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These guys are amazing!
They are all my best friends, amazingly generous,
and just all-around wonderful in every way.
If you hurt any of them, I'll tear you to shreds ♥

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Last Login: 03/06/2019 10:22 am

Registered: 12/09/2011

Birthday: 12/29


I love collecting things!
If you care to view my progress,
You can do so in my test thread.
Help is always appreciated!


I'm normally a nice person,
But you can't ever tell unless you have a real conversation with me.
My age is not something you need to know.
I'm strange and random and completely bizzare.
I'm a rhetorical, sarcastic smartass much more often than not.
You probably shouldn't take me seriously.
If I don't like you I will make it very clear,
Using excessive amounts of colorful words.
I'm not going to put up with your bullshit, sorry!
My avis are cute and creepy and often demonic.
I like goth stuff.
I'm really not into mainstream stuff so don't ask me stupid questions about it!
My favorite color is red.
I eat lots of fruit.
Monochrome photos are the best.
I'm a pyro, so... fire.


Life's resident rhetorical smartass.
I'm also the voice in your head that tells you to set things on fire.

I do random CB giveaways.
Working towards making White Body Dye.
Send me all your inks, caches, and anon gifts with cute poems please!

I love it when you draw me things!
Happily married to the amazing artist Lyric Rainvale heart


Profile Made By:
Lyric Rainvale
She's great. Love her.


EmilKaria23, Misplaced Heart and Lyric Rainvale are my besties.
If you mistreat them I will slay you and devour your offspring.


Send me anon gifts.
With cute little poems.

This is not my first account.
I joined in early '06.


I'm a female.
I'm pansexual.
Get over it.


Currently Selling

I am almost always online.

Feel free to PM me with REASONABLE offers!
I accept items of equal or greater value as, or included in, a trade if they interest me.
If you just send me a trade, I will assume that it is a donation.

You can always PM me for a 2% discount.
I get more, you pay less! A win-win.


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