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So I'm going to be a year older in April. Whoa. I'm also a single mom of two little girls. I've lived in Texas my entire life. Love drawing and writing and reading (sometimes all at once! surprised )

I'm an Aries, which means I'm headstrong, cocky SOB who thinks she's always right but usually...not so much.

I like stuff. <3

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Holly, Fluffy, Vuffie

Something complicated; mom of two

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As straight as...something really, really straight.

.::FAVE foods::.
Dr. Pepper, orange juice, Black Pepper Jack Doritos, Chinese food, pepperoni pizza, caramel

Furuba, Hellsing, Inu Yasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Wolf's Rain

Juliet Marillier, LJ Smith, JK Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Lindsey Buroker, Percy Shelley, Christina Rossetti; mystery, drama, action, historical, romance, thrillers, steampunk

Night World; Harry Potter; Batman; Avengers; X-Men; MCU (buckynat!)

eating at fancy places, being violent, playing in the park, sitting outside at night, camping, drawing, reading, writing, feeling sorry for myself, sleeping

Colorado, New Mexico, my old green house in Rosston

cats, some dogs [small ones that aren't too hairy xD], ferrets, snakes

.::clothing style::.
Just tank tops or graphic tees with jeans, and sneakers

DeviantART, FanFiction.net, FictionPress.com

Labyrinth, anything with Johnny Depp, X-Men movies, Se7en, The Lost Boys, Batman (Nolanverse); Enchanted, Firefly; BtVS; all the Marvel movies/shows, the DC shows

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Heat, Al Gore; paying for bills; spinach; my weight; Josh Hartnett; working with people

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The Extra Notebook

Yet another online journal for me to rant in. Joy. ^^ I write in these very sporadically, and not very often. You can now see my art updates, and donation info here. =3



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Ren says

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Ren says

Purrfect Underling for your oni?

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Thank you for the purchase.
Bad-a** avatar, btw.
Sandy Roses

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Sandy Roses

T-thank you for buying! I-I really appreciate it... heart

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You're very welcome. (Thank you)
vlad tod16

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vlad tod16


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Nice-lookin' avi!

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may i have a Friendship Pendant please please please i beg you and i give you 6000
please i beg you

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Thanks for buying and congratulations on your little one. I'm also the mom of two little girls. heart heart

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heyy thnx for da buy smile

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I am so sorry redface



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