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Location: Boston; Previously in Japan

Birthday: 11/22

Occupation: Student | Investor | Former Vice-President of the Ouran Host Club


In Boston.
[on indefinite hiatus. For details, please refer to the "Hiatus" journal entry. Thank you.]


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Unexpectedly Kind


It's been a few years since my hiatus. Discovering life outside the Host Club has been a great change from the mind-numbing years of being seventeen again and again.

Since then, the Host Club's members flew to Boston to support Haruhi in her exchange program. After all, we couldn't just let Tamaki and Haruhi have all the fun. Heh.

I made the decision to stay behind and pursue college there. The rest returned to Japan to continue their studies in Ouran Academy.

...I admit, it can get a little too quiet living here. That's why I sometimes visit Tamaki and the rest on my breaks.


I Was an Egoist.

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Good day.
My name is Ootori Kyouya. Vice-president of Ouran Academy's Host Club.
-bows politely-

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Allow me to introduce to you the rest of the crew.

User Image

Clockwise from top and center:
"Prince Type" Suou Tamaki, "Little Devil Types" Hitachiin brothers Kaoru and Hikaru,
"Natural Type" Fujioka Haruhi, "Loli-Shota Type" Haninozuka Mitsukuni, "Wild Type" Morinozuka Takashi... and then you have yours truly, Ootori Kyouya

The Ouran Host Club is composed of rich young men with free time on their hands to entertain to rich young ladies who also have free time on their hands. Each member of the Host Club has his own selling point to cater to our clientele's various needs. And mine? Why, I am delighted you asked.

User Image
A guest suggested that I put back this picture on my profile... since she fit into the target demographic, I complied.

I'm the Host Club's "Cool Type." Fortunately, most of my clientele are resigned to observing me immersed in my work.

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Oh, it certainly isn't as easy as it seems. I happen to have one of the biggest responsibilities in the host club.
To brief you, my tasks consist of some of the following:

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marketing towards our target audience
(young ladies of Ouran's high school division, to be specific)
tracking profits and expenditures
calling suppliers

...just to name a few.

Yes, all this while maintaining the top rank of Class 2-A and proving myself worthy to be heir of the Ootori zaibatsu.

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True, these tasks bestowed upon me are daunting ones; yet I believe they are worthy of a challenge to my own abilities.To accomplish these while making a profit along the way is something I both excel at and enjoy.

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After all, an Ootori is all about excellence.
That was something instilled upon me as the third son of Ootori Yoshio...
the very man who tied the medical care and business world together.

I believe it is my responsibility and an expectation to uphold that honor that comes with my name, like my older brothers have done.

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... that should be all you'll need to know for now.

User Image

Ah, yes... and as much as I delight in making new connections,
I would prefer that we first engage in a conversation before being sent a request for friendship.

-adjusts his glasses to obscure his eyes-

::For further questions, concerns, and other important matters, please do take a moment to read this::

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Tamaki -King- Suou Report | 07/21/2018 8:58 pm
Tamaki -King- Suou
-briefly closes his eyes, chuckling at a thought-

And how is that different from your usual sign in? -tucks a hand into his pocket and warmly smiles with a tilt of his head, affectionately repeating a familiar word- Welcome. I didn't expect to hear from you for a while! biggrin

I didn't alert you of the change myself because it was my own decision, work swamped me afterward, and, at the time, you were focused on your admission and papers. (Did your university board take kindly to our friendly social media, 影の王氏?) -nods with a brief frown himself- It was distasteful, -raises index finger- but also an opportunity, mon vieil ami! -opens arms in declaration- For sincerity, truth, and freedom~! whee Pioneering into realistic evolution was like returning home all over again. Smoother times now, hehe emotion_yatta

-scratches cheek, pondering aloud- Our online timeline can be slightly inaccurate, but it's the most realistic. -quickly leans towards- Right, right?? -blubbers into handkerchief before being able to finish his sentence- Our main character crying .... -rests his arm on nearby wall, lowering his forehead to it with some embarrassment- All those times we discussed our bachelor lifestyles, I didn't realise for a time... *~gentle gloom~* Nothing makes sense anymore l|l;.... -seconds later, stumbles across a positive idea, standing up again with a smile. and raises his index finger- The bright side is that my status with Haruhi is now in a new questioning form, "never been seen before" footage that you, from sense and time, won't capitalise on. -lowers hand to side, slightly disheartened- You didn't comment instead and I'm not surprised as you've been busy, but life sometimes hasn't been as exciting without our banter. (Has university caused your evil spirit to ascend to the afterlife? Or did you send it here to disrupt us while you study there...)

