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wow haha this Q&A is a relic
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mmhmm sometimes it is the only thing left to do is look up smile
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that be good lol As for me could always be worse but I am hoping for better.
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Thank you to the person who accepted my guild request biggrin I wasn't sure where to post but then I clicked and saw PURPLE I LOVE PURPLE lol biggrin Anyways hiya 3nodding
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Thanks for buying.
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Please do not make the assumption that this profile page is in ANY WAY a tactic to throw you off or divert your questions. I only wished to make this as organized as possible to BEST serve you. I have every intention of helping you out if you have questions, or listening to what you have to say if you have suggestions.


Why did you invite me?

I saw you around and thought you might enjoy the guild. It's as simple as that.

Where did you get my Username?

The most common places I invite from are the Avatar Arena and the Welcome to Gaia Forum. Sometimes I will invite through usernames I see while Fishing, Jigsawing, or playing Cards. Another possibility is that I found you on a Petition I signed. I invite from these places because I am looking for friendly interesting new people, and most of the people who enter in the arena or play the Gaia Interactive games are quite friendly and eager to join our community.

What's the guild about?

The guild is a "Jack of all Trades" guild. This means that it is everything under one roof. We currently have thirty subforums dedicated to various topics, such as roleplaying, intelligent discussion, polls, bumping, quests, videogames, music, blogs and more. Our main forum is a discussion area where you can chat with people loosely and just have fun. Also, we are always open to new subforum ideas if you think there's something missing. We aim to please and entertain!

Do I have to be "active"?

Activity is not an issue in the guild. While we prefer that you spend time posting and chatting with other members of the guild, it is not a requirement for membership. We understand that you have a life, and that you have other commitments to friends or threads or games outside of the guild. We do not ban for activity, ever.

Is the Entry Fee 5 gold or 5k?

The fee is just five gold. We don't require any monthly fees or anything like that, but we are of course always happy to receive guild donations. All the money from official guild contests also goes into our guild account, and all money in the guild account goes in the aiding of purchasing more subforums, and may be used later when more options become available on Gaia to spend on the guild. None of the money in the guild account can be used by the Captain, VCs, or Crew.

What does it take to become Crew?

There are three major requirements to becoming crew in the guild. Friendliness, activity, and loyalty. You have to friendly to all members, crew, VCs, and the Captain, and not discriminate rudely against others (in fact, doing so will usually end up in a banning). You must be active and have gotten at the minimum of a few hundred posts inside the guild. We want to make sure that once you are crew you don't sneak out of your duties or leave your post. And finally you must be loyal to the guild and be a true advocate and lover of the guild. While it is a great position of power, it is meant to be a fun position as well, and you must understand how to balance fun and loyalty to be a truely good crew member.

I'm a Captain of a Guild, and I'd like to Affiliate with Why Not.

For all affiliations, please contact the Captainess, zphal_girl87. Also, please be sure to check out our Requirements of Affiliation. Thank you!

FAQ continued

Why did you invite me multiple times?

If I have invited you multiple times, please accept my most gracious apology. I never mean to send users more than one invite if they declined the first one. Most likely, you are a very active member on Gaia, thus I come across your username often. While I try to remember names as best as possible, I do not have a photographic memory, and unfortunately, at this time there is no guild function that will stop me from sending multiple invites, even in a short period of time. If you dislike invitations from guilds, you can go to your account preferences and turn guild invitations off, and you will not be able to receive any more. If this is not an option, I humbly ask that the next time you receive an invitation from an unwanted guild (whether it is mine or someone else's) to not click the decline button inside the invite. Instead, throw the invitation away. This way, you will not be able to receive another invite for a minimum of two weeks. By hitting the "decline" button, you are essentially saying that you are "at this time not interested, but may be interested in the future." If this is not true, you should throw the PM away without clicking the button. I want to reiterate that I never ever mean to send multiple invites to uninterested Gaians, and that it is a human fallacy. Hateful messeges to my PM box make me very sad and I tend to feel bad afterwards. No one wants to feel bad, so please be thoughtful in this respect. I am only trying to find Gaians who would like to join my community, and I understand if you are not one of them.

Was this a random invite and/or spam?

Yes, this was a random invite. But no, it isn't spam. As I have said above, I am looking for friendly individuals who want a private community to come and chat and make friends. There are quite a number of Gaians who enjoy random PMs and are really happy to receive invitations to guilds as well. My random invitations cater to these types of people, and they are the types of people who I am more interested in seeing inside my guild participating. I understand that some people may be upset to see a random invitation in their box and consider it spam, but really it acts as more of a "filter" to get the type of Gaians I want for my guild. The people most likely to be upset or feel harassed by a random message are probably not the sort of people I am looking for inside the guild. Of course, there are also those who may be annoyed at first by the invite, but find that they like the guild a lot. Those are always nice too. But please don't think that what I am doing is spamming or chainmail. There are many ways I could advertise my guild (threads, siggies, etc.), but I find that this method helps me find the potential members the guild is best tailored to. Thank you for understanding.

Do you like Purple?

Yes. I do.

If you have any further questions, please PM this account. All PMs will be responded to in the order they were received. I will make every effort to get to all PMs that are sent to me in a timely fashion, but if you have not been responded to in a while, please be patient. There are a lot of questions members, potential members, and other Gaians are interested in asking me. Thanks much! User Image

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