My belly. I am 8 months now as of May 6th 2011 she is due July 4th

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This will be a place where I post pretty much anything, And also updates on how things are going.

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Navrik Report | 06/04/2012 4:27 pm
awesome profile emotion_awesome
gotta love Pleinair emotion_kirakira
pinky proomise Report | 03/24/2012 4:13 am
pinky proomise
happy birthday heart
Omega Xerro Report | 01/13/2012 6:36 am
Omega Xerro
its been so long ama! <3
how have you been???
(its orpheuse btw)
Makuru Report | 05/11/2011 11:54 am
Looks like a mean emo. surprised 3nodding heart
Makuru Report | 05/11/2011 11:18 am
Is it a boy, a girl, or a pokemon? 3nodding heart
Makuru Report | 05/10/2011 5:16 pm
Grats on the baby btw~ 3nodding heart
Makuru Report | 05/08/2011 11:01 pm
Kinky~ 3nodding heart
The Lady Amaterasu Report | 05/07/2011 11:31 pm
The Lady Amaterasu
@Corrupted Aquanael
The one that fails is you, you sit here and try
and attack me yet you block your profile from any response.
You are the one who is being a pansy a** b***h and starting
something you can not finish, and by the way Jennifer Crystal
is My middle name not my first. I am not "emo" or "goth"
people and friends who actually know me know this is
true. I know who you are and I know for a fact you are the
emo wanna be that is why you where banned by several
people and groups because they could no longer tolerate
your announces. So it looks like you are transferring
yourself upon me because you can not face yourself in
the mirror, you fail at life and the only way to make your
self better is by trying to tear someone else down.
But in fact have failed at it. At least I know you actually care
about me, enough to send me trash talk. It makes me
happy knowing I am in your waking thoughts

Just because you feel unloved by your mom,
and wishes you where dead I am not like that towards my kids.
May they be my own or adopted. Sounds like you need to go to
therapy and work your issues out with your own mother.

The only one who thinks I am a bad parent is you, yet
You do not actually know me or my parenting skill's.
And "everyone" that does know me has said I will be
a Great mother.

So please come by and leave another comment
it makes me feel special knowing your hate is actually
love for me.
Makuru Report | 05/06/2011 2:56 pm
Great and you?~ 3nodding heart
Omega Xerro Report | 01/21/2011 12:47 am
Omega Xerro
lady amaterasu
hey :]

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I am Due July 7th, 2011
ஜ★▬▬▬▬▬▬▬×(♡* ▽ *♡)×▬▬▬▬▬▬▬★ஜ
๑۩۩๑.☆_ WΣLCØMΣ TØ MY Profle _☆.๑۩۩๑
┊ ┊   ★ ┊    ★ ┊ ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊   ★┊ ☆┊ ☆ ┊ ┊   ★ ☆ ┊   ☆ ┊ ★ ☆ ┊   ☆ ┊
Hello I am Mia
I had cancer, and a permanent brain condition,
I don't want do deal with superficial people so
Take me as I am
or don't even Bother I don't have time for b.s
((I have low tolerance for B.s))
I am straight foreword, I don't sugar coat,
I don't like playing mind games,
and I can be a bish.
I talk allot sometimes,
I am an artist,
I love Anime and Manga,
I like playing video games and cards
and learning new things.
User Image

To tell you about myself I am::

I love my friends,
((I Use to do some Gothic modeling before getting ill,
now I just model on occasion but now I do it just for fun.))

If you got the chance to talk to my Friends they would say I am::

can be a dork
Weird, * don't take that word lightly lol *
Way Out There * in space*
((but at the same time I know how to be serious when
the time calls for it ))
Open minded,
Straight foreword,
Tell it like it is even if it hurts
((Yea I don't sugar coat even with friends))

Random moments you will see me doing::
I Singing ((off tune)) And Danceing In Public

My sense of humor tends toward::

Light-hearted cheerful, gentle fun
And Sometimes with a Sadistic twist.
((yes I know in away they contradict its self))
but I can be cute and sadistic at the same time .. lol
User Image

User Image

火 Fire
水 Water
地球 Earth
風 Wind
喜 Happiness
希望 Hope
勇 Courage
愛 Love
哀 Sorrow
死 Death
暗闇 Darkness
恨 Hate
________*/• ________
_______*(•_ )________
_______ .|¯|_________
_______ .|•|_________
_______ .|•|_________
_______ .|•|_________
_______ .|•|_________
___###/ |•|/&&/_____
____ ######## //____
_____" ,_____, "_____
______$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$______
_____d$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$b_____
_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$_____
____4$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$F____
____4$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$F____
____$$$$"_"$$$$ "_"$$$$_____
_____$$F___4$$F___ 4$$_____
_____Â..$F___4$$F__ _4$"_____
______$$___$$$$___ $P______
______4$$$$$"^$$$ $$%_____
_______$$$$F__4$$$ $_______
________"$$$ee$$$ "________
________._*$$$$F4_ ________
_________$_____.$_ ________
_________"$$$$$$ "_________
__________^$$$$___ ________
_4$$c_______""__ _____.$$r_
_^$$$b____________ __e$$$"_
_d$$$$$e__________ z$$$$$b_
4$$$*$$$$$c____.$$ $$$*$$$r
_""____^*$$$be$$ $*"____^"_
__________"$$$$" __________
________.d$$P$$$b_ ________
_______d$$P___^$$$ b_______
___.ed$$$"______ "$$$be.___
_$$$$$$P__________ *$$$$$$_
4$$$$$P___________ _$$$$$$"
_"*$$$"_________ ___^$$P___
I Support
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new pic of me 08/27/2011