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Crabtreehamma Hoff

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Registered: 06/14/2007

Gender: Female

Location: nizbrazka

Birthday: 10/15/1949

Occupation: bein a crazy person

smile (:

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Covet Venus Report | 08/17/2019 12:44 pm
Covet Venus
my little boy got a kernel of popcorn in his ear.. i tried to put antibiotic in his ear..he kicked me hard and i fell off the bed..never broke a bone til now!! labor is less painful!! they reset it and put me under with ketamine..such a horrible distorted squeaky sounding place..when i could see the room.. my dad looked like a white smooth robot with a black oval in the centre of his face for an eye. everyones voices sounded robotic. i was all.. "THAT'S MY DAD???! AND WHAT'S THAT LITTLE ONE??" (my son was a mint green moving pillar.) worst of my world. surgery next week...scared. have you ever broken a bone? and thank you!! I so need a hug!! my avi is me right now but my bed is grey/black and my bangs are black with gold sides. *hughughughug* crying
Covet Venus Report | 08/15/2019 11:51 am
Covet Venus

i broke my wrist and need surgery next week. vacation's cancelled ;_;
Covet Venus Report | 08/01/2019 8:20 am
Covet Venus
Yes, I know what you mean! Gaia is so boring without anyone to talk to! Sorry hehe! I think you have someone else that comments I see below me sometimes? I try not to look though. I'm not nosy, unlike my neighbors! She said we're not allowed to plant stuff in our yards, and that the neighborhood manager said she had to pick up her picket fence and pull out her plants. Well, his reason was that it didn't look right next to a couple of people with "plain" yards. Stupid reason, and there's no law against it. Jeeze. So I planted stuff in my yard, and she got judgemental. She said but I had to pull up my blah blah and I said no you didn't, don't give some neighborhood manager that kind of power, its your land dummy. So now I have to really watch out, I've seen her "accidentally" wander into my yard "looking for her nieces" I wish I could fence that off. Well my garden is coming along alright after all! It's just this slopey area where I have to water every single day or else nothing grows.. and after planting the seeds, I watered it, and it ended up washing the seeds to odd places. Then they keep pausing growth when it dries up. But I have loads of new things growing that I'm so happy about <3 I'm sorry about the zucchini sad And I haven't seen a grasshopper since I lived on the east coast. They're bigger than crickets, I remember. And they chew on your pl ants, right? I'll def. look into imgur! I'm tired of not having an image hosting site lol.Thank you for saying that about my sons. They are so smart, and sweet ^^ That's cute about your baby, well its annoying now, but later it'll be cute, I know how that goes! Right now my little one always saying look look Mommy Look at this look at that and I'm like what?? Oh. Yes, it's an apple. Yes. And he started to do that while I'm driving, and at first I automatically did look, then I was like, no! No "look" while I drive! It's so dangerous! :O But it's so cute that things I take for granted are so interesting to him, just the shape of things or an apple with freckles will be interesting. I really hope I can have a third! Your baby does what my little one used to do, building then taking them apart! The splash pads sound kind of fun, they should make a pool though, those are my favorite <3 <3 <3 I would like to see a picture though! As for the weight thing I totally get it. Yeah, I can hide it, til it's swimsuit time! I don't think my corset would look very nice on my swimsuit or feel very nice beneath it and I only have a seethru 1 piece that is hello kitty but lets the butt cheeks sag out, or a black bikini top with .. all I can find to match it rn is black panties ><; But I thought maybe my little black shorts with the ruffles around the hems might be cute. It's so annoying. Every day I eat less and less but the scale is stuck at the same weight!
Covet Venus Report | 07/24/2019 9:31 am
Covet Venus
Hi! Sorry I've been such a terrible friend. Everytime I think I can sit down to write I get interrupted ><; And then I go to post and its lost! The days are counting down, 33 til school starts then yikes no more free time to get unfinished projects done and yet still relax! I'm glad you like the trade I sent. Want another? biggrin biggrin biggrin Thank you, I always love your avis! Aww you put those pics up just for me? Yeah they sure got a lot of views in a short time. Feel free to share more! Is imgur a good picture hosting site? Photobucket seems like too much of a pain in the arse. My garden is doing ok, the potatoes, beans and peas are doing well, the flowers too, and hopefully seedlings of poppies, beets, snap peas, more peas, lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and more potatoes will grow. The soil is great and gets a lot of sun but to the point I have to water daily and I'm afraid I watered too hard and made some seeds come up from where they were sown :< Well my mom told me in a pouty voice, "You're getting rid of his blocks and legos/duplos??" And I said just half.. we have so many already!! And she said "Well we can sort through them. We have those at our house too." And I could just imagine my mom taking half of them to keep at her place and leaving the rest with me, then in a couple years bringing them back to me again so I just kept them to sort/donate myself. She knows I am trying to de-clutter. Yep my kids build giant cities and my littlest builds really symmetrical buildings and loves the instruction booklets to build toys! Yeah it'll be our first vacation in years, to legoland! I'm glad we live in CA. We're going the week before school starts. So much to do still! And you're right about my neighbors and their messy dog care habits. I'm so furious ><; I've never heard of a splash pad, is it in the road or something? And yes, good luck to us on our diets! We can do it! I count calories, but its not as painstaking as it seems. I just figure out what I eat normally and how much things are worth. Oh I know my Aunt that visits once monthly does the same to me and makes me feel really fat. I hate it. Everyone thinks I'm skinny but it all goes to the boobs, arse, upper thighs and belly. So I can hide it lol. I can relate to feeling like I ruined my diet too, but we can doo it!!! How's your garden going?? I'm afraid for mine. My pea vines are starting to "conclude" now, producing fat but short pods with only 2 bitter peas in each so I save them for seed :3
perfectly peach Report | 07/14/2019 10:49 am
perfectly peach
Awww thank you! <3
So far so good!
perfectly peach Report | 07/14/2019 9:23 am
perfectly peach
Thanks Hoffsy! I hope you have a wonderful day. blaugh
perfectly peach Report | 07/14/2019 12:32 am
perfectly peach
I'm not really sure. Just still awake so here I am.
But I was going to say... it's really late... so I should probably take off.
Nice talking to you again though. Goodnight!
perfectly peach Report | 07/14/2019 12:25 am
perfectly peach
She looks kind of nerdy but professional. So yeah. Business casual. I guess. xd
perfectly peach Report | 07/14/2019 12:14 am
perfectly peach
Pretty good. Your avi's looking cute like always. 4laugh
perfectly peach Report | 07/14/2019 12:08 am
perfectly peach
What's up? blaugh


im old
addicted to buying sunglasses, Victoria's Secret its crazy!, and hoodies
i love traveling
i want to go to Greece next!
Gnomes FTW
i love Ed Sheeran
i have two fish
i love my parents and brothers...most of the time haha
my favorite show is Bob's Burgers
i love movies that make me cry and laugh and say aww!
i love when people donate and draw my avi ♥
i love nickers! and my fish (fish died though ): )

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