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-Cosplaying (Both online and in RL) The 40+ accounts on Gaia tend to show this too. /shot ...Obsessive? Nahhhh.
-Horror Movies (I am an Otaku in this and know too many facts. Do not argue with me about horror movies. Most likely you will lose. I go very in depth with them too. I'm not the type of person that just generally sits down to enjoy a slasher flick. My mind is always ticking. I see symbolism and in depth things in these types of movies to an extreme. ...Okay, but I do love gore and plot too. I WON'T LIE ENTIRELY.)
-Getting good grades
-Helping others (...to an extent)
-Chinese food
-The after effects of exercising
-The color Blue
-Musicals and Opera
-Being lazy
-The smell in the air after it rains
-Sleeping (9_9) ...'Cept I never get enough of it
-Making jokes
-Losing the game...wait
-In depth conversations
-Weird things and anything medical related
-Complexity of people
-Offering advice
-My incredibly long dislike list


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( ̄ー ̄)'Kay. ❤

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Everybody 3nj0y my surveys I send. xoxoxo

Name...? I have a s**t ton of nicknames on Gaia. You can really call me what ever you want, or the name you got to know me by through cosplay. I'm known as Emo, L, Naruho, Izaho (Izaya), and plenty of others.

Gender...? All the girls want my D on Gaia.

Age...? 2 old 4 u...no srsly.

Occupation...? Forever Student.

Orientation...? I want the D.

Ciao. ~

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-No manners
-People not being open to other views/opinions
-Judging something/someone without ever experiencing what it is or who they are
-Hypocrites (Making me one myself)
-People not taking advice given to them
-Being obsessive
-People that see things from only one perspective
-People that get annoyed if you fan boy/girl over a fandom you like, yet if they do it it's okay
-Cold Shoulder
-Making excuses for stupid or overly dramatic behavior. Then expecting everyone to agree to it like it was all right
-Ignoring someone, even if you hate them. At least be an adult and acknowledge they exist.
-Immaturity, at least certain levels of it
-Announcing relationships online almost 24/7. Congrats, we're all happy for you but do you really have to post it everywhere? Do not make me pull a Kanye West. "MY BOYFRIEND, MY GIRLFRIEND, MY LOVER...etc." Sometimes people don't want to know every little detail about your life. Just sayin.
-If you have a goddamn headache, don't use that as an excuse. Get the ******** off the computer and rest then. That's not a valid excuse for any behavior. If I tried to pull that every time as an excuse I'd have a lot of damn headaches then.
-People that b***h about copying avatars. Sure, I do occasionally b***h. For fandoms like Naruto though...? Just, no. People are going to get the same ideas, especially with less variety offered on Gaia. Get over yourselves. You didn't make it up. Stop being so egotistical.
-There is no "original." Bullshit. Unless you're the creator of what ever fandom you're a cosplayer of you are NOT original. Herp a derp.