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A drawing I made of my Avatar, and a valid example of the freebies I do.
Take a look at my Free Art Caravan so you may perhaps have some art of your own.

- I do accept Tips and Gifts in exchange for artwork.

- I am always looking to add artwork to my slowly growing collection,

if you yourself are an artist, and are interested in trading works,

feel free to send me a personal message and we'll sort out the details.


-Name: Eric

-Birthday: July 14, 1994

-Zodiac: Cancer the Crab

-Chinese Zodiac: The Loyal Dog

Specific Questions? PM me, if you please.

Avatar Artist's Directory:

1. Little Meng

2. Aliice In Wonderland


"He's a Devil with the face on an Angel and hands skilled in the art of luring in innocent souls..."

- overheard by a fellow Gaian


"When I succumb to the weight of stars burdening my eyelids
and the Galaxies articulate vivid experience to surge and dam in the canals of my mind,
I dream with a vigor that overflows and manifests
in the comets' trails that Stain my night with dreams
but when I awake, I've never felt so Lonely. "

- Original Poetry by ppyrope
(inspired by my Username)


Eric, age 24.
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