malik l l
SPOILER ALERT: I'm a black dude.
and, yes, I do think monstermen are hot.
I dislike most people so feel special if I like you.
I like laughing at stupid s**t and I love the color red.
if I'm mean to you it's for a reason. sorry 'bout it.
if you think the "friendzone" is a thing, you're a dumb baby
my rules of engagement are really quite simple:
if you're flakey, two-faced, or insincere don't even bother.

shouout to:
Those men with pictures lookin like "I got my GED in prison" or "for just 5 cents a day you can help this grown a** man get Vaseline for his lips" sliding in your inbox to waste every damn bit of your time. Set-up. Stunt. I smelt it when you rolled up to me, playa.

my artshit

sometimes i like to draw hot naked dudes
I may or may not put up censored versions of those


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^here's a selfie no h8 pls no bully

but really these are me