So I realized I haven't really written anything about myself in here.
I'm 16.
I love to read and I do it alot.
I have a book dealer Smashley ♥ and she brings me a new one almost everyday because I read a 500 page book in about 5 hours.
I love to sleep, you can ask anyone who has been my friend for a while if you call and i'm asleep if you tell my twin to wake me up he will tell you no.
I hit him once when he tried to wake me up.
There are seven kids in my family and I am the second youngest.
I have a twin brother Luke.
I love my laptop, I couldn't live without it.
I love Jesse Jinks.
We have been dating for about a year and a month now and I love every minute of it.
I love kittens and wish I could have one.
I have a pet bird named Pumpkin who I continually let out of his cage and then have to chase him around when I realize for the twentyith time that I shouldn't have done it.
I have an odd facination with anything mystical or that has to do with fantasy.
I wish I was a vampire or an elf.
I have pointy ears.
My myspace song right now reminds me of vampires.
Andrea Reynolds is one of the closest girls to me along with Ashley and Jessy.
I am a hopeless romantic and I love getting flowers, or having a love note stuck to my locker, or even just laying a blanket on the ground and staring at the stars.
I act alot like a little kid.
You can talk to any of my friends and know that.
I have a fear of growing up.
I honestly wish I could stay 16 forever which is probably why I want to be a vampire.
I get easily excited over small things.
I have found out Skillet is an amazing band.
I love Jet Skiing.
I bet I could pwn you on the water.
I've never done drugs or gotten drunk or anything like that.
It's not because I'm preppy or snobby it's because i've seen what it has done to the people around me.
I find peer pressure to be a joke.
If the pressure of your peers can make you do something that you don't want to do then your weak.
I love pirates,ninjas,pixies,elves,rainbows,wings,and anime.
I sleep with a black and white stuffed kitten at night, I named him Ninja.
I am a very bubbly and happy person almost all of the time.
I don't get stressed out by tests or by school.
I may act like a child sometimes but other times I can act like someones parent because I try to have responsible fun.
I worry when my friends do stupid things and I get scared.
I have a short temper when it comes to you hurting my friends or anyone I love.


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Demonic Awesomeness

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Demonic Awesomeness

please private message me i dont like comments thank you sicerly, Demon Genaral
Demonic Awesomeness

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Demonic Awesomeness

Dove White Kachina Dancer's Wings cause i was going to give them 2 a friend 4 christmas y
Demonic Awesomeness

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Demonic Awesomeness

Demonic Awesomeness

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Demonic Awesomeness

can u except the bid when i bid cause this is for a speical friend cause its there b-day and this was on there wish list

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ha hey what's up fellow elf!? I was just browsin through my friends here and I saw ya on! crazy another elf!

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Thx for the buy.
miss k amor

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miss k amor

thxz for buying from me! ^^

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Hello again.

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