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First ever - Staring You Down
Changed to - I Haz A Penguin
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You found me! (Curses, I thought that last hiding spot would do the trick >.< wink My name is a secret, but you may call me Zander cuz I like that name =3 I am a male (of course), I am straight, and I am single. My hair is brown, but as soon as my bangs get long enough, I'm straightening it and dying it black with red streaks in the bangs. I will post no pictures of myself here, though, because I don't post pictures on Gaia. I LOVE music, particularly stuff like MCR and Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Epic name, right?). I IZ A GRAMMAR NAZI! My favorite animals are canines, particularly FOXES. So yeah... Don't know what else to put here. KTHXBAI!

Stoof. I rarely update this.

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Kallie12988 Report | 10/25/2010 7:45 pm

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To my fellow members of T3h Vending Guild
darcprinces Report | 08/24/2010 5:20 pm
just to let you know theres a post for you.
Ryghunne Report | 08/23/2010 11:10 am
Oh sorry, I usually just look at people's profile. I asks lots of people.
Ryghunne Report | 08/23/2010 11:06 am
You has the longest wishlist I have ever seen! and I've seen some doozies. Mine is puny though, so whatever. Anyways, be my friend?
GIaDOS Report | 08/20/2010 5:15 pm
` musical.injection Report | 08/10/2010 4:22 pm
` musical.injection
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Haha, no, it says in my about me somewhere that it's Aoi, the guitarist of my favorite band the GazettE.
That's definitely a male and I'm definitely a female. XD
Lady Alice Road Kamelot Report | 08/01/2010 5:53 pm
Lady Alice Road Kamelot
ZOMG. O.OYou write well ^^' That's a better start than what I had.....>.> And BTW, I think your grammar skills are better than a sage's.
Lady Alice Road Kamelot Report | 07/31/2010 12:04 pm
Lady Alice Road Kamelot
Ahaha, I'm flattered that you think Nightblood is actually worth publishing. ^^' I bet your story is good too, authors are always hardest on themselves. >.>
Lady Alice Road Kamelot Report | 07/29/2010 5:37 pm
Lady Alice Road Kamelot
Lol, I would, but I don't have the power to do so. Xb
pAssiOnaTe_EyeS Report | 07/25/2010 6:44 am
thanks for buyin!!!!!


My sincerest apologies.

I'm afraid that, due to some irl problems, I need to do some soul searching, and will not be on Gaia for a long, long time.

As for my RP characters, kill them off, get someone else to control them, do whatever you want. Totally up to you.

Sorry for all the trouble. I hope I'm not messing some RPs up too much.

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