07/09/2018 1:13 pm
Hey~!! How are you doing? ^_^ I hope you're doing well ;D I have a working computer now, so I've been on for a couple of months now. I also saw you gave me a gift, I want to thank you soo much!!
Greedz_Rawkz Report | 04/24/2017 1:23 am
Thank you smile
Snow like ash Report | 03/29/2017 5:18 pm
Snow like ash
Alu Cakes Report | 03/23/2017 7:31 am
Alu Cakes
I havent played that in so long. I'm guessing its much different now surprised I was gonna try to do an art shop first, so i can make actual golds haha

Im assuming the issue with cash in the market place is that it makes gold kind of useless?
also, things in normal shops still have the cash exchange rate from before the inflation crisis, lol
Alu Cakes Report | 03/22/2017 7:06 am
Alu Cakes
i am good!

I thought i would return and see what gaia is like now surprised

I like that you can use cash in the marketplace. makes it much more accessible for like.. only five dollars haha

How have you been? :>

Enjoy the Song.