Hey everyone! So my name is Lauren, i'm 16 years old smile
A few things about me:
* Most of the time i'm a pretty positive person
* i'm really close with my friends, as in we made up our own "family tree"(which is an inside joke lol)
* I love music! I love expressing myself, and i don't like to be shy about my opinions.
* If your wondering what type of music i like, i like almost every type of rock, and i also like classical music because i think the sound of strings togeather is amazingly beautiful sound. I do like other types of music, opera,soundtracks of musicals,some pop,techno,country and a teeeennny tiny amount of hip-hop. Basically anything but rap, because i don't consider that a type of music at all. But mostly rock smile
* I have strawberry blonde hair, some like to call it red, others like to call it blonde, so i get to hear intresting arguments about my hair color alot
* i have blue-green eyes from my daddy smile
* i'm of German,Irish, and Scotish heritage
* I'm 5'6, so i enjoy my height
* and yes i am very white >.> Sometimes it better, sometimes its worse because i burn easily.
* I do believe in God, although with difficult circumstances sometimes its hard to have faith, but i know that he will always be there, listenting, and do what he can to help. I am of the Catholic religion, and although i don't go to church much i still consider myself Catholic. I maily relate to God by listenting to music, he connects to me in a good way smile
*My favorite subject is obviously English, because i like expressing myself in writing, as well as i actually like reading literature. Literature is an actual good type of writing that isn't just about sex and vampires( oh yes i just went there!!).
* Math is my worst subject, its not just the fact that i'm left-handed and that i use my opposite side of my brain that isn't compatable with math, but that i just think its boring and confusing! lol then again thats just me..
* Reading is a fun past time of mine, it helps me unwind from stress from school, and i find it entertaining.
* I also LOVE singing, i was in chorus for 3 years in middle school,and next year i'm finally getting back into it, so that makes me happy smile
* i've recently had an intrest in learning how to play piano, so hopefully i will learn how to play and enjoy it.
* I withstand ALOT of nicknames, mostly being kitty,Daphene,Pelliroja(red-head in spanish, inside joke), blondie...
* So since i have the nickname Daphene it pretty much pertains to me, i do LOVE shopping, its fun to get lots of new clothes and shoes to express myself. I like going shopping at kohls,Forever 21,Charlotte Russe, and hottopic.
* my favorite type of shoes are chucks, and my favorite color being purple
* i love animals, i have two dogs and two cats, but i'm defiantly a car person(a.k.a kitty ^.^)
* I do like playing video games, but i woulden't call myself a MAJOR gamer, i defiantly don't know everything about the new video games. I'm more of a gamer who likes to search for games that spark my intrest, not all games do, but i'm intrested in quite a few. The games i like are Bioshock, DDR, Guitar hero,the Kingdom hearts series, Tomb raider series, Spyro, Final Fantasy series, TF2, and some of Fallout 3.. and more yet!
* as far as a career, i want to be in the medical field, and hopefully become a psychiatrist one day.
* well i think i've read a long anough wall of text, and if you have read all the way to here then thanks lol, and if you would like to talk or become friends then just pm me, i like to talk smile
* As of now i am taken, and have been since 7/2/09 biggrin

My personality analysis from a dr. phil lol (on the internet of course!)
The Lively Center of Attention

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Sweeney Todd!! (I heart Johnny!!)
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i'm a big fan of twilight, and a proud edward fangirl (I still want to stab jacob with a fork with what he pulled in the third book)
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I'm wanting to be a biologist so I know mathematics is a critical skill in that field. I want to learn how the human body and mind works. I find ideas of combining the human body with machines giving people that were limited to doing certain physical activities or anything strenuous the ability to overcome those limitations. As well as people born with deformalities. Something like Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Read your profile. Seems like nursing is in the top field for jobs these days. Most girls I talk to are majoring in medical stuff.

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Happy birthday!

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hmm... for sem 1 i have A sem 2 ... i have physics.. idk what lunch that is.. lol

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hmmm.. that sucks! well i hope we still have lunch together! ms. brown's pretty nice, i liked her.. lol

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Haha, I knowww! Lol
Sem 1: B1-spanish 3, garcia r//B2-alg 3, schwartz h//B3-english 12, malamisura s//B4(X)-creative writing 1, kiesau s (Y)-us/va govt, patterson c.
Sem 2: B1-adv. accnting, hartman//B2-design, perkins//B3-physics, thompson

lols. that was hard to type. how bout you?

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heeeyyy! lol

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yeah forreal europe is so lucky this time. XD

and hold the phone what?

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hahaha i tend to do that during tests--horrible habit. XD i almost failed my EOC exam for science because i laughed at something that didnt even happen then and there.

i agree--but i think it just has to do with america sucking, because the europe date is set for like, oct 13. ):

go for it(:


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Best game ever biggrin

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