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A few things about me

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Registered: 03/26/2010

Occupation: University Student

About Me

Please no more "thanks for buying" comments.

While I understand they are appreciative, I don't like them and I will delete them.

If you are still inclined to leave a comment, say something creative.

Thank you!

About me:
I like to be called by Taki

Some facts:
-I am nonbinary gender fluid. Please use gender neutral pronouns.
-I'm 26 years old.
-I love art in all its forms.
-Making avatars and collecting items is primarily why I use Gaiaonline.
-I have major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety, this sometimes makes it hard for me to do anything.
-My major loves in life are music, dogs, the ocean, the Japanese language, and how excited people get when they talk about things they love.

Want to get to know me more?
Feel free to send me a PM.
I enjoy getting to know people.


I had someone copy an avatar item for item. Now I don't let people see what I'm wearing anymore. If you want to know what an item I have equipped is, just ask please.

No items equipped.


Gold/Plat Conversion Chart

Please quote me so I see you.

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Etheraelle Report | 06/21/2019 9:38 pm
Oh, I wish I had your talent more though heart
My outfits are usually girly and simple whee
Etheraelle Report | 06/19/2019 3:53 pm
Wow I love your character heart
Death Baby Poison Report | 05/29/2019 1:58 am
how did you make yourself bald? or is that your default hairstyle?
Butterscotch Faerie Tales Report | 05/21/2019 8:24 pm
Aww, I’m glad!! You have some really cool avis, they’re so enchanting! emotion_kirakira
Queen Yunalesca Report | 12/03/2018 2:40 pm
have a nice day smile
KnightlySins Report | 06/12/2018 10:51 am
Hey! Hope you're having a great day! I love your back ground! <3 who doesn't love a good starry night
TheJesterGuy Report | 06/06/2018 5:47 pm
You're welcome, and thanks for appreciating my Scenic.

Actually, it won with this avatar once: it managed to made it to the third place in the "Ghosts" Runway some time ago -
It was my very first victory ever in Runway. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
In this new one, I've only got the 24th position.
UnicornBaconFarts Report | 06/04/2018 1:07 pm
Thank you!

My username has just kind of evolved over time and just kind of use it everywhere now. People seem to always get a laugh so that's why I stick with it.

I also really like unicorns and bacon, and have the mind of a kid apparently. biggrin
UnicornBaconFarts Report | 06/04/2018 12:19 pm
Your name is hilarious.

Just letting you know biggrin

TheJesterGuy Report | 05/31/2018 11:15 am
Thanks for fav'ing my "Voices in My Head" Scenic. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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