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KittyKells Report | 07/17/2010 6:44 pm
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whee You're on! Nothing much, you?

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KittyKells Report | 07/14/2010 2:08 pm
Hey Soph? You have a monkey on your head, just thought I'd let you know. <3
LynxGirl28 Report | 01/24/2010 3:27 pm
Thank you! Umm, I'll go look at the rp topics and introduce myself.
LynxGirl28 Report | 01/22/2010 1:59 pm
Hey, I was wondering if I could sign up to be Zakuro in the Tokyo Mew mew guild. I wasn't sure if I could because someone had already signed up in the characters page, but it wasn't on the Front Page. If you could please get back to me as soon as you can, that'd be great.
Pinkflower40 Report | 01/09/2010 3:33 pm
Oh! Okay! Thanks! Because I saw Amu but the rest weren`t the gaurdians.... yeah.... who are the other characters then???
Pinkflower40 Report | 01/06/2010 8:34 pm
Thanks for anwering my question!!!!!! Okay! I have another one! Um... what`s the pic. on your profile? Because i t looks like amu, but there`s diff. characters.
Wzrd Report | 01/02/2010 1:56 am
Happy Birthday
madison_101496 Report | 12/31/2009 9:20 am
Happy Almost Birthday!!!
Swervey Report | 10/18/2009 10:53 am
i love ur avi (sry, i just randomly saw it and had to tell you XD)
doomed catlover Report | 08/04/2009 8:39 pm
doomed catlover
hey im cherry the fox well can she have a different outfit one that isnt so ....well expesive