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qp EMO KITTY KAT qp Report | 08/16/2009 11:53 am
Age: 14
sign: pisces
birthday: march 14
height: 5'3
i swear to u this is true.
i wuz shocked when i saw ur about page.
i just want to say were alot alike. ^_^ dats all.
rinoa of the sky Report | 08/15/2009 11:00 am
rinoa of the sky
trust me you wont its too watery
rinoa of the sky Report | 08/14/2009 10:22 pm
rinoa of the sky
♥ ┌─┐  ─┐♥♥
│▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
 └┐▒▒▒▒┌┘ and what choice sis?
K R U N C H Y blacktoes Report | 08/14/2009 5:08 pm
K R U N C H Y blacktoes
you wont regret this choice
Angelwings37 Report | 08/14/2009 1:11 pm
-shadow of a legend- Report | 08/14/2009 12:59 pm
-shadow of a legend-
because my nearest card shop anounced that eh about a month ago or two we always keep on top of everything
-shadow of a legend- Report | 08/14/2009 10:16 am
-shadow of a legend-
and battle spirits is a new card game just recently added in from japan
-shadow of a legend- Report | 08/14/2009 10:14 am
-shadow of a legend-
you'd be surprised at who'd be playing children's card games
Angelwings37 Report | 08/14/2009 5:52 am
rinoa of the sky Report | 08/13/2009 2:55 pm
rinoa of the sky
sry doesnt mean much


Basic Bio Information


Age: 15

Birthday: March 11

Sign: Pisces

Height: 5'0

Favorite Food: Pizza, Almost anything with cinnamon on top, Sour treats, Honey Buns, Cheeseburger, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Wings, Fried Rice, (Trying to make Sushi a favorite food), Juicy/Sweetfruits or treats

Dislikes: Food that is too spicy

Interests: School, Video Games, Manga, Anime, Japan/Japanese Culture, Sleeping, Reading (sometimes), Thinking, Drinking Ice Tea or Sprite, Music

Im in MyYearBook im still trying to get the hang of it though

What I think is interesting

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Occupation: Go to Japan

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