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Lofty Ambition Report | 05/10/2024 9:37 pm
Lofty Ambition
Seiko L Rose Report | 10/11/2020 8:51 pm
Seiko L Rose
Necroing who should I complain about?
Benevolent Rose Report | 06/10/2018 5:29 am
Benevolent Rose
I sent a friend requeeeeeest~
Benevolent Rose Report | 06/09/2018 6:58 am
Benevolent Rose
Whats your Discord name? I will fiiiiind youuuuuu~
Benevolent Rose Report | 06/08/2018 9:42 pm
Benevolent Rose
I doooo~ I have an RP Discord, in fact, where I RP with all my RP friends~ XD <3 I can invite you if you'd like~ I'm also in an art Discord <3 The people there are sooooo nice.
Benevolent Rose Report | 06/08/2018 9:19 pm
Benevolent Rose
You can absolutely 100 percent always and forever draw our characters together bby~ <3 <3 I will treasure every work of art~ And as a matter of fact, I have a new thread of OCs that I update regularly. XD It's always the Alphabetized category you wanna check out~ I would be so super psyched and probably literally die. XD https://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-requests/challenges-the-r-ejects-2t-gold-to-spend/t.104554321_1/?sequence=1
Benevolent Rose Report | 06/08/2018 9:05 pm
Benevolent Rose
Awwwww Max misses Flor. =3= <3
Benevolent Rose Report | 06/08/2018 8:02 pm
Benevolent Rose
Oh you know, still lookin' for art. XD Still writing my books~ Became the Manager of a UHAUL only to realize I was dying inside a year later so now I'm an assistant manager which is MUCH better. >.<; Which characters are getting some redesigns? : D
Benevolent Rose Report | 06/08/2018 7:56 pm
Benevolent Rose
Hey there! Things have been hectic. =3= But how have you been?! <3 I missed you!
Holy Slayer Report | 12/26/2017 2:21 am
Holy Slayer
GOD DAMN, well seriously thank you very much you were far too generous.

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Hello! My name is Cassie,
I am a big 24 year old nerd, and am proud of it ❤
I'm a cosplayer, it's a fun hobby (Even though I'm super bad at it)!
I like to doodle stuff and things?
I have a weird thing where I get super excited about an anime, but then as I watch another one I suddenly forget about it.... I probably have more unfinished animes then watched ones... I hope that doesn't happen to my current one >.>
I love video games! (Ex: Utapri: Shining Live, Project Diva F, Rhythm Heaven,)

For your Information, I am a girl though my avatar may be male.

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