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Crabtreehamma Hoff

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Registered: 06/14/2007

Gender: Female

Location: nizbrazka

Birthday: 10/15/1949

Occupation: bein a crazy person

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Alt-Tabs-Gai-an Report | 10/10/2020 5:10 pm
no proooooooobs i miss talking to ya!!
Alt-Tabs-Gai-an Report | 09/27/2020 6:14 pm
hey how are you its been a while seen you were on so i thought i would shoot you a comment!! :3
B00PSN00T Report | 03/23/2020 12:32 pm
Thanks for buying my Crimson A in Spades heart
Trinity cream Report | 03/15/2020 11:04 pm
Trinity cream
Oh my goodness! I hope you feel better! No problem~ life happens! I'll have to catch up with you tomorrow since I'm heading off to sleep & have to work early >< the usual with me: work, work some more, art motivation, draw, bought some thaaangs (lol), & watch art streams surprised
Covet Venus Report | 03/04/2020 3:10 am
Covet Venus
Hi!!User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. It's been ages! I like that they're not calling our midterms midterms.. just Exam 2 or whatever, I think that's a tactic so we don't stress out.
Lol, I like your romantic V-day gifts! But it's sweet, cos he got you stuff he knew you'd like. My oldest is so sweet, he always finds me nice necklaces. My kids and parents got me valentines, and chocolate and I did the same for them. I paid the school 50 cents in pennies (hehe) to send my little one a valentine from me on Vday at school. And... I totally forgot to send Valentines to school with him to hand out ><; but his teacher is dumb as a box of rocks, and she never sent him the valentine:< She also sends home notices for things that already happened. when making an appointment for an end of year report-card type of meeting I said after finals would be great, in May. She said In May? Okay. Wow, finals already, huh? And I said yeah.. in May. And she said, wow already, well good luck! (this was in JANUARY)
She's so dumbUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. </3 </3 </3
So my novel is about this family from the late 1800s who has very 21st century values, they're in a secret society that is generations old, they helped so many slaves escape and get to freedom, they helped other causes like racism, sexism, etc., but in order to keep the community from turning against them, they have to be very subtle. Theres lesbian romance (the two main characters), interracial romance, birth out of wedlock, birth by rape, rape, child abuse, assisted suicide, true love, false love, poverty, riches, charitable deeds, women's suffrage, racism, LGBT+, all kinds of things and characters. My history, poli-sci, and geography classes really helped me write it
About your mil: that's the spirit! Don't talk to the b***h biggrin I'm glad you don't mind my long comments! I have been criticised for writing long things before sad
I'm glad you like the Oct stuff, I got a stupid amount of GC during a sale so if there's something really special you want, ask! I'll def. get you the Oct wings when they come out!
I'm totally dying having to stay up all night studying..Legoland is coming up in ten days! I have so much to do before then! :O
I hope you feel better now from that flu! About those manly items, yeah, no thanks, why do they keep saying Gaia doesn't make enough of them?? If I get one more damn sword/armor based thing in my RIGs I'm going to scream. lol Which avi did I have that was funny? I'm now using as many frogs as possible. whee The frogs on MP are out of control inflated! Well, how's everyone? I miss you! The semester's killing me! yum_strawberry
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Covet Venus Report | 02/18/2020 10:20 pm
Covet Venus
omg girl, university is killing me! I'm stressed out all the time and up all night and sleep a couple hours then get ready for the school bus then go back to bed for 4, maybe 5 hours if I'm really really lucky, and then on the weekend I just sleep all of the first day and have no energy the second and then the third I'm like, god no, please, oh please I can't take it anymore, it's too much stuff to doooo!!
I really do appreciate your support and you're right, I do deserve it, I just never let myself think that way, people have really hurt me, but yes, forget them, is right!
Do you ever wear all the october items I gave you (eyes, hair streaks, anklets, belt, necklace, cape, crown, ? I'm happy you like the pin <3
I'm happy you like my random donations too, I hope you don't mind if some things are duplicates of what I gave you already, if I forgot or something, haha. I probably won't buy gaia cash ever again except for the monthly birthstone wings (lame, why couldn't they do an earring/ring set this year? Like with one for the bellybutton, nose, eyebrow, since there are guys that complain there isn't enough "Manly" stuff out there. They don't think people can wear whatever regardless of gender, but I mean there are tons of boyish things and in newer items and recolors tons of them have poses for "guys" and poses for "girls" or are unisex-ey but I think they want adult manly and not schoolboyish or whatever, who cares, they will complain about anything and everything on here. I've been selling off tons of stuff cos its too masculine for sure. They're just needing a new glasses prescription, maybe xD
You are a good mommy too! The best! I can tell by how good of a friend you are and how much your baby is everything to you. I know mine are to me <3 That's so exciting about the stuff you're planting!
Yeah, the twins are going to be my first .. there's no word for "my sibling's children" isn't that weird? You'd think there would be. But my first time being an aunt, my brother's first children.
I would love to have twins since I get to be a stay at home mom nowadays. But my older one is difficult sometimes more than my little one. Teenage phase in prolonged mode sometimes, but he's always gving me hugs and saying he loves me, just like my little one!
Your daughter's name is Violet! I picked that as a name for my favorite character in a novel I'm writing! It's a name that gives you a picture in your mind instantly like Rose or Lily. If I have another boy I like the name Sebastian, and if it's a girl, Clementine. I'm trying to try, but my , it's complicated guy of ten years, lives quite a drive away ><; How's your wonderful lovely mil? lol And your family and the weather there? What did you and husband do for Vday?
Trinity cream Report | 02/17/2020 5:06 pm
Trinity cream
Aw noo! crying

Make sure to hydrate or even do ice chips
Trinity cream Report | 02/17/2020 4:59 pm
Trinity cream
Are you feeling better?
Trinity cream Report | 02/16/2020 9:13 pm
Trinity cream
NOOOOOOOoooo! -supplies you with soup, gatorade, gingerale, meds, & more-

It won't make you puke D: unless you hate sugar.
Trinity cream Report | 02/16/2020 12:02 pm
Trinity cream
Lol 😆

Try to Google it smile & tell me what you find lolol


im old
addicted to buying sunglasses, Victoria's Secret its crazy!, and hoodies
i love traveling
i want to go to Greece next!
Gnomes FTW
i love Ed Sheeran
i have two fish
i love my parents and brothers...most of the time haha
my favorite show is Bob's Burgers
i love movies that make me cry and laugh and say aww!
i love when people donate and draw my avi ♥
i love nickers! and my fish (fish died though ): )

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