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Registered: 05/04/2008

Birthday: 02/07

I LIKE PANDAS! emotion_bigheart

but first of all I would like to say Thank You to these People:

Skater Panda - Paaanddddduuuhhhhhh Amber I love you :* Thanks for the PoTU <3

Madame Lee - OMG :")) Thanks for the Panda Hat. <3 Love lots :"> Tis garll ishh soo amazing Thank You for the awesome GB <3
for the 2nd time emotion_kirakira thank you for the GB
4laugh emotion_bigheart

Anonymous - Thanks for the Inky Wisp Luvs yah :"D

Dalandane[ - Nicoleeee achuchuchchu Thanks for the Oisin's Blessing and Artemis <3

NickWong96- Thank you for the Lulling Lucie I really did appreciate it <3 errrrrr many to mention I just sooo love him rofl hmm ♥

Lessaphi - Thank You for the Junior Gumshoe ♥ -harthart-

Anonymous (Polaris, The Binary Star) - Thank you for the PoTU ♥ Lovelots :")

Anonymous (Zotto) - Thank You for the Kaede's Hope hihi <3

Anonymous (FFC 10k page event)- OmO Thank You so much for choosing me ♥

Jensen Is Awesome - Indeed, you're awesome! Thank You for the gift,you really did surprised me. XD I love you Jensen ♥ Thank You again for the POMH and for the sweeeeet msg on it <3 so you're my prince then? -giggles- emotion_bigheart

Senpai-Anon("Such a cute little kitty")- Thank You Senpai for the gift <3

Immortal Traceur - He's definitely one of the most amazing gaian!. I swear. He's so sweet too = " ). Thank You Kyle for the super awesome gift you gave me. I'll take care of it. FOREVER.Okay.. now I dont know what to say :V One gift is enough but you gave me another one?!!! OMG <3 Thank You Kyle lablots emotion_bigheart

Bonzly - Bonnnnnnnzlyyy <3 Thank You for the Gift I so like it. And your effort touches my heart. emotion_bigheart

Anon♥ (Enjoy!) - Thank You for the cute gift <3

The Terrible Trivium - D'awww Thank You for the awesome gift = " ) it's the only that I don't have for my dream avi <3

Ryuuichi - tehee <3 Thank You for all the weet and cute stuffs <3 I like it : " ) Love lots. ♥

Camile Stowecroft - uwaaaa I really love you <3 Thank You for giving it to me for free!!! hihi -giggles- ♥

Mimzy-Anon - I will <3 Thank You! :*

Sweetheart-Anon - D'awww you're sweet <3 Thank You!~

Blushing-Anon- hehe yer cute <3 Thank you for the gift : " )

Nose Picking Fun OmO Thank You for the gift <3 I love you 4laugh

Iuns Bby <3 Thank You for the ummm surprised gift? rofl you let me log off first when you sent me that thing .-. anyways THANK YOUUUUU BBY ALABYAH emotion_bigheart

Frezir OmO Thank You for the GB <3

Fartasy Thank You for the awesome giveaway <3

sassy homosexual Thank You !~<3

Thoreal Thank You so much for the 2 panda items they're really cute >w< !~<3 add-on: Thank you again for theother 2 items : " > love you

Potato-anon Thank You for the gift omo i like it <3 panda panda panda hehe

Azzanadra : " > thank you for the 50% gb OmO

Banana-Anon uwaaaa Thank You so much!! : " )

Be my Anon or my Fairy God Mother/Father.
Grant me my wish please♥
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My name is: Intensive
I'm: >ageless<
I like: Random things
I dont like: liars. Nail That and ******** Bitches smile
My owner is: Lavishing Asian

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4verbOi Report | 02/25/2016 8:30 am
sige lng, pde nmn bukas yung rest.
goodnight. blaugh
VaniIla Latte Report | 02/24/2016 5:02 am
VaniIla Latte

User Image

nael-chaaaaaaaaaaan emotion_kirakira
punta ka daw sa VH sabi ni chuabols yieeeeeeeee :""">
Dane KD Report | 02/21/2016 5:27 pm
Dane KD
VaniIla Latte Report | 02/20/2016 2:11 am
VaniIla Latte
HAHAHAHA para namang ang mura lang ng CPU rofl
VaniIla Latte Report | 02/20/2016 2:03 am
VaniIla Latte

User Image

nako di na maayos
need na ng new CPU
hahaha wala pa pera rofl
VaniIla Latte Report | 02/20/2016 1:49 am
VaniIla Latte

User Image

asige na nga HAHAHAHAHA rofl
SLR, sira pc ko huhu like for 3 days na
nakkigamit lang ako sa laptop ng kuya ko so yun ;u ;
VaniIla Latte Report | 02/18/2016 9:10 am
VaniIla Latte
For life same lang yun sa forever hahahaha rofl
VaniIla Latte Report | 02/18/2016 6:06 am
VaniIla Latte

User Image

I dun believe in forever but I do believe in eternity.
naks hahahahahaha
VaniIla Latte Report | 02/18/2016 5:48 am
VaniIla Latte

User Image

kasi nga walang forever! HAHAHAHAHAHA
VaniIla Latte Report | 02/18/2016 5:43 am
VaniIla Latte

User Image

hahahaah ay ganun ba rofl


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