Hi, I'm Vampyer.


    I'm 22! 23! 24 gonk I can buy pornography, tobacco, fireworks, and booze! Mostly pornography and booze though.

    So, a little about me:

    I'm an Aries.
    I strongly believe in astrology and Karma.
    I'm rude, obscene and offensive. I'm loud and I'm the center of attention.
    I believe in what I believe and I'm not sorry if you don't like it. I am the way I am and I'm not about to change for anybody or anything. I"m hard headed and I have a fiery temper.
    I'm Aries the Ram and I'm all 3 of the fire signs.

    I'm a proud Pastafarian. Which means I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    I like to drink. A lot.
    I despise ignorance and close mindedness.
    I love my cats more than anything. I'd do anything for those little sh*ts.
    I like to wear many different hats.
    And I love moose.
    Anything else, just ask. I have many interests.
    I'm Vampyer, nice to meet you.

    I use to work with Nikki Nookie, Hairsticks is my best friend IRL, and BIJAN is my best Gaia friend.

    Check out my journal for avatar art. Make me some? heart