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My name is Virginia, or Ginna for short. I am an artist, sidewalk-singer, and a musician. I have 3 piercings and gauges. Angel bites and a septum. My gauges are at 5/8ths and trying to upgrade to an inch or a little higher.I am Swedish, Irish, and Native American (Tribes: Cree & Navajo) I am 18, engaged but love to roleplay only so i can create stories from them. I am currently working on a fanfic combination of Black Butler and Vampire Knight.

Below would be my RPC at this moment. PM me for a start of a roleplay. Im looking for people who can type at least 5 sentences at a time, have great detail and speak as a narrator. If you PM me, I hope that you choose to continue roleplaying me until the RP is over with. I accept Lesbian and Straight RP partners. (girl on girl/ boy on girl RPing only).


Name: Dahlia (Li-Li, Black Widow or "Widow", Ember, Night Owl)
Age: 21
Eye Color: Light green
Skin tone: Pale
Hair color: Black as the night
Species: N/A (UNKNOWN)
Powers: At a single touch, she can take your life; as like the Grim Reaper. She can play with fire and many more with fire such as starting one, gathering up energy to fight off beasts who become a threat and summon fire.
Job(Occupation): Alchemist; Reaper.

About her: Dahlia never sleeps; well she hasn't since the regretful demise of her sister. They were only 9 when Dahlia discovered that she was an alchemist. She tried to preform a ritual to make her sister better, for she was sick from brain cancer, which just started to evolve. As Dahlia tried to save her sister, and placed her in the transmutation circle, her sister was involved in a spontaneous combustion; in other words, exploded. Dahlia has regretted it ever since and the ritual placed a curse on her that whenever she touches anything with her bare hands, they die. But, only a demon can be touched by Dahlia's hands, for they are already dead. After that has happened to her, she usually spends her time traveling from city to city, bar to bar, looking for someone who can accompany her on her travels whom she can touch without taking the life of the other. She doesn't prefer race, nor gender; just someone whom she can touch with not only her eyes, but with her hands and body.


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