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x WanderIust x

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Registered: 12/26/2010

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x Wanderlust x
~Fiery Femme Fatale From the Heartland~
~Pin-up lover, motorphiliac, grease-nymph, and gun toting mamma-jamma~

Welcome to my page, my beauties!
My name is Raven, but I also am known by Wander, Lusty, Queen Lilith, and plenty of other titles. All you need to know is I am a rad, bad, psycho-lover with a b***h streak a drag strip mile long, and the things that really get under my hood are fast cars, hot women, and loud guns. If you're gun-shy, anti-motor yuppie, or a guy (I'm sorry, but men have nothing that can't be replicated by molding plastic that I want or need, so don't even go there), I can't say I have all that much time for you, sorry wink ~

I do like to role play, so if you want to, just pm me. I will warn you, I usually have my "online" status invisible so I may be on while it appears otherwise, so don't be afraid to message me to find out. I do have a life outside of Gaia so if I'm gone for long periods of time, I'm sorry, that's why they call me Wanderlust.

I'm Scandinavian in heritage, I love anything to do with the Norse history and culture, and I live up to my Viking blood; hot-blooded/headed, war-like, and a propensity for mjod (that's pronounced "mead" for all you milk-drinkers out there). I'm huge into Skyrim, and I have a tattoo of the Thieves Guild on my left shoulder. That being said, I plan on having a lot more ink in the coming years and am always up for suggestions (I'm looking to do several more pieces from Skyrim, actual Norse runes, etc).

Since my attention span and yours as well are probably not big enough to read everything I have to say about myself, here are just a few of my other likes/dislikes for your benefit and viewing pleasure:

* Women
* Norse (anything really)
* Skyrim, Fable, Halo, Pokemon, Fire Emblem (Just to name a few)
* Weapons, Old and New (What do you expect? I'm a viking at heart <3)
* Cars (Fast ones, Loud ones, creative ones, rare ones, CARSCARSCARS)
* Classic Pin-up Art/Fashion
* Fur (the actual fur, NOT furries >.<)
* Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and Exploring
* Martial Arts (Both Hand-to-Hand, and weaponry)
* Nature (Flora, Fauna, Mineral, and otherwise)
* Mythology (Norse, Greek, Japanese, Celtic, and Egyptian)
* Travelling
* Lingerie
* Sensuality
* The Seasons (Autumn and Winter being my favs)
* Weather (storm chasin' girl ^.^)
* Alocohol (drinks like a fish XP)
* Fire and Ice (I'm a very duality concentric person)
* Music and lots of it
* Pagan festivals (the solstices are sooooo much fun)
* Role Playing, Gaming, and Reenactment
* Being Suuuuuper Pale (I'm like a ghost! O.O)
* The Cold (I hate sweating unless it's in an activity of my choosing, and am more at home in the snow)
* Good Food and Fellowship
* Singing, Acting, and Writing
* Marvel, DC, Manga, Poetry, Literature, Theatre
* And You!!! (That is if you're nice to me <3)

*Stupidity (I can understand ignorance at times, but if you choose to be stupid and ignorant of the truth, then I have little time for you)
* Bigotry (If you don't like me or anyone else because they are different from you in someway, you're not invited to the party * Arrogance (Trust me, the Gods did NOT make you as their gift to us; stop acting like it)
* Stress (I'm a hot-head and if you get me too frazzled, you'll get a mace to the face)
* Pettiness (Seriously, you can't sweat the small stuff, and most likely someone wronged you without even knowing it; if not, you didn't need them in your life anyway)
* Certain Food Textures (Raw tomatoes, peppers, olives, grapes, etc)
* Men (Sorry boys, you just aren't my type, and you think too much with one brain and not the other ;P)
* Crying (Some is okay and natural, but when you're sobbing all the time, you have a problem)
* Weakness (especially my own)
* Know-It-All's (Seriously, we all learn things at a different pace, don't judge if we don't all know about the "diet coke/mentos trick" yet)
* Sappy Romance (I mean the "barbie - ken" romance stories that are way unrealistic and just sappy for the sake of sappiness)
* Sexual Violence (One of the things about my heritage that I'm NOT proud of, and NO ONE should have to experience rape, for ANY reason)
* Ignoring the Helpless and Downtrodden (If you pass by that homeless guy/gal on the street when you know you can afford to give them at least something, you have a problem)
* Betrayal (Loyalty is extremely important to me, and if I can't have that from you, be on your way)
* Cowardice (We all die someday; don't shy away from the path of righteousness in the face of harm or death)
* Evil (In whatever shape it manifests, I stand against it, and that's not just some "teenage hot air" speech, we all should work towards the betterment of each other, rather than taking advantage of one another)
* Religious Zealotry ("Having Religious Beliefs is like owning a p***s. You're fine to own one, and there's nothing wrong with being proud of it, but when you stuff it in my face, we're going to have a problem.")
* Self-Righteousness (We all have our low moments; have some humility and compassion)
* Lists (Jeez, I need to stop typing!)

Anyway, if you need to know anything else about me, feel free to ask. Until then, enjoy some art I pulled from the internet. I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE, AND ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. Later lovelies~

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