Hola Everybody! My real name's Frances, but please feel free to call me Fran or Frenchie. I'm tired of people always calling me Francis (that's a guy's name for Pete's sake!!!)

But first! Some shameless promotion!

You can now find me on DeviantArt:

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For all Sherrylin Kenyon Fans! :Heart:

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I'm also on myspace, so if you wanna add me go ahead just let me know you found me here: myspace.com/grumpyangelfrompr

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So about moi, I'm 23 years old from Puerto Rico but I'm currently living in Florida and have been doing so for about 7 or 8 years. I graduated High School on 2004 and then went to "med school", now I'm working as a Medical Assistant for a works compensation doctor (so if you break a leg at work, you come to us and we fix you >_< ) Before that I was working at a Urologist office (haha that was fun!) I loved working there but it was too far from home so sadly I had to leave sad

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Anyways, on with some random stuff about myself...

I'm a Michael Jackson fan (along with my mother), So if you have something negative to say I suggest you keep it to yourself 'cause I don't really give a damn!

I love collecting and drawing fan art! Especially if it's Final Fantasy 7 related heart

The sound of my voice bores me. But for some reason that still eludes me I always find myself making everyone around me laugh.

I'm just too damn lazy to hold a grudge! It's a waste of time and it only gives you headaches.

I enjoy being alone, I'm usually all the company I need. (Until I get bored of myself) >_<

I sleep often! Probably much more than I need to!!

If I could choose a place to live in it will be open country, with big skies, lots of space and very few people. (Can you tell I don't care for my neighbors)

Busy households drive me insane, I usually dislike too much chaos around me.

People who leave the door of my room open piss me off!!! I don't know why but I just want the damn thing close!

Love video games, TV, and computers. I'm smart but pretty damn lazy! (Hmmm...I thought I said this already)


I know/talk to tons of people, but only some of them are close friends. heart

Traveling is fun, but I have no need to travel, my butt belongs at home >_<

Me Active? ... Are you kidding?

I want to have fun and remain optimistic about things so that stress doesn't kill me blaugh

Music? It's not really my life but I listen to it almost every single day.

Werewolves, Vampires, Books, Movies, Anime are all my passion!

Once tried to write a story 'bout my family but it didn't go too far crying

I'm not a children person, I'm a dog person! The only kids that I hang around with are my best friend's Adele and Vero's (and not even that much!).

I'm not very interesting.

I'm developing the mind of an adult, and this disturbs me. I now realize bills will be the death of me!

I'm aloof most of the time.

I'm still....young. I should be doing something else with my life >_<

I don't smoke. I don't drink. I'm drug free, and I hug trees.

I'm starting to dislike green things! My mom has an affinity for em and I'm getting sick of it!

I speak before I think. This is stupid of me. It usually makes me say the wrong things. I usually offend someone. So I'm sorry but I'm just being freaking honest!

Getting a student loan of $12,000, to go to a school that lasts only 7 months, and having to pay for it for almost 20-30 years was a VERY BAD IDEA!

I love rainy days! But when I realized my house was in a flood zone I started to hate it!

I'm a night person, I'd rather stay awake all night than wake up early.

Shoes are for squares! I love walking around the house barefoot (even when it's cold) >_<

Cold weather is my friend! I don't like feeling hot (which is extremely retarded considering I'm from an Island in the middle of the tropic!!!)

I can't swim!! And living in an island means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! You hear me ADELE!!! NOTHING!!!! (bwahahahaha)

I'm an easy person to please, you could give me a pen for Christmas and I'll be happeh ^_^

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My mom is always saying that I'm way too honest for my own good. And I guess it's true 'cause I usually just say whatever pops up in my head and sometimes there are things that you shouldn't say. But I do try not to offend anyone (at least not too much).

So anyways, enough rambling!! I'll be back later to finish. NOW BACK TO WORK!!!! (Bleh... >_<)


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Silver 280

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Silver 280

you're not on anymore?

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Hi there Frenchie!! Hmm.. u really havent been on for awhile..
It's me Mesokie7397 btw.. Thanks for the heat-warming comments years back.. Im back and making a fresh start ^_^
Wes Clayton

Report | 03/25/2011 7:15 am

Wes Clayton

happy b-day

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I added you. I think i got the right profile,

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I have not been on here in ages!
Neither have you from the looks of it.
I figured I would see how ya been for if ya ever come on.
Wes Clayton

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Wes Clayton

Hi Ya it realy has ^^
Wes Clayton

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Wes Clayton

hiya *glomps*

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300k more.

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Infernal Spirit. It's the last item I need to finish this avatar.

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Okay! <3


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