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danmei Report | 09/09/2023 1:47 pm
this one!!! thank you darlin!!
i love yours so much too!!!
it's so fun and colorful redface
ParchmentWolf Report | 08/30/2023 7:16 am
Happy Birthday! Hope you have great plans and great gifts!
danmei Report | 08/18/2023 2:58 pm
i have about 80 something...
i didn't know you could save them for years before
danmei Report | 08/18/2023 2:54 pm
of course!
i'm always on a look out to see what everyone is creating.
it's so much fun. i love it!
ParchmentWolf Report | 08/06/2023 4:33 pm
Only just realized the stupid inbox limit on here... sorry if I filled yours to 100% x.x
AranhaFang Report | 07/17/2023 2:31 am

Lovin' the new username and profile.
pinkuXneko-hime Report | 07/02/2023 8:07 pm
wondefrul avi heart
llotus Report | 06/29/2023 5:14 pm
Thx for purchasing listed item heart
ParchmentWolf Report | 06/29/2023 1:27 pm
those vibrant colors together on ur avi are beautiful omg!
ParchmentWolf Report | 06/22/2023 5:51 am
luv this avi the most :3