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Don't send random friend requests!! I'm not going to add people I've never spoken to/don't know.

The name Sylve originated from Sylveon, but it's evolved into an OC pictured here on my profile, in my about me and along the sides. I have a deep love for Sylveon in general. It's cute, love that it's traits come from friendship, etc. But to the other Pokemon lovers, it's obvious my Sylveon is not the same as the original. She is a combination of Sylveon and Espeon, creating my personal Eevee, Gemma.
Please do not use my art without permission.
Quite a bit of my art has originated from Mission Failure and Picatin, and some of my chiblet art is featured at the bottom of my about me.
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More recently, I've had art done by my friend kiri. Here is the promised linky to larger most beautifulishousness mentioned in my sig!! LiMei. She is my newest OC baby, Li Mei! A cute Zodiac rabbit that's distinctly my own take on it. ^.^

I am obsessed with Moluccella. It's a FINALLY ADOPTED color originally created by Poet Anon, and is actually a flower (look it up you'll be surprised!). I run three color scheme guides: Dandelion, Larkspur, and most recently Moluccella, and am an active RP'er though I've narrowed down my writing partners over the years.

I love to read more than I love to watch movies/shows but anything fantasy generally makes me happy. Add romance and I'm usually sunk. Colors/Schemes I like are in the spoiler at the bottom.
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Alluring/Alruna tab (Succubi, Primrose, Raven)
Fireside tab (Brick, Dark Mousse, Crepe, Strawberry)
Goshiki tab (Poppy, Neptune)
Monarch tab (Gaia, Pumpkin, Creamsicle)
Pearlescent tab (Hue Shift)
Saiphic tab (Lily, Wintermint, Agate)

Amaranth tab (Kaguya, Sweetheart)
Artesian tab (Ectoplasm, Cursed/Stagony)
Ash tab (Nico)
Aurora tab (Silken)
Creamsicle tab (Goldfish, Mint Julep, Witchly)
Dusk Rose tab (Bruised, Sakura)
Ivory/Offblack tab (Catharsis, Heirloom, Offchrome, Pure)
og tab (Silken)
Fiyo* tab (Fionn*)
Meringue tab
Midnight tab (Milky Way)
MInt tab (Sugarmint, Mint Julep*)
Moluccella tab (Pixie Stick, Chloris*)
Pluto tab (Fallen Wish)
Soft Pink tab (Holographic)

*means user scheme/color not currently adopted


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DarkRybrin Report | 01/03/2024 6:24 pm
Thank you! Jadeite is best used with one other accessory of a warm color, I think, much like leaves and flowers! By having all green though, I don't lock myself into a metal and a flower.
Epsiloth Report | 01/02/2024 4:40 pm
8=(>w< wink =8 aiñññ thank you now im blushing xd
Epsiloth Report | 01/02/2024 4:01 pm
naaaaaaaw, thank YOU for sharing.
i love to share a nd tradegood tastes with other gaians, i do apreciate skills and crafts,
not just anyone can create amazing looking avis, i mean it <3
Epsiloth Report | 01/02/2024 3:39 pm
pshhhh it honestly looks fantastic as is XD
and thank you! lol i spent a few hours trying to get it done, in the end i feel satisfied with the looks XD
i wanted it to look more "dragony" but oh well, can't have it all rofl
Epsiloth Report | 01/02/2024 2:32 pm
hello sweety!! i love your avatar, looks stunning.
if it doesn't bother you, may i ask the name of the tree item thingy you have on please?
i'd like to know, you did a fabulous job wit the composition of your dress up
Bottom_ Of_Pandora Report | 12/24/2023 9:42 am
Bottom_ Of_Pandora
Merry Chrismas Sylve! <3 🎄
SaturnStar Report | 11/15/2023 1:41 pm
That was all the artist! I just chose the color scheme and left placement to their discretion. But I'm glad to know it works so well with your item. It looks beautiful! heart
Rogue Angel Kiara Report | 11/15/2023 2:42 am
Rogue Angel Kiara
Thanks so much for the purchase! Your profile is adorable! I hope you have a wonderful day! <3
Oddlies Report | 09/11/2023 10:49 pm
Yes I have noticed the runway can be...weird sometimes. Even when voting it will only show the same 10 entries over and over again unless you close it out and enter in again... to get another 10 or so of the same but different mostly then the other ones. So it feels like a lot of things get skipped. Which is .... odd.

I will happily go through and fav to my hearts content regardless where something ends up via voting!
grippy socks Report | 07/30/2023 4:07 am
grippy socks
.・゜゜・•┈••✦ ❤ ✦••┈•・゜゜・.

hope you are having a good weekend! heart

•┈••✦ ❤ ✦••┈•