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Gender: Male

Location: panama city,florida/ roanoke,virginia

Occupation: student

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WELCOME TO THE SK8RS LAYER. wanna know about me eh?? Me......hmmm...aint much to tell.... i think any pictures i put here may be a hint..... eh... well.
Read anime,
write anime,
Play video games of any type,
and love to hang out with anyone with a since of a crazy brain.
Dont think me as stupied though...dont get on my bad side pls..ppl rather see me happy.
I like tormented things....blood, fire, knives.....

My music taste...well...i love all sorts of music.. just depends.

Things I hate~ people who think that there the head honcho and makes fun of every little mis-spell. That just proves that one is stuck up. And hey its not ur fault that this site dont have a spell check. Also..I hate know it alls.

i like fun stuff and exciting stuff and.... um... well.. anything that dosent bore me. So if your a boring person..dont talk to me. O.O I like ICP..but no other dang clowns got it??? come up to my door step with a clown suite..i dare you...

Also.... preps scare the livings out of me....and so dose care bears and my little ponnies.. I swear those things have some strange powers. XD

But besides all that i love everything that comes to mind. im easily entertained. like for instance anime and compasion. WHOOOHOO. Or just little stuff like a crumb. sad i know..ppl call me insane.. but think its cute at the same time... weird ppl.

I RP alot and will be happy to use any of my characters to RP with you. Just pm me and the RP and im all yours.
The RP better be fun.

~my quotes~

You have an intense kiss! You and your partner connect when you kiss and you forget about the rest of the world.

If you cant play a good card game....back away from the table.

If you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen.