Its a me!

"To love a person is to learn the song inside their heart, and to sing it to them when they have forgotten."

Hey! We all have a song to sing, and I'm just tryin' to sing mine!

I'm just some random 18 year old from Texas. I don't really have anything special about me, but here are some things I love and dislike.

Things I love:

-My friends
-Video games
-The Outdoors

Things I dislike:

-Cranky old people
-Waiting in lines
-Close minded people
-Cliff hangers
-Walking downhill
-Live action movies of cartoon shows. (Mostly because of what happened to The Last Airbender)
-Racism (jokes are fine, everyone needs a good sense of humor)

I have a lot of amazing friends. But I'm thankful for my best friend in particular. His just makes me happy. He's the type of guy who could find fairly big random rock while we're walking on a trail and just carry it with him the rest of the time because he can. It's impossible to believe we haven't really even known each other for a year.

*warning* I'm pretty gay. Literally. I like men. Let me say it again just so people understand, I like MEN. I don't like girls, or girly men. Just sayin'. blaugh

I hope I have the pleasure of being your friend. Don't be scared to message me just to talk if you want.