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Gender: Male

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: I work at an okama bar!

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Right here I have all of these lovely Kotoko tekteks! I'm forming a collection of tekteks actually!

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Mine's not too great, but if anybody else wants to make one then I'd love to see theirs! 4laugh

This one was made for me by Mischievous Devil Kaoru. Didn't Kaoru-kun do a great job? ^_^

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Cara the Sweet was also kind enough to make me this one! Hers is really good, too. smile

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I got this tektek from H Fujioka! I'm so happy she made it for me. Isn't it pretty? biggrin

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Hikaru_Hitachiin00017 surprised me with this lovely tektek of Kotoko! Wasn't that nice?! whee

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This here came from blue_penguin123! I think it's a cool new look for Kotoko! cool

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*gasps* This is just so. . .delightfully adorable! Thank you haruhii fujiioka! I <3 it.

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Yui Beats decided to make me this tektek of Kotoko. It's pretty wonderful, if I do say so myself! =D

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Thank you for the tekteks!

If anybody else would like to make one, too, then feel free to click here. ^_^

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heart "Hello everybody! I'm Ranka Fujioka! I work hard at an okama bar to support myself and my lovely daughter! You might know my daughter Haruhi. She's so cute isn't she, even when she gets mad! I'm so proud of her. Do you want to see a picture of her?" heart

"Here Haruhi is now! Isn't she cute?! She's my precious little girl and I'm so proud of her! Daddy loves you Haruhi!" heart heart heart
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"Here she is with her Host Club friends! They're such a good looking group of boys, aren't they?" 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding
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"And here is a picture of me and my beautiful wife Kotoko! We're the perfect couple, aren't we?" whee 4laugh heart
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heart "It's just me and Haruhi at home. Her mother died and it's been just the two of us ever since. I wouldn't dream of marrying anybody else since Kotoko was the only one for me! My sweet Haruhi has started attending Ouran Academy and she's even joined the Host Club! It seems they mistook her for a boy since she'd cut her beautiful hair and put on those hideous glasses! Before that I had her dressing like a girl as she should, but now. . .*sigh* But at least she's enjoying herself and making friends. I approve of all of her friends. . .Well everybody except for Tamaki Suou! He's the enemy, you see. It's obvious that he likes my daughter and I don't like that. Daddy's not ready to let go of his little girl just yet! But I must admit that the boy is rather handsome. . .Well I have to go now. But if you want to visit me at the okama bar then you are perfectly welcome to stop by!!! Well if you're old enough to be in a bar, that is!" heart


Ryoji "Ranka" Fujioka

Ryoji Fujioka (藤岡 涼二, Fujioka Ryōji?), Haruhi's father, works at an okama (cross dressing) bar under the name Ranka (蘭花?). He says that he was originally bisexual, but became a transvestite after his wife's death because he could never love another woman. In contrast to Haruhi's practicality and lack of interest in material things, he is rather bad with money, and buys girly clothing for Haruhi in the hopes of getting her to dress more cutely. He even repacks her suitcase for an overnight trip in episode 8 of the anime, replacing the clothes she had packed with a dress.

Haruhi's stubborn self-reliance causes her father to worry about her a lot; he would like to be more involved in her life and do more things for her, but she rarely lets him. However, the two of them do have a clearly loving relationship. While her father would like to be able to take care of Haruhi, it seems that often Haruhi ends up taking care of him instead, as shown in a flashback in which a very young Haruhi refuses to allow him to go to parents' day at her school because she wants him to stay home and rest instead.

There is a marked similarity between Haruhi's father and Tamaki, upon which several other members of the Host Club have commented. Partly because of this, and partly as a result of Tamaki's evident romantic affection for Haruhi, Ryoji has stated that he considers Tamaki an enemy, and seems to take some amusement in picking on him.

In a recent omake chapter of the manga, it is shown that Ryoji was very protective of his wife before they started dating and he found her to be a very "cool" person. He is described by some of the characters in the anime and manga to be prettier than Haruhi, even when she's wearing a dress.

Information provided by Wikipedia.

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Tamaki -King- Suou Report | 07/21/2018 9:14 pm
Tamaki -King- Suou
Ranka-san! -smiles- How are you?
Shadow King Kyouya Report | 01/02/2018 1:20 am
Shadow King Kyouya
Ranka-san. -bows- I hoping you're doing well.
Cuilpantiel Scoiatael Report | 04/20/2016 5:15 am
Cuilpantiel Scoiatael
heart heart
Cuilpantiel Scoiatael Report | 11/20/2015 11:35 pm
Cuilpantiel Scoiatael
I am returning after a long hiatus. that i had forgotten my password until recently sweatdrop
Yes it's been long time -hugs- you i missed so much.
Cuilpantiel Scoiatael Report | 11/12/2015 9:31 am
Cuilpantiel Scoiatael
-cling snuggling- yep. And no matter what, I will always be Tsuta.
Cuilpantiel Scoiatael Report | 11/04/2015 9:12 pm
Cuilpantiel Scoiatael
heart heart heart
you are still my mother/ father.
Kiyori Mikura Report | 06/14/2015 2:41 pm
Kiyori Mikura
Yeah, they have sweatdrop Mine was back in 2010-2012 LOL.
I know no one on my mains lol. It's always 0 online = u =; ..
I linger because of you and another friend I wait for.
Need to get contact info before this place combusts xD;;

Awww ; ^ ; I'm sorry people forgot about you Dx A real friend wouldn't :' )
You're always welcome c:> Here I am o u o ~

Yes = u = ... yes, it does. I can barely access,
and I dislike, social media because I'm busy living my life xD
I don't know how people know of current events ; __ ;'
Oooh, dear o x e ... I hope everything's alright <:c ...

