Gimmie gimmie.

Semi-Hiatus for school.

Hi, I'm Nikki!
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You're mine. heart wink

I've got the best girlfriend, not interested in anyone else, thank you, bye bye. *o*

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Dear Nikki,
You are my mega babe companion. We will go on spacey adventures, discover new worlds, and create new galaxies! You always put the biggest most cheesiest smiles on my face. Always surprising me, and spoiling me. Even though I tell you not to! I'm glad I have you in my life. I hope you stay in it for centuries. I love your adorable voice, giggles, and long cute texts. I demand that you stay mine & no one else's, or I'll go on a journey to destroy everyone that comes between us! (or battle your evil ex's.) With my sith powers. ;]

So, please everyone stay away from my Nikki or there will be consequences.

Love, Nova.


Let's run away to Destiny Island.