Hi there. My name's Kevin, 24, Philippines. I've been here before, forgot what my previous account was though. But anyways, just add me or send me a pm if you want to talk. emotion_kirakira I'm mostly friendly and a bit chatty, although I do tend to heat up quickly in a debate. But outside the debate, it's like nothing happened, lol.


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Zack Mcdol

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Zack Mcdol

Pleasure doing business with you! ^_^

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Thank you for the post in Site Feedback a few days ago. I did not feel a tip was a good enough show of appreciation. I meant to thank you sooner but I haven't been as 'online' as I needed to be since then. xD

But...thanks. I post in SF and then usually just sit back and flinch, waiting for the you-know-what-storm so seeing your post made me have a bit of faith in humanity restored.

Thank you big bunches and I hope you have a good rest of your weekend! n.n

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Hello emotion_yatta

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Itay scream


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