Lolol, sudden blank out c:

I started allocating my RP char into other accounts xD
Like my Moka account was changed into Momo in the past
and then later I just made a new account for Moka
I even made a Sango account for a tribute/nostalgia C:

I never knew someone could have 10+ roleplay accounts o.o and I don't like the idea of it.
When I made mine, it was before knowing that so I didn't follow it! Miku was from Devin.
Momo was from an old fandom; Taiwan from Hetalia, Moka and Mizore from R+V manga
my two mains (one created later on), that's already 7 women C: Plus Sango, 8 xP
There is barely any roleplaying xDDD;; Most of the six are usually inactive. 3-4 are tributes.

Oh, I see o.o *phew* I thought you weren't friends anymore for a second ^^;

Ohh, I've seen that! It's pretty *, u * ...

It isn't - u -;;;; There's nothing to do on here except store your profile, journal,
messages, and talk to people through a communication medium.
Everything else requires time, like forum posting and reading. If I were roleplaying there,
I'd need to not have a life first, outside of maintaining my health, then I can be online.
It's like when I can't do a single thing (eg: open web browser and Google something) outside of an IM application
when someone keeps IMing me. I found I have to IM back and soon, the IMs will forcibly keep me there.
I can't be allowed to do anything else O _ o;; It was horrible = =;; You try then have to check the messages

Hmm? o - o Is that on Gaia? O - e I'm not sure ... xD;; on how to read that
I know it's an anime, but you said Gaia's unstable - so you're not using Gaia
Then you said you're on your other account, contradicting yourself?? @ u @
Kiyori Mikura Report | 06/12/2015 12:04 am
Kiyori Mikura
Yooouu're baaaacckkk TT u TT ~~~~

Add now before something happens to
cut off our connection on this one place
e o el|l


I didn't think you were coming back! O - O
It looked like you were contemplating and then left anyway?
Some people can do that : <

We all noticed ; __ ;
I just wasn't online to see the actual ... you know, OTL

You forgot xD It worked! Yay C:
Ten whole minutes straight is long ... lol

Yay C: Whoa, years? O - o Dang.

Awwww ; u ; You have a T-Shirt? xDD Of what?

Aww = u = <3 I'd rather we chat at a more stable place LOL xP
I don't go on Gaia anymore xD If I remember, I'll log in my girls (RP acc) on o3o
but all the fandoms are inactive. They're from unpopular animes lol, like Hetalia or Peach Girl
Kiyori Mikura Report | 06/08/2015 7:36 pm
Kiyori Mikura
-you still haven't logged in to read my message??-

Noooooooo. ; A ;

I've been waiting for your game with your friend to end! Dx>
My small crocheted TARDIS cannot send me back in time, Ranka o 3 e
Shadow King Kyouya Report | 01/03/2015 4:03 am
Shadow King Kyouya
[I nearly missed your status
I myself will officially be on a hiatus. I hate to see everyone go, but I wish you the best on your endeavors.
You're free to reach me at kage.no.king@gmail.com, if you'd like to keep in touch.

Thank you, Ranka-mun. Our time has absolutely been a pleasant one. -bow-]

♥ When Haruhi Loved Me. . . ♥

♥ A Picture From Tamaki ♥

User Image This is a picture that I got from The Lonely Prince. ^_^ Yes, I know that Tamaki is the enemy. 3nodding But I was very happy nonetheless! whee

♥ A Picture From Haruhi!!! ♥

User Image
This is a picture that Queen_Haruhi_Fujioka sent me! Awww! Look at us! A father/daughter moment! ^_^ Thank you Haruhi! I'm so happy! 4laugh

User Image *gasps* Look! She drew me another one! 4laugh I feel so special! ^_^ Thank you Haruhi! You're such a wonderful daughter! whee

User Image
surprised Oh wow! Another one?! Oh yay! I'm so happy! That was so sweet of my dear little Haruhi! Awwww! Thank you Haruhi! heart

♥ A Picture From Renge ^_^ ♥

User Image This came from Renge_Houshakuji_Manager! Awww! A picture about our friendship! 4laugh Thank you Renge-chan! whee

User Image Oh look! She gave me another one! Look, isn't it great?! She put Tamaki right where he belongs: In a cage! lol! ^_^

User Image
Yay! I got this one from her too! Ranka and Tamaki, hmm? ^_^ Thanks Renge-chan! I love it! biggrin

♥ A Picture From Takashi! ♥

User Image Mori-senpai Loves Otakon drew this for me! Isn't it great?! It looks just like me. 4laugh Awww, thanks again! biggrin

♥ A Picture From The Cookie Monstah, lol! ♥

User Image
This one came from cookie_monstah_411! Oh yay! She got me in a cosplay! I love it, thank you so much! ^_^

♥ A Picture From Mitsukuni ♥

User Image
Hunny Haninozuka HH was kind enough to make this lovely picture for me! Isn't it nice?! 4laugh Thank you so much. I think it's great! ^_^

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