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Info-log >Property of: The Fantasy Nightmare
RP info
my RPC info
RPC #1
Name: Syra
Age: 18
Eye color: (right) Teal; (left) White
Skin tone: F (pale)
Hair Color: Light auburn/ginger
Species: Demoness/Hunter
Powers: Seeing death's strike, fire, talks to animals
Job(occupation): Taking the souls of the slain to gain power; Reaper

About her: Syra was abandoned at the age of 3 and had to live on her own from then. Luckily, demons age faster than mortals but their growth stops when they achieve their special power, which usually occurs around 18-25. Her left eye holds a certain power that none other can see; she can see others' untiming demise and when it will happen. She hates this gift, as of why she wears her heart shaped eyepatch a villager gave her to replace the bandage she always wore.
RPC #2

Name: Stellahr (Stell, Stella, La-La, Frost)
Age: 19
Eye Color: Yellow; Gold
Skin Tone: Tan
Hair Color: Blue and white (Like jack frost)
Species: Flesh-and-blood spirit
Powers: Ability to use water and ice and mold it to any shape/form; reviving the dead
Job(Occupation): N/A (UNKNOWN)

About her: Her parents were slain as a baby and was kidnapped. The takers tried to preform a ritual on her, which caused in her death. A witch was passing by her remains, which were left in the middle of a forest, and revived her and gave Stellahr her powers. The witch became like a mother to little Stell, which at the arrival of her second life, she turned out to appear 5. Since she has grown up, she still lives with the humble, loving witch; to protect her from any mere danger. Stell tries to gather the souls of the dead which she can not revive and bring them back to her "mother", Aggie, the witch. But the witch isnt the old, nasty, ugly woman; for she looks only 20 and is gorgeous and radiant.
RPC #3 (Gaia Avi)

Name: Dahlia (Li-Li, Black Widow or "Widow", Ember, Night Owl)
Age: 20
Eye Color: Emerald
Skin tone: Pale
Hair color: Light Pink
Species: N/A (UNKNOWN)
Powers: At a single touch, she can take your life; as like the Grim Reaper. She can play with fire and many more with fire such as starting one, gathering up energy to fight off beasts who become a threat and summon fire.
Job(Occupation): Alchemist; Reaper.

About her: Dahlia never sleeps; well she hasn't since the regretful demise of her sister. They were only 9 when Dahlia discovered that she was an alchemist. She tried to preform a ritual to make her sister better, for she was sick from brain cancer, which just started to evolve. As Dahlia tried to save her sister, and placed her in the spell circle, her sister was involved in a spontaneous combustion; in other words, exploded. Dahlia has regretted it ever since and the ritual placed a curse on her that whenever she touches anything with her bare hands, they die. But, only a demon can be touched by Dahlia's hands, for they are already dead.


To RP me, you have to full out this form and PM it to me about your RPC:

Eye Color:
Skin tone:
Hair color:


Any Extra:

The Fantasy Nightmare
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The Fantasy Nightmare
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