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Xx T i g e r L a d y xX Report | 06/10/2014 11:16 am
Xx T i g e r L a d y xX
Awwwwww. *blushes and flails* <3

Yeah, I didn't come online for ages, but then my boyfriend started getting into Gaia again and I just kind of followed along and now I'm addicted again. xD
Xx T i g e r L a d y xX Report | 05/07/2014 8:41 am
Xx T i g e r L a d y xX
=o Dicey!
I miss you too! I had no idea you were still on here.
What have you been up to? ^^
Statisfaction Report | 02/19/2013 2:59 am
Omnipotent Defenestrator Report | 04/03/2012 9:25 am
Omnipotent Defenestrator
gaia_nitemareleft Thanks for your purchase! gaia_nitemareright
Cute avi ~ 3nodding
Princess of Silverware Report | 03/19/2012 12:22 am
Princess of Silverware
Oh I see. What are you playing?
Princess of Silverware Report | 03/19/2012 12:10 am
Princess of Silverware
Oh? Well do it then.
Princess of Silverware Report | 03/17/2012 12:09 am
Princess of Silverware
^ ^ How are you doing?
Princess of Silverware Report | 03/16/2012 3:48 pm
Princess of Silverware
Thank you for creepin' on my profile. 3nodding 4laugh
Vanilla Angel Imp Report | 03/04/2012 2:48 pm
Vanilla Angel Imp
          ★ haha, thank you so much >u<;
Statisfaction Report | 11/09/2011 3:51 am
*foams* TeeHee <3 I love you!


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