I'm 23

I'm female

I'm pansexual

I'm currently looking for a girlfriend

I like to dye my hair a lot. Currently it's blonde and brown

My chinese crested dog is my reason to live

I love animals

I want a career with animals

I love RPGs

I like Harvest Moon, FF 7-10, Klonoa, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow Hearts, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, Mass Effect, Fall Out, Bioshock, Spyro and much more..

I collect pokemon things

I love yuri

I could eat chicken everyday

I like mushrooms on my pizza :p

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WolfBoyGabo's Journal

This is just a place where I'll put some random stuff. Like: How my day was, and information on my original characters.


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infel phira

Report | 12/16/2014 9:41 pm

infel phira

hiii i saw you in a thread in a guild and thought i'd comment you instead of post in the thread. since it was from like..june haha

how are you?
Vector Hero

Report | 06/22/2014 7:27 pm

Vector Hero

Heya.. o- o long time no see
II Hush II

Report | 01/29/2014 12:12 pm

II Hush II

We shall!

Report | 01/29/2014 10:47 am


Well how could I say no to that. :3
I'm always up for a chit chat when I'm up and on. n.n

Report | 01/29/2014 10:36 am


Well, new friends are always welcome. :3
Although I'm not looking for gf really,
more so looking where life's taking me at the moment. n.n

Report | 01/21/2014 1:35 pm


Haha small world, how are you?

Report | 07/08/2013 2:20 pm


I know that feeling,
Someone close to me died about 2 years ago and for the first year or so sometimes I'd wake up and make myself forget they were dead.
But, don't worry, you'll never forget your mother, but you'll learn how to grieve and carry on without her here.
It'll probably take a bit of time to get used to her being gone, but just because she is doesn't mean your love isn't.
I hope you having a loving group of friends or family to help you at home right now<3 The most important thing is to try and find a reason to smile.

Report | 07/06/2013 3:28 pm


:c I'm so sorry for your loss<3
I'm sure your mother was a great person.
Hopefully some time will help you grieve.

Report | 06/25/2013 3:52 pm


Does my lack of clothes disturb you? -smiles and brushes your cheek with my hand- Shall I put something on?

Report | 06/25/2013 2:48 pm


Why the blush beautiful? is there something in my teeth? eek


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