True. Appreciation is important. And it is to your insight that I offer a second perspective, brother. From my understanding, since our school days, everyone’s been faithfully intent on preparing their futures. Some people began preparing their careers in middle school, during high school, or after high school. Nevertheless, we’re firstly carrying on where we left off upon each transition. No activity swayed us from that.

-clenches fist in front of chest, celebrating-
We can make it - and we don't want to dwell on it. -raises fist in air- We act! >8D

You know I’ve always much preferred acceptance of our full complexities wink -glances down with a soft smile in nostalgic recollection- This is the result of being honest with myself. -faces him with a confident smile- We all have. -referencing past chapters- We've all...grown a lot! -beams with a happy laugh-

-smirks- You bet!! -taps knuckles against Kyoya's chest- And I propose a different approach to the same idea:
Let's embrace the active present and appreciate a possible future! wink
Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/14/2018 5:40 am
Vulnerable Heartstrings
(Lol, I suppose both of you. Looks like you got multiple personalities XD)
Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/11/2018 10:57 am
Vulnerable Heartstrings
You lady killer, you.
Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/06/2018 8:12 am
Vulnerable Heartstrings
Awwww, I should've let her sleep lol. Princess-carry by good ol' Tachibana-san.

Yeah, I should focus too lol. All the bessssst! 🥊 hwaiting!
Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/06/2018 2:48 am
Vulnerable Heartstrings
(pole class now, bye bye lol)
Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/06/2018 2:26 am
Vulnerable Heartstrings
[oops, sorry! 🙏 but now I'm curious, what was he gonna do? Did I miss a good route, or is this the more fortunate one? Haha sweatdrop ]
The view looked so different with the frosted air whipping outside.
Her face turned red as she came to the realisation that she'd caused her senpai way more trouble than she initially thought.

"I'm so sorry! That I fell asleep- no, before that, that I troubled senpai at his residence-ah, and you brought me all the way home...a-and for making you wait in this disastrous weather! " she fumbled through her apology, trying factor in everything that she should be sorry for; her fists in her lap, clenching at her skirt nervously all the while.

"Thank you very much! Have a nice day!" she exclaimed, unbuckling her seat belt swiftly and then bounding out of the car into the icy streets. In a hurry, she slipped on the frozen pavement but picked herself up and kept going till the haze of the blizzard obscured her form.

Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/05/2018 8:51 pm
Vulnerable Heartstrings
[ok, I actually slept and am awake now]
A couple minutes later, Takara's head rose up and eyelids fluttered as her vision adjusted to the widescreen view of of the windshield now covered in white.
"Where am I?" she whispered.
She looked to the right to find someone huddled against the window.
Right, Kyouya-senpai (being the gentleman that he was) had offered to take her home. Looks like the weather had gotten a lot worse. Why weren't they moving? Were they stuck or something? And why was Kyouya sitting there all quiet and turned to the side?

"Senpai, are you alright?" she asked concernedly with a voice that was soft but breaking a little from a parched throat (maybe from having slept with her mouth open). She cleared her throat.
Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/05/2018 12:31 pm
Vulnerable Heartstrings
[hey, what happened to hot tea! And lol, how far away can you get in adjacent car seats? You need to escape to the back seat, haha. ]

Takara's head drops forward as her body goes limp, though the seatbelt does a fine job of keeping her from falling forward. She blinks, allowing a pair of big teardrops to escape in heavy drips onto her lap.

And she sleeps once more, dreaming of Binchou-tan. . . but he turns into Kyouya? Kyouya has cat ears and paws?! What a pleasant dream she has. He's mewing.

She giggles out loud at the ridiculousness.
Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/05/2018 11:37 am
Vulnerable Heartstrings
[KYOUYA ASMR?! Yes, please do make me some tea. Please make me miso soup everyday for the rest of my life, too, if you know what I mean.]

The warmth of his breath tickled her ear. She squirmed a little, lolling her head to the side; the action of which seemed to wake her, though her eyelids only raised half-way.

Takara's hazy gaze fixated on her companion and she called out, "Binchou. . .tan?"
Half-asleep and in a delirious state from her growing fever, Takara had mistaken the suave gentleman to her right for someone else entirely--her childhood pet russian blue, to be precise.

Her eyes began to well up as her expression softened to a smile of relief.
"I missed you," she squeaked as she reached her hand out to pat Kyouya's fur--ahem, I mean, hair.
So soft. [yup, she did. She touched his hair. No backing out now. No swatting it away, yo. It's too late, yo arms r folded, Kyo-kun.]
Vulnerable Heartstrings Report | 01/05/2018 4:56 am
Vulnerable Heartstrings
[Lol i wrote too little, huh. Idk where this is going. Just leave her in the snow to cool off her fever, someone else will notice and pick her up soon enough. ]