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RL pics just copy and paste on the url link.



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Let's start with an introduction. Name's Tony Stark, far as you should care.

1. If I don't reply, my bad.. I either I'm busy or not I just plain forgot to send you a starter so don't please come at me saying some shits.

2. If ya' read right, you know this avatar of mine has just about everything being a true Iron man. Got a problem with that? Take that spit an' stuff it up yer' nose.. Seen you let worse go unexcused. Stop derpin' around and get off my profile, Lol..

3. I like Multi-Para stuff. Some days, we don't feel like it. Maybe a simple RP with just one paragraph. Hell, even a small one, just for conversations. To me? Doesn't matter. Let's just play.

4. Got nobody I dislike. Not really. You got a problem with somebody? Good for you. Leave me out of it.

5. I accept almost anything that comes my way. Just give me somethin' to work with, okay?

6. I accept Death. Its apart of knowing your character's limitations. Just make it a good shot.

7. Teams? Don't mind either way. I got some priorities of my own, but I do what I can when it comes to helping.

8. Speaking of help: I'm not hard to approach. I'd love to help anyone who asks for it. My knowledge is spanned pretty wide on MARVEL/DC.

9. With that said, feel free to sign if you want. Or just ask for something. We can talk anytime ya' want. OOC or IC.

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