Name: Mademoiselle Alvinette, but you can call me Alvinette, Alvy, Alv, etc.
Age: 32. AKA 29 with three years of experience! emotion_awesome
Occupation: Recent MA grad; working for retail while looking for a more permanent job
Orientation: Straight
Location: My own little world, but it's okay; they know me here. mrgreen
Likes: Well, as you can probably tell by my username and my profile layout, I am a major Alvin and the Chipmunks fan (and have been all my life)! xd I also like spy novels; mystery novels; the occasional romance novel; classics; dogs; plushies; the beach; cold weather; knitting; sewing; scrapbooking; friendly, informal RPs; being lazy...the list goes on and on.
Dislikes: Arguments/fights; bullies; snobbery; the fact that I'm allergic to cats; the horrible hot, humid summer weather where I live (the only time I tolerate it is when I go to the beach); scary stuff (I don't do horror movies. AT ALL.);

Some really BIG dislikes: wahmbulance VAGUEBOOKING, PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR OF ANY STRIPE, MANIPULATORS, RUDENESS wahmbulance Please don't pull any of this stuff with me; it usually has the OPPOSITE of its intended effect! IT WILL ONLY EARN YOU A SPOT ON MY IGNORE LIST, ESPECIALLY!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU KEEP IT UP AND REFUSE TO LEARN!!! EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL IS ABUSE, AND I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO IT. /rant Seriously. Do NOT!!!!!!!!! try ANY of this stuff with me if you want me to listen to you. I HATE this behavior, especially when friends and family try it! classified_fu

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Favorite colors: Red, black (if you count black as a color), bright blue
Other random bits of information about me: I'm a Christian (though probably not a very good one ( sweatdrop ); I love to travel but don't get to do much of it; I'm learning to sew; I love to play Super Mario Brothers on the GameBoy Color and Professor Layton and the Curious Village on the DS; I've finally started playing Pokemon Leaf Green (yeah, at age 27--first time ever playing Pokemon! whee ); I'm a Word Games forum regular heart ; I love RPing; I'm a bit high-maintenance; and I babble. A lot!

Also, I don't accept friend requests from people I've never talked to before, but I'll happily friend anyone I've gotten to talk to.


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Yes, I know, it's a dark and scary place!


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Thanks! emotion_hug

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Thanks lightbulb killer Alvinette
lucy wolf puppy

Report | 10/28/2020 5:04 am

lucy wolf puppy

me too..since I am working longer days now..

Hope you are well
lucy wolf puppy

Report | 10/24/2020 2:39 pm

lucy wolf puppy

thanks love!!! it was good..a day off of work and nice quiet day at home with my son. was good.

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hahah i just had another thought .. how about we have two things going on ? the ball and then it turns into a escape room ? ( some one could be a attacker or something ) and people realize that people or going missing ? hmm gah so many idea's its bad enough that i have a maze going on for my animal crossing for halloween XD

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ahh " thinks " what about a halloween ball with masks ? or maybe a crime game ? like say one is the murder and find clues and stuff

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hello how are you ?. XD i haven't talked to you in ages >.< i have been coming on and now and then just haven't been feeling this year is good. " nods nods. " so how is every one over there ? i hope its doing good better then here oh wait. I don't think it is ? stupid covid and other crap XD

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Same. Been playing around with avatar stuffs. heart

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So I just wanted to let you know...I'M BACK!

And be me I mean actually "iNk_mAy".
I got this account as a aback up from my friend who doesn't use this site anymore. I finally got a laptop!
Life has been crazy since I've been MIA from Gaia.
I might just make up a new character or few for this account and pop into Joe's sometime. All new original ones.
I still have my other account but I don't remember the email login associated with it or my password. So I'm using this one. I'm still logged in on my phone but for the life of me I can't remember my login in stuffs.
Would love to catch up and get back into rp-ing.
Akari Arima

Report | 03/26/2020 9:42 pm

Akari Arima

it's worst when you have both


Happy Lundi Gras!